Disaster Recovery Solutions

April 16th, 2017 by admin


Over the past 30 years, most businesses have learned about the difficulties and high costs of setting up, maintaining, and upgrading on-site data storage systems. Data centers and servers are costly, requiring a larger IT infrastructure than many small to medium sized businesses can easily afford. Not only are they digging heavily into their IT investment budgets, but there are additional hassles that come with managing service providers and regular maintenance. Worst of all, if disaster strikes, or servers are damaged through less extreme circumstances - data is lost or corrupted. It can take weeks, if not longer to recover critical business data, and businesses are left sitting on the costs.

In recent years, there's been a move towards off-site or hybrid solutions. TOTLCOM works with BCZone to provide reliable on-site access of data, while backing up data off-site. Your computers aren't waiting for you to manually save your data to the server - the system reacts instantly and automatically to ensure maximum data recovery in case of a disaster. Your data is protected by top of the line security measures, following industry best practices. By taking steps to protect your data and easily recover it, you're ensuring that business can go on as normal, even after a disaster.

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