New Ways to Manage your Video Surveillance

February 8th, 2017 by admin

Imagine this situation: Your building has been evacuated after a break-in. The police arrive, but don't have any information about the situation inside or around the building. Your video surveillance would be a great help, but it is only accessible in one access controlled room.

Gone are the days when video surveillance systems are only accessible in one place, with limited visibility and recordings being thrown out to make space. The industry is ever evolving - so we've kept up with some of the newest technologies and services to keep our customers safe and secure. Our complete line of products includes IP networks combined with top of the line applications. The Toshiba Surveillix App can be your new partner in security. It allows you to instantly access your video feeds, live from your own device. Using video servers, you can limit access to view-only over internet browsers - also available for older surveillance systems. If you're looking to upgrade your existing system, talk to us about our HD color cameras for high-quality images. We can match that video quality with new LCD monitors and an array of digital recorders supporting various systems.

How does all of this help when the police arrive? Pull out your smartphone and access the video feed from outside the building. You can show the police what they need to see, and record the footage to export later as evidence.

Learn more about our video surveillance solutions on our website. bodyworn-794111_960_720

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