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June 27th, 2018 by admin

Cybercrime is a serious and growing threat to modern businesses. Without up-to-date and layered security measures, successful hacks can compromise your important or sensitive data, and harm your systems. This results in costly downtime. Good firewalls protect you from not only hacking attempts but from viruses, dangerous websites, and risk-prone staff activities. Watchguard Partner California TOTLCOM wants to keep you safe from today’s range of digital threats. That's why we use proven firewall technology from WatchGuard to keep our clients' data safe. WatchGuard is the #1 industry choice for Unified Threat Management (UTM) and Industry Models. In addition to our full certification and extensive training with this enterprise-class technology, TOTLCOM has now become a WatchGuard Gold Partner! Our team has years of experience in using WatchGuard technology to protect businesses like yours from cyber threats. TOTLCOM and WatchGuard offer world-class digital security, the benefits of which include:
  • Globally recognized security solutions that scale specifically to your needs and size as a business.
  • Industry-leading capability, with software that's designed to run full versions of the leading security engines in every category.
  • Priced for business, despite being an enterprise-level product WatchGuard comes at a price competitive enough for small-medium sized businesses to afford it.
  • Right-sized, modular structure that allows for convenient scaling to business size and hardware replacement as needed.
  • Comprehensive solutions, for all threats including Anti-Virus, URL Filtering, Anti-Spam, Intrusion Prevention, App ID & Control, Data Loss Prevention, and Advanced Malware protection, whereas other UTM companies can only offer a few of these solutions at best. Boasting PC Pro’s Recommended A-List, Network Computing Awards Finalist (2014), PC Mag Highly Rated, and more!
  • Best management value, providing great visibility and management control of traffic with lower support costs that other firewalls in its class.
However, keep in mind that the right cybersecurity solutions are just one key part of a comprehensive defense. As much as cybersecurity is about what solutions you use, it’s also about what you and your staff know. Make sure that you:
  • Stay Alert: No task is ever so urgent or so important that they can't take the time to confirm the request first, especially if it involves giving out information or executing a potentially risky task.
  • Never Give Out Private Information: Entities like banks, government agencies, and the CRA will never under any circumstances contact anyone to confirm sensitive information. They already have your account numbers, social insurance number, and your passwords. If an email from a superior or external contact asks for that info, it is likely a scam, so always take the time to confirm the request by phone or in person, using contact information from a source other than the suspicious email.
  • Check Before You Click: Hovering your cursor over a link will show you where that link is actually taking you. Often, cybercriminals will send out what looks like the right link (, but when you hover over the link with your mouse, it actually will show something different (www.YourBank/ If the two links don't match up, do not click.
  • Check Up On Unexpected Email Attachments. If an email pops up from a familiar sender with an attachment that you weren’t expecting, call them or send them an email to confirm that they actually sent the file. Be sure to send a new email - if you reply to the suspicious one, you'll be contacting the hacker, not your colleague.
All of this isn't to say the security of your business falls entirely on your teams' shoulders. As a business owner, you need to:
  • Invest In Cybersecurity: Employee awareness may be a key component of good overall security, but that doesn't make solutions like spam filters and firewalls any less vital. Tools like these can help keep dangerous emails out of your employees' inboxes in the first place and protect your network from infections and intrusions that can compromise sensitive data and lead to thefts and fraud.
  • Enforce A Strong Password Policy: More often than not, employees choose to stick with passwords that are simple and easy to remember, which leaves them more vulnerable to hackers. Ensure that your staff is using passwords that include letters, numbers, symbols, multiple cases, and are at least 8 - 10 characters in length. Don't just trust your employees to follow these guidelines; make sure they understand why you've put these policies in place, and that there will be consequences if they're not followed.
Remember - cybercriminals keep going back to the same old tricks because users keep falling for the same scams over and over without ever learning from the experience. Don't wait for another major scam or cyber-attack to decide it's time to work on your comprehensive cybersecurity defense. Between WatchGuard's industry-leading technology and the right practices for your staff, you can properly protect your business. Let us facilitate WatchGuard's unbeatable security offering to keep your business safe. For more information, contact TOTLCOM at (800) 300-5500 or

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