You'll Have a Total Solution That's Easy to Access, Pay For and Manage

TOTLCOM is two great companies merged into one – a leading business phone provider with 40 years of experience, and a Technology Solutions Provider with beginnings going back to the year 2000. The new TOTLCOM was founded this year (2018) on a simple premise, to provide everything organizations in California need for reliable and secure voice and IT services.

The TOTLCOM Difference

When one company takes care of all your IT and telecom needs, you can focus on what you need to do and benefit from the peace of mind using a single provider offers. No more wondering who to call when something goes wrong. With TOTLCOM covering all your technology and voice solutions, you can leave the problem-solving to us.

A Total Solution for Data & Voice

Having all your technology and communications needs covered by us makes your work days so much easier because you can get IT and Phone Service from one place. You need business phones to run your organization, and you need technology as well. You'll have a Managed Service Provider with both industry-specific IT Services and Telecom experience.

Total Service Across California

TOTLCOM has four locations across the state – our headquarters is in Watsonville, and our branch offices are located in Fresno, Merced and Sacramento. And whether your specialty is in professional or government services, agriculture, healthcare, education or virtually any type of business, you'll get service aligned for your industry-specific requirements.

A Totally Simple Payment Solution

Whether you need IT services, cloud computing, data security and of course a business phone solution, you'll have everything you need from one provider. That means just one company to contact and one bill to pay for all your voice and data services.

A Totally Integrated & Seamless Solution

You'll know you can contact us at any time (24/7) if you have a phone or IT issue. And, no more intra-system issues where “boxes don't talk to other boxes.” With our total solution, you'll know that you won't have incompatibility issues with your business phones and technology. Your data and voice systems will integrate completely and seamlessly.

For example, your VoIP phones will work properly with your new web server. Your new video-conferencing equipment will be compatible with your Internet browser. No more bottlenecks, interruptions or frustrations.

A Total IT Solution

With TOTLCOM you'll have full-service technology solutions, service and support provider. Your technology service and solutions will no longer be your worry. Instead, you can concentrate on growing your business. Our holistic IT management solution provides everything you need to succeed.

Whether you sign up for our Total Managed IT Services, an IT Strategist, virtual CIO or cloud-computing specialist, our team can jump in and assist.

When you choose our 24/7 Managed IT Services you'll be assured of:

  • Increased uptime
  • Greater efficiency and productivity
  • Data and Network Security
  • No unplanned IT expenses
  • Cost-effective, scalable cloud solutions
  • Business continuity and fast recovery of your data after any disaster
  • Remote monitoring and management for all your computing devices
  • Mobile Device Management to secure your laptops wherever they are
  • Strategic IT assistance
  • Access to your own dedicated account manager and extensive IT expertise
  • And much more

A Total Telecommunications Solution

With TOTLCOM you'll have a full-service telecommunications provider. Unify your most critical communication tool and increase your business's productivity. Our Hosted VoIP and Business Phones offer a more reliable and economical way to communicate.

It gives you the ability to place and receive phone calls over the Internet, ensure incoming calls go to the right people, and provides benefits and features like an auto-attendant, business voicemail, call transfers, and much more.

It also provides the value you require. You'll save you money on long-distance calls and know that you traveling workforce can stay connected. Make and receive calls and retrieve voice mail from anywhere you have an Internet connection and computer device (even from a laptop or smartphone).

And because our Business Phones uses high-speed internet connection, you'll stay connected even when phone lines go down.

You can depend on:

  • A dedicated support team 24/7/365
  • Calls that are routed anywhere and transparently, so people you're speaking don't realize you're not in your office
  • Unified messaging that combines email, voice messages, and faxes into a single system that you can access from anywhere via the Internet
  • An easy-to-use web portal to manage your service
  • A scalable pay-per-user solution. Quickly add or delete users as needed
  • Reliable audio and video web conferencing
  • Productivity from anywhere using your desktop, laptop or mobile phone
  • Phones you can plug in and use anywhere you have an internet connection
  • The ability to make receive and make calls via the Internet from anywhere and anytime while enjoying the same features and functionality you have in the office
  • Integration capabilities with the business software you rely on
  • 24/7 Maintenance and support, so you don't have to worry about anything

A Total Tech & Telecom Solution Aligned with Your Budget

You'll benefit from the most up-to-date IT and Telecom Solutions aligned with your operations and goals. Your dedicated team will get to know your business, and advise on how you can get a positive return from your investment.

Your budget will always be taken into consideration. You'll never be advised to invest in anything you absolutely don't need. That's another TOTLCOM difference.

Who Do We Help?

Organizations in California that want Total Technology & Telecom Services to optimize their workflow.

When all your telecom and technology needs are covered by TOTLCOM, you'll turbo boost your efficiencies, productivity, security, and growth. Maximize the benefit of your Tech and Telecom investment by using a comprehensive solution that's easy to access, pay for and manage.

The world of technology and telecom is a fast-moving one.

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