and data communications are a critical lifeline for California businesses today. Without a modern business telephone and telephone systems strategy, businesses are at a decided disadvantage.

What Are The Best Business Phone Systems In 2018?

September 20th, 2018 by admin

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Voice and data communications are a critical lifeline for California businesses today. Without a modern business telephone and telephone systems strategy, businesses are at a decided disadvantage. Choosing the right business telephone services means using a proven advisor that will understand your business needs and recommend a solution, one that is made to operate in a modern workplace, delivering to employees and customers the functionality that lets work be done efficiently and accurately. At TOTLCOM, we work with leading solution providers to provide traditional or voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services that provide a reliable communication tool to keep businesses moving forward.

What's The Harm With an Older Phone System?

Recently, one of our TOTLCOM customer service reps had an interaction with a customer desperately looking to fix an issue with an old phone system just prior to the start of the Labor Day weekend. Here's an excerpt of the conversation: Christine: Hi, Nancy. Which of our IT solutions/services are you interested in? Visitor: We purchased a system back in 2007. Christine: I see. How may I help you? Visitor: Just need help with voicemail settings … The system keeps looping. Christine: Someone from our office can help with this. Would you like me to have them contact you? Visitor: Sure. Christine: The best way to get your questions answered is to speak directly with our office staff. Are mornings or afternoons better for you? Visitor: I’m just trying to set up our voicemail for the holiday weekend. What a frustrating situation for an employee looking to solve an issue before getting away for a long weekend. It's a good example as to why using an 11-year-old phone system is not the way to go today.

What Phone System Is A Good Choice Today?

Mitel is a top choice for companies looking for a VoIP solution. TOTLCOM is a certified Mitel partner and provides Mitel support across California. Mitel offers several powerful options for businesses looking for an affordable and reliable business phone solution.

Why Do I Need a VoIP System?

VoIP solutions are powerful options for companies wanting a one-stop source for communications needs. With VoIP, businesses can receive and place calls over the Internet. With automated voicemail, auto-attendant and routing features, you can ensure calls get to the right employee quickly and accurately. VoIP phones save your business on long-distance calls and allow for remote and traveling employees to stay connected. VoIP lets you make, receive and access phones on any device, including laptops, desktops, and smartphones, from anywhere. If the phone lines go down, VoIP calls on a high-speed Internet connection will still go through. What's more, voice and data are integrated, allowing for easy-to-connect and reliable video and conference calls.

What Are Mitel's Advantages?

Mitel offers a range of solutions that provide for powerful integration and collaboration. Among its offerings are:
  • Business Phone Systems. The Mitel cloud business phone solution offers multiple options to provide both phone services and a unified communications solution for video, audio and file sharing.
  • MiCloud Communications. A comprehensive suite of products, MiCloud gives users ways to collaborate, connect and share information. It connects a range of services, from video calling to call center customer relationship management tools.
  • Application Integration. If you want to integrate your cloud phone system with other business applications, Mitel is the smart choice. Whether it's Skype for Business, Salesforce, or other business productivity and communications tools, Mitel offers seamless integration. It also integrates with enterprise-wide tools like NetSuite and enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools. Simple-to-install plugins make Mitel compatible with all the major browsers and works on multiple operating systems.

Our Business Needs a Call Center Solution

Mitel is one of the top choices for businesses needing a call center phone VoIP solution. Mitel's call center solution has a broad range of services, including interactive voice response, CRM integration, queuing capabilities, sophisticated skills-based routing, and call monitoring. It also offers powerful analytics that helps monitor and assess call center and employee productivity. The system also includes automated attendants, voicemail, voicemail to email, and mobile applications.

What Are The Top Business Phone Solutions?

California businesses have many phone system options. Here are the best business telephone systems for 2018:
  1. Mitel. A top call center phone solution, Mitel offers integrated collaboration tools that keep users, apps and customers connected.
  2. AT&T Synapse
  3. VTech Eristerminal
  4. Digium Switchvox
  5. Ring Central
  6. Ooma Office
  7. Yealink Optima
  8. Panasonic
  9. Alliance Phones
  10. Nextiva
With TOTLCOM as your strategic partner, you can choose the right phone system for your California company. To learn more about how TOTLCOM can help deploy a top VoIP solution like Mitel, contact us today.

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