Network Security

Properly securing your computer network is more critical than ever before. And it’s definitely not something you should tackle on your own. Cybercrime is increasing exponentially, and the tactics hackers use are much more sophisticated than in years past. Without the right solutions and control measures, your business is under constant threat of a security breach.

To focus on your tasks at hand requires knowing that your computer network is protected. If not, your data is vulnerable, productivity is at risk, and if your confidential client information is breached, your good reputation is in jeopardy.

Hackers today are working overtime to get deep into your hardware, web applications, and operating systems. They're attacking computers, servers, and mobile devices to get through your network security. Even your employees can pose a threat by unknowingly clicking a malicious link in an email message.

The key to properly securing your computer network is to have a Managed, Multi-Layered Security Protection in place. Layers of security ensure that if a threat gets through one layer, another is there to stop it. For example, if a spam email gets through your firewall, it will get blocked by your email server’s antivirus. If it gets through the mail server’s antivirus, it should get stopped by your computer’s antivirus.

Four Key Components Of A Managed Security Solution Include:

  1. Managed Firewalls
  2. Managed Antivirus
  3. Managed Anti-Spam
  4. Managed Anti-Malware

A Managed Firewall keeps your firewall up-to-date and continuously monitors your network for threats against your data. Firewall Management is constantly deployed, upgraded, and patched to protect you against the latest threats, and it does so in real time.

Managed Antivirus keeps your antivirus up-to-date with the latest threats and protects against new viruses using sophisticated checks and scanning methods. New viruses are being created every day, so you need a proactive antivirus solution to ensure protection.

Managed Anti-Spam protects your business from email spam and the risks it brings – risks to the productivity of your staff and the malicious codes that can spread through your computer network. It will reduce the amount of spam that gets into your mailboxes and if malware is detected, managed anti-spam quarantines it before it can adversely impact your network. Quarantining spam emails before they reach your mail server eliminates a significant risk to your business.

Managed Anti-Malware protects your computers, tablets, and servers from dangerous malware like ransomware that can cripple your organization. Managed Anti-Malware provides periodic updates, monitoring, and reporting, and prevents malware infestation.

All of these use real-time protection to monitor your network and keep it safe from global threats.

But that's not all.

Additional Components of A Managed Multi-Layered Security Plan include all this and more– (Are you ready?)

  • A Network-Based, Intrusion-Protection System (NIPS) is installed on your network to monitor traffic. And when suspicious activity occurs, it takes action based on certain rules that your IT provider sets up. Unlike an intrusion detection system which is a passive device, an IPS is active and operates in real-time. IPS systems evolved from intrusion detection systems.
  • Patch Management and Upgrade Planning is a strategy for managing patches or upgrades for your software applications and technology solutions. Software patches are needed to fix existing problems that are detected after the initial release of the software. Many of them are needed to ensure security. A patch management plan ensures these changes are managed efficiently.
  • Mobile Device Management protects the data on your mobile devices. With so many employees bringing their own device to work, this has become an essential security component for most businesses. An MDM solution can remotely locate and lock a lost or stolen device, enforce encryption, and secure passcode policies. It can also delete business data from your employees' mobile devices if necessary, and remotely monitor and manage them 24/7.
  • Security Awareness Training for Employees is formalized training conducted by IT professionals who are up-to-date on the latest threats, and how to mitigate them. When conducted properly, Security Awareness Training for your employees reduces the risk to your organization’s data and computer network and limits the chance of a data breach. Employees that go through a security awareness training program learn how to recognize malicious emails (phishing attacks) and avoid clicking suspicious links. They’re instructed on safe password use and other IT security tactics that are essential for businesses today.

And there's even more! (Ask your IT professional about these.)

  • Network and Infrastructure Redundancy
  • Tiered isolation of security zones
  • Vulnerability Scans and Penetration Testing
  • Computers, servers, and network device configuration and management
  • A Virtual Private Network (VPN) Security Management Solution
  • Advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • A Single Sign-On (SSO) Solution
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Response

Your head is probably swimming by now! This is a lot to take in, much less understand. The takeaway here is that the solution you use must do 7 important things:

  1. Keep attackers from gaining access to your network resources by assuming the identity of an authorized user.
  2. Block fraudulent IT activities and theft.
  3. Protect your proprietary business data and your clients' confidential information.
  4. Help you to remain compliant with the government, financial, healthcare, and legal regulations.
  5. Prevent data breaches that can leave you open to liability.
  6. Be a tailored security approach that meets your business's unique needs.

The 7th thing to know? That your technology solutions provider must have all these tools and more in their arsenal to properly secure your computer network.

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