concept behind using IT Managed Services is simple – It ensures you receive the highest level of expertise along with 24 x 7 service so you and your staff can focus on your tasks without worrying about whether a technology will work for you.

Why Managed Services Over Techs Who Charge By The Hour?

July 4th, 2018 by admin

The real questions here should be:
  • “Why choose a one-man shop with less experience than a team of knowledgeable techs?”
  • “Why pay more and get less?”
  • “Why wonder how much you’ll pay for services rather than knowing what your costs will be?”
The concept behind using IT Managed Services is simple – It ensures you receive the highest level of expertise along with 24 x 7 service so you and your staff can focus on your tasks without worrying about whether a technology will work for you. A tech who charges by the hour typically follows a break/fix approach that can actually damage your business. How is this?... Because you have to first experience a downtime or issue that affects your work before they usually come to help. Plus, when you rely on break-fix services, the tech who works for you doesn’t have an incentive to ensure your technology runs properly for the long haul.  Every time they return to your site, they make more money. The more hours they work, the more they get paid. You’re just wasting money and risking costly downtime. So, we’ll ask again. Why Managed Services Over Techs Who Charge By The Hour? The overall reason is that Managed Services cost less and provide a higher value than techs who charge by the hour. But there’s more… Here are 10 specific things to consider:
  1. Predictable Costs
When you use an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP), you pay for all the IT services and support you need in one, predictable monthly payment.  Reliable MSPs will customize a package for your business according to your unique requirements so you’ll have the services you need without paying for items that you don’t want. Services, solutions, and support will be bundled together to save you money, and this allows you to budget for your costs. If you require a change, deletion, or addition of services, contact your MSP to let them know. They will adjust your payment and service contract accordingly. Think of it as a “subscription” for IT services. And one where you won’t be locked into services that aren’t important to you.
  1. Reduced Costs
Using managed services prevents expensive network repairs. It’s more expensive to repair a problem than it is to prevent it.  And with hybrid and private clouds, virtual private networks and more, you can have a system that’s protected and accessible from anywhere 24 x 7–and less expensive to operate than using in-house IT solutions.  When you consider this, managed services pay for themselves.
  1. Reduced Risk
With changing government and industry regulations, along with variable market trends, the need for up-to-date technologies has increased. An MSP can set you up with solutions that you can scale and adjust as requirements change. The risk of investing in hardware and software that will be outdated in a few years is reduced if not eliminated. And when you work with an MSP who has experience in your specific industry, you’ll benefit even more.
  1. Greater Expertise
While certification in various platforms is important, so is the experience. When you hire a tech who charges by the hour, they can’t provide the level of service you’ll receive from a team of experts with knowledge in a broad range of solutions.
  1. Proactive Rather Than Reactive Support
A proactive response means your issues are resolved before they create a crisis. A legitimate MSP will use remote monitoring and management solutions to detect IT issues before they create problems for you. This includes 24/7 automatic monitoring for viruses and malware that can cripple your computer network. Once detected they can block and eradicate threats or fix irregularities before you even notice any effects.
  1. Quick Response
This proactive monitoring also ensures the ultimate in responsiveness. This improves productivity. And a legitimate MSP will offer 24/7 help desk service so you’ll have a technician on call who can assist with any IT problems you or your staff face. You’ll never be left alone with IT worries on your hands.
  1. Enhanced Competitiveness
With a Managed Services Provider you’ll have access to technology solutions that larger enterprises enjoy. The cost structures and economies of scale will give your company a major advantage.
  1. Enhanced Security & Compliance
Just like enhancing your competitiveness, the solutions an MSP provides will enhance your IT security and ability to comply with regulations. They employ and implement multiple layers of security with enterprise-grade and managed firewalls, antivirus, antispam, and more. These solutions are monitored and maintained remotely, so you don't need to do a thing but concentrate on your work. Everything is done behind the scenes without interrupting your operations.
  1. Solutions Aligned With Your Goals
A reliable MSP will only suggest what you need. They’ll provide strategic IT planning that aligns your technology with your business goals to ensure smooth and consistent growth through the use of cost-effective technologies.
  1. Vendor Management
Unlike an hourly tech, a Managed Service Provider can liaison with all of your software and hardware vendors, so you don’t have to deal with complicated and technical conversations. They’ll also ensure you get the best prices possible on all of your technology solutions. Don’t believe a single tech who says he can solve all your problems. In today’s complex world of technology, this just isn’t realistic. That’s why smart businesses everywhere are looking to IT Managed Service Providers.

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