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January 31st, 2020 by admin

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How much do you spend on your phone system, IT, or even technology every month? Wish your business could cut down on those operational costs, and use that money for other key parts of the budget? Fortunately for you, TOTLCOM knows how to promptly cut those excessive costs down. As we provide multiple innovative solutions that undoubtedly save your business not just considerable money, but precious time as well.

VoIP Business Telephone System

We can unify your communications with a VoIP business phone system. You'll save money not only on common things like long-distance calls but will also be able to enjoy reduce total operational costs. As with a VoIP system you no longer are tied down by hardware or maintenance cost like older systems. Not to mention your business will be able to profit from the considerable flexibility and greater accessibility that our phone system has to offer.

Managed IT Services

With our managed IT service you no longer have to pay per hour for fixes or replacements for hardware and software problems. Your Managed Service Provider (MSP) takes care of all your technology issues no matter how long it takes. That's on top reducing the risk of costly downtime through preventative maintenance and business continuity services. We reliably deliver predictable costs and less overall IT expenses to your business with our outstanding service.

Cloud Computing

With our Cloud computing, there are no costly upfront IT investments like with other technology solutions. You merely pay each month per user with access to the Cloud. Allowing you to avoid paying for active services you don't use, so there won’t be anymore wasting money on unneeded hardware and software licenses. Cloud computing can significantly reduce your business overhead costs with how it innovates technology.

Don't allow your business to keep spending more than it has to, get your technology needs covered by TOTLCOM. Contact us today and get started on these innovative solutions that will undoubtedly help your business save money.

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