Ten Everyday Things Your Data Backup System Should Do

June 4th, 2018 by admin

Data backup that is reliable, easy and fast is only the beginning... Presented by: SonicWALL Network Security Backing up data from a desktop, laptop or server sounds simple enough. You just copy your data from your system to someplace else; a backup tape, a central server, a second disk, an off-site SAN, a CD, a flash drive – you get the idea. Yet that simple act, copy from "here to there", vexes nearly every organization at some point as backups don’t occur, fail in the middle or worse backed up data can’t be recovered. With any data backup system you quickly realize that the only true measurement of its value is data recovery, the from "there to here" part. Having 500 backup tapes with color coordinated labels arranged neatly on the shelf might look nice, but they are only useful if they are readable and data recovery is simple and quick. A true data backup and recovery solution must be reliable, easy and fast.

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