Need a more reliable business telephone system?

Reliable phone service is vital to your successful business operations. When your telephone service fails, your business shuts down. If you're still using an antiquated business phone service, you can do much better.

Unify your most critical communication tool and increase your business's productivity. Our Hosted VoIP and Business Phones offer a more reliable and economical way to communicate. Businesses like yours in Northern and Central California are signing up for our business phone systems to save money, enjoy predictable budgeting, gain flexibility, and benefit from greater accessibility.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is today's ultimate unified communications tool. It gives your business the ability to place and receive phone calls over the Internet and ensure incoming calls go to the right people. In addition, VoIP provides benefits and features like an auto-attendant, business voicemail, call transfers, and much more.

It also provides the value you require. It saves you money on long-distance calls and ensures your traveling workforce stays connected. You can make and receive calls and retrieve voice mail from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Calls can be made from any computer device, even from a laptop or smartphone. And because it uses a high-speed internet connection, you’ll stay connected even when phone lines go down.

Is it time to look into a VoIP Business Telephone System?

VoIP from TOTLCOM is lower in cost than PBX or Key Systems. It's affordable and available for a fixed monthly fee that makes budgeting accurate and simple. You'll have both Voice and Data built into your business phones. We can set up or scale up your operations quickly. And there are no upfront costs.

  • You can depend on a dedicated support team 24/7/365.
  • Route your calls anywhere and transparently so callers don't realize you're in a different location.
  • It's excellent for organizations with multiple offices.
  • Unified messaging combines email, voice messages, and faxes into a single system that you can access from anywhere via the Internet.
  • Manage your services via an easy-to-use web portal.
  • You and your staff can receive and make calls via the Internet from anywhere and anytime while enjoying the same features and functionalities you have in the office.

TOTLCOM offers VoIP Business Phone Service from leaders in the industry including Mitel, Pulsar 360 and BlueIP.

With its all-the-time availability, added features and affordability, TOTLCOM’s Hosted VoIP Service will be a game changer and a "slam dunk" for your business.

Contact our VoIP Experts by sending us an email or calling (800) 300-5500.

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