MonaVie Boosts Call Center Productivity and Savings with ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center

December 26th, 2017 by admin

Fast-growing company MonaVie manufactures and markets nutritional beverages and supplements designed to help consumers promote healthier lifestyles and manage weight. Established in 2005, MonaVie is a fast-growing company that provides an extensive line of nutritional drinks, supplements and snacks designed to help consumers lose weight and promote healthier lifestyles. Their products are sold through a distributor sales model – so communications are critical to maintaining healthy sales volumes. "ShoreTel has been far and away the easiest system to deploy, the most cost-effective to maintain, and has really helped MonaVie manage growth with scalable, simple architecture and tools." - Nathan Brown, Telecommunications Manager, MonaVie.

The Challenge

MonaVie's exponential business growth was rapidly outpacing its ability to handle customer call volumes. The company was struggling to promptly handle call traffic from distributors requesting product, potential distributors requesting information and general inquiries. To remain successful at fulfilling orders and expanding the business, MonaVie needed to deploy a unified communications solution that could rapidly scale to meet these demands. "Prior to integrating the call center, we had 150 agents at our high point to handle call volumes. Now we can manage the same level of traffic better and more efficiently with much less staff and with the integration of chat and email sessions. We've been able to reduce headcount and consequently staffing costs by $500,000 annually." - Joel Lewis, Supervisor Contact Center Operation, MonaVie.

The Solution

ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center is at the heart of MonaVie's ShoreTel Unified Communications Solution, which also comprises ShoreTel IP Telephones and a custom application feature built by ShoreTel Professional Services. Since deploying its ShoreTel solution, MonaVie has seen significant improvements in cost savings and productivity. Enterprise Contact Center has integrated chat and e-mail features that enables teams to handle calls, e-mails and chats. Benefits include:
  • $500,000 yearly savings on reduced personnel costs.
  • Improved customer service to its distributors with automated call backs, and outbound surveys and credit card issue resolution.
"The reasons ShoreTel was so good for us were cost, architecture, and scalability. The ShoreTel solution was a third the cost of other systems, and had lower maintenance costs, too. …ShoreTel has it all." - Nathan Brown, Telecommunications Manager, MonaVie. READ THE PDF SUCCESS STORY

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