today’s connected world, growing businesses are looking for the most strategic ways to support mobile work opportunities. Between centralizing communication resources and streamlining lines of connection, optimizing remote work solutions can be a challenge. The new Mitel Connect App is helping professionals get on top of increased flexibility and mobility. We’re hoping to help professionals better understand the app and the potential benefits it offers.Understanding the Mitel Connect App (Research/Information)

Understanding the Mitel Connect App (Research/Information)

August 22nd, 2018 by admin

Reviewing the Best Features & Capabilities in the Mitel Connect Mobile Application

Exploring how and why Mitel Connect is a game-changer for business mobility The business landscape is changing – remote and on the go, work is dominating the scene across all industries. Optimizing remote work resources offers huge benefits in terms of time management, streamlined communication, and profit-positive opportunities. Of course, it’s no surprise that there are countless solutions on the scene, promising to increase business flexibility and mobility. One of the front runners is the new Mitel Connect mobile application, designed specifically for business optimization. We’ve been hearing a lot about this application and we want to make sure business professionals are informed and know the basics of the solution. After all, in order to take advantage of these solutions properly, professionals need to know what’s being promised, how they work, and the potential benefits they can bring. So, we’re sharing the inside scoop on the Mitel Connect app with you now. Read on for a breakdown of basics on the centralization and mobility application from Mitel.

Mitel Connect Mobile Application: Basic Features & Benefits

The Mitel Connect Mobile application aims to erase time and distance for users. With mobility as its guiding design principle, the Mitel Connect app seeks to centralize communication and data access resources for business professionals in any industry. Boasting a rich feature set and big-time streamlining power, Mitel Connect prides itself as a strategic solution for growing businesses looking to optimize remote work opportunities. The Mitel Connect app offers the following full-coverage features:
  • A fully centralized and unified communication experience platform
  • Full integration for PC, Mac, and Web
  • Corresponding smartphone, tablet, and wearable device applications
  • Real-time video and voice capabilities
  • Dynamic audio conferencing equipped with web sharing capabilities
  • Chat and instant messaging platforms
  • Presence recognition tools
  • Single number reach capabilities
  • Personalized call handling and call routing
  • Point-to-point video capabilities
  • Dynamic voicemail capabilities including visual and text options
In addition to this basic feature set, Mitel Connect promises optimization and improvement in the following three areas: Centralization Perhaps ones of the biggest challenges for today’s business professional is trying to navigate a variety of different tech resources and digital accounts. Very often, professionals are likely wishing that all their different communications tools didn’t require separate logins, dial-in processes, and passcodes. Professionals want a centralized and streamlined communications platform – so how does Mitel Connect provide this? By integrating all your collaboration, conferencing, and messaging tools into a single and unified solution, team members spend less time trying to connect and more time actually connecting. No more juggling separate applications, no putting calls on hold or trying to pass information from one employee to another. Even better? The communications experience provided by Mitel offers consistent access and connection across all business devices, from your desktop to your dashboard. This means team members are never stalled – they can stop a conversation on one device and pick up it seamlessly on another. Simply put, Mitel Connect allows users to stay productive anywhere and focus on ideas that contribute to business growth. Productivity The very reason that professionals seek out solutions like Mitel Connect, is the promise of increased productivity and an easier to navigate communications platform. Simply put, professionals look to these solutions in hopes of doing more, in less time and with less effort. So, how does Mitel Connect claim to make the lives of professionals easier? Here are the top ways Mitel Connect offers productivity benefits for business:
  • Seamless and easy communication capabilities
  • Easy co-worker presence check, call, text, conference, video, and web-share capabilities from a single portal
  • Easy organization of and access to contacts, favorites, groups, events, and conversation histories
  • Easy management of simultaneous conversations and online meetings for optimized multitasking capabilities
  • One-click access to join online meetings on a variety of platforms including GoToMeeting and WebEx – meaning no more dial-in nightmares
  • Streamlined and secure access from mobile devices or remote web
Collaboration Collaboration isn’t just about meeting in an office or around a conference table. Today’s business professionals need the ability to collaborate from anywhere, on whatever device they’re using. Further, they need the same set of tools and resources that they have when they’re at their desk in the office. So, how does Mitel Connect make it easier for modern business teams to communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere? Here’s the top ways Mitel Connect optimizes user-focused collaboration potential:
  • HD video conferencing for more natural and productive video meetings – start sessions any time from any device or browser and receive 24/7 support
  • Event wizard for the creation of online meetings – Full integration with Outlook and options to easily add agenda’s, set presenters, and automatically send meeting data
  • Agenda time-keeper with real-time display for keeping meetings on the topic
  • Communication timeline offering a detailed and sortable history of all conversations, texts, and voicemails with all contacts for reference as needed
  • Intuitive design that guides users through call handling and scheduling set-ups

App Advice: How Professional IT Consultants Can Optimize Communication Solutions

While we’ve gone over some of the benefits promised by the Mitel Connect app, it must be noted: even once you have an idea of all the features and benefits, it can be hard to know if you’re taking full advantage of the solution. Communication and centralization applications like Mitel Connect are designed to help you master all the little things – and it’s surprising what a big difference those little things can make. That’s why, no matter what IT solutions you’re deploying for collaboration and centralization, it’s never a bad idea to reach out to a professional IT consultant with experience in telecommunications for guidance and support. IT professionals have experience optimizing a variety of communication platforms to help professionals take advantage of every last feature to its full capacity. When it comes to optimizing your approach to communication and remote work, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and reach out for some customized and one-on-one initial consultation. By speaking with a professional, you’ll get an immediate idea of how to best approach the optimization of your communications resources. Trust us, your team will thank you. Did you find this article informative? As always, we’re happy to help! If you liked this, check out these other articles we think you’ll love:

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