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September 21st, 2017 by admin

If it seems like everything is getting more complicated every day – you're not alone. We're seeing too many means of communication and a multitude of apps pushing their way into our daily lives. This certainly holds true for the business world, where everyone is looking for the latest way to save time and work better. But why so complicated?

With ShoreTel Connect, communication is easy. You can get a quick overview of colleague availabilities, schedule a phone or video call, and invite attendees with a simple click. For video calls you'll enjoy HD quality video and audio over encrypted channels that ensure a secure connection. Add up to 24 attendees, including non-Connect users over their web browser. This will make customer, partner, and colleague interactions easier than ever!

You'll quickly appreciate the benefits of cloud-hosted unified communication features. Mobility becomes almost second nature as you take your calls anywhere you need to be, while easily being able to access emails, voicemails, instant messages, and online meetings. This video shows how ShoreTel can integrate into a hectic morning, saving the day with an array of helpful features.

A Day in the Life (of ShoreTel Connect)

Make your IT work for you – ask for ShoreTel Connect for your business.

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