REMOTE WORKERS - Danger ahead!

March 26th, 2020 by admin

A man in a blue button up shirt working from home in his office

Virtually overnight, hundreds of thousands of office workers have been sent home to work. Access to their company phone system and the company data network is required. For simplicity, most companies have had their employees access the company network through a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which allows them into the company network through a broadband connection.

The parent company has spent thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars (we hope) protecting their network. But in the rush to get people out of the office, there are very likely unsecured holes in the network big enough to take a company down.

Is there a Firewall in place at the company that is updated continuously? Did it get bypassed when you sent everyone to work from home? And how safe are the employee's PCs at home? Do they have the same continuously updated virus and malware protection you (hopefully) have at the office? Do they have a Firewall too?

Is there a continuous training program in place for the employees? After all, the most common break-ins to the network are due to employee carelessness or lack of knowledge. And if the break-in or ransomware occurs, do you have insurance? Most policies exclude that.

Small IT companies and/or small internal IT staff may do a great job supporting employees, but they may be too busy with day to day support to have in-depth, current security knowledge and solutions. TOTLCOM can provide all these services and help protect your business, but not necessarily on an "a la carte" basis, because security has to be a total, comprehensive approach, not just piecemeal.

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