VoIP: An environmentally conscious decision!

May 13th, 2014 by admin

At TOTLCOM, we're proud to offer Toshiba products--not just because they're one of the most recognizable and reliable names in the industry, but because they are a green business solution, as they recently pointed out on their blog:
"Today’s IP technologies make it easy to seamlessly connect distant locations, remote workers and mobile staff. Set up simultaneous ringing or call forwarding of office phone calls to multiple alternate phones, including a home phone or mobile device. Install a softphone or software program on a home computer for making telephone calls over the Internet. Download the latest desktop and mobile client applications to your device of choice — a PC, computer, laptop or a mobile device — for voice or video calling, instant messaging and more. Easily share high-quality Web and video conferencing among distributed employees.
"Toshiba’s IP-based products remove the barriers to communication and allow distributed workers to collaborate across wide distances without having to fuel cars or airplanes. That’s a positive lifecycle impact for the earth and the working humans who inhabit it."
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