Improving Our Processes to Better Serve Our Customers

April 12th, 2021 by admin

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At TOTLCOM, we are always trying to improve our business operations, whether that is by offering better services and solutions to our customers or improving our in-house practices. Recently, we decided to switch from Tigerpaw to ConnectWise for our in-house management system. Additionally, we helped two companies become more productive and efficient by upgrading their voice systems.


In order to continue to improve, we are switching our CRM software to ConnectWise. ConnectWise helps us manage our processes and business more efficiently, which will allow us to serve our customers more effectively. Improving our internal processes is something that we are always trying to improve, and we feel that ConnectWise is a tool that will help propel our business forward. The ConnectWise platform allows for easier ordering, automated billing, easier access to learning and training programs, all through a single portal. Introducing this type of integration will help us hold ourselves accountable so we can better serve our customers.

Success Stories

We recently had the opportunity to assist two companies overhaul their systems by doing a network redesign and providing them with complete IT support and management. In addition to the network overhaul, we also implemented a hosted voice solution to support a remote workforce.

The first company we helped is a construction company. Contractors are always on the move, so we added remote file access capabilities. This functionality will allow their Foreman to be more productive and efficient if they are at a job site. Additionally, we upgraded their phone systems so they can communicate more effectively with coworkers and customers.

We also helped a jewelry company with their phone systems. The previous MSP they were working with did not address the issues they were having, but we were able to get them the tools and functionality they needed. We added the ability for the employees to use their cell phones as business phones. The employees' company number will now display if they call a customer rather than their personal cell number. Also, if the employees are on the sales floor, they can now answer any phone calls with their cell phone, rather than needing to walk to a phone. This capability will make them more efficient and provide them with the ability to help their customers quickly and efficiently.

At TOTLCOM, we are always looking for ways to improve our processes to serve our customers more effectively. We feel that the move to ConnectWise will allow us to be more efficient and manage service tickets more effectively. If your company needs help with its IT or phone systems, contact us today. Our solutions will help your company thrive now and in the future.

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