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Just like larger companies, your small or mid-sized business requires the right technology to operate efficiently and productively. But, as you become more dependent on your IT solutions and they become more complex, you can fall behind on things like software patches, security updates, and data backups. This is understandable. You need to focus on your immediate tasks. And, this is why businesses of all types are now using IT Managed Services.

You can't afford technology interruptions and outages that slow down or shut down your business. Unless your technology is managed and maintained properly this is what you'll be dealing with.

IT Managed Services provide 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Maintenance that keeps your computers, servers, and even your mobile devices running securely and at peak performance. Without it, you can face productivity issues. With it, you can compete with the best of companies.

Why Are Managed Services Better Than Break-Fix Services?

Because using managed services is less expensive and you'll have access to your technology whenever you need it.

With break-fix service, you pay by the hour for services. With Managed IT Services, you'll pay an agreed-upon, flat-rate monthly fee.

You'll save money. And, your computers, network, and other IT equipment will stay fine-tuned and be working at peak performance.

Your Managed Service Provider (MSP) must take care of all your technology issues no matter how long it takes. Not only is this better for you because your costs will be predictable, but expenses are typically less overall for a professional MSP.


It's cheaper to prevent IT issues than it is to repair them.

With Managed Services, your provider will remotely monitor your computer network to catch problems before they cause downtime or security breaches.

With break-fix, when your computer or server breaks, you have to wait for service that may not be immediate. The cost of downtime adds up. And those hourly fees can add up as well.

With break-fix, if your technology takes 2 hours to repair, you pay for those 2 hours. If service takes 2 days, you pay for 16 hours (or more if the tech must work after hours).

With Managed Services, you only pay your monthly fee no matter how long it takes to repair your problems. Your monthly payment will stay the same even if techs have to work overnight or over a weekend to get you back up and running.

A break-fix IT company has no incentive to fix things quickly or ensure they don't have to come back.

This costs you money, not them. They make money off your pain, rather than your success.

It doesn't benefit a Managed Services Technology Provider to come back again and again. It costs them money. They'll want to fix things right the first time. You'll benefit because you'll have peak-performing technology that stays that way.

Managed Services provide the flexibility you need…

Most MSPs offer tailored plans designed according to the level of management you need. You aren't boxed into a service that doesn't meet your unique requirements.

What Does IT Managed Service Include?

Unlike with break/fix services, IT Managed Services Provide:

  • Improved quality of service to prevent IT failures and work downtime.
  • Both Onsite and Virtual Support.
  • 24×7 Access to Help Desk Service.
  • 24×7 Remote Monitoring and Maintenance so your technology is always reliable and secure.
  • Protection from computer viruses, malware, and intrusions.
  • Monitoring and management of application patches and upgrades.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services so your data is always accessible quickly.
  • Compliance Support for Industry and Government Regulations.
  • Mobile Device Management to mitigate the risk of losing your confidential data.
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategies to protect your business from liability.
  • The most current applications without you investing in expensive equipment and software licenses.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with clearly defined goals, and review periods so you can grade your IT Managed Service Provider on their performance.

What Is Remote Monitoring Management? Why Do We Need It?

One of the best things about IT Managed Services is that problems can be detected and repaired before they can negatively impact your business. And in most cases, before you even know anything has happened.

With proactive Remote Monitoring and Maintenance (RMM) of your computers and network, you can come to the office in the morning without worrying that your server went down during the night.

A Managed Services Provider remotely monitors your system 24/7 so you’ll reap the benefits of optimal-functioning technology. They connect with your IT infrastructure through the Internet or via a virtual private network (VPN).

All of this is done behind the scenes and won't interrupt your work processes.

How Will Managed IT Services Take Care Of Our Security Issues?

You won’t have to worry about hackers and viruses anymore. The RMM that Managed Service Providers use detects these too and stops them in their tracks. This is much more effective than anything you can set up on your own.

Your MSP will work with you to close security gaps and remove the vulnerabilities in your processes, applications, and hardware. With RMM and hardware-based network security services, they'll manage your IT infrastructure to provide complete enterprise-based computer network and data security.

Plus, they include Managed Security Services in their monthly fee. The cost of a managed security service is usually less expensive than maintaining the same level of security in-house.

An MSP uses advanced tools and processes to detect and eradicate threats before they damage your network and operations. These include data analytics and insights that provide complete IT security.

And just like with RMM, they can automatically run these operations behind the scenes on your network 24/7.

When you look closely at what IT Managed Services offer, there's no question that you should consider this option.

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