Cloud computing can increase your organization’s productivity, efficiency, mobility, and security. And, it can add to your IT security and your business continuity while saving you both money and time.

The cloud services adoption rate is growing exponentially as businesses like yours are looking for ways to increase productivity, reliability, scalability, and value while curtailing costs.

These Are 4 Main Reasons Why You Should Consider Cloud Computing

  1. Using The Cloud Can Lower Your Operational Costs and Reduce Your Overhead

With cloud computing, you can more effectively manage your technology costs, avoid unnecessary expenditures on IT resources, and have the flexibility to access additional IT resources as your organization grows.

Budgets are often limited, but your technology solutions must be designed to support your business’s innovation and growth. Lack of time and money creates obstacles. You probably don’t have the resources to invest in large IT expenditures. Cloud computing makes it easy for you to access and share programs and data online without purchasing expensive hardware or software licenses.

Plus, there are no upfront IT investments. You simply pay according to how many users access the cloud solutions each month. This allows you to avoid paying for services you don't use. You won’t waste money on hardware and software licenses you don’t need. With cloud computing, you can significantly reduce your overhead.

  1. Keep Your Data Secure From Cyber Threats In The Cloud

Some people believe that cloud computing is less secure than storing data onsite. This isn't true.

The right cloud solution secures your information by encrypting it when it’s both in transit and in storage. The cloud uses encryption and secure authentication to keep your sensitive information private so only your authorized users can access it.

When your files are encrypted and are accessible to only designated users, security is increased. This is because your data and IT infrastructure are safeguarded 24/7. And the Cloud provides for continual backups and data recovery in the event of a natural or manmade disaster, including cybercrime.

  1. You Can Benefit From Using The Latest Technologies

Want to take advantage of enterprise-level software and communications capabilities? No problem. With products like Microsoft Office 365, you can affordably use innovative IT solutions from anywhere you and your staff have an Internet connection and at any time.

Lack of time and money often puts a hold on the pursuit of new technology. With on-demand cloud solutions, you can get new configurations up and running within hours, or even within minutes. The Cloud offers the ability to use new solutions without costly investments in money and time.

With smart mobility cloud solutions, you and your employees can share, view, and edit files in real time without the worry about size limitations or data security. The right cloud solutions make it easy for you to transfer and archive your large files. All you need to do is upload files, documents, or images and they will be instantly available to your authorized users on both their workstations and mobile devices.

  1. It Improves Your Business Continuity And Data Backup Strategy

The Cloud is now an essential tool for data backup and disaster recovery. This is because it relies on hardware-independent virtualization technology that enables you to quickly back up your entire IT infrastructure.

You can back up your data, applications, and even your operating system to a remote data center (or cloud). This allows for quick and easy uploads and downloads of important computing elements that translate into faster recovery times for your business.

How Can TOTLCOM Help You Get The Most From The Cloud?

With 3 Types Of Cloud Solutions:

  1. A Multi-Tenant Cloud is a service where you share resources with many companies. This is Ideal for small companies or startups that have limited cash flow. It's used for the provisioning of storage and computing services to the general public over the Internet.
  1. A Hybrid Cloud is where part of your computer network is on-premise and some of it is hosted in the Cloud. It integrates your in-house IT infrastructure with other products and services to meet your specific and unique needs. It's a cloud computing model that provides IT solutions by combining different cloud services.
  1. A Private Cloud is all yours. You own the infrastructure, the solutions and no one else can access them. The services offered in a private cloud are provided behind a firewall. You would want to use a private cloud to take advantage of virtualization and the centralization that cloud computing provides, but without the potential security issues that could arise from using the public cloud.

With TOTLCOM you'll have complete control of your IT environment, along with virtual desktops, ample storage, and network security resources. Plus, you'll benefit from Cloud Computing Solutions that are built around your unique business needs. Save time and money while increasing productivity.

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