good are Mitel Networks Corporation’s phone systems? According to an article in Inc. magazine, one of the best and most respected business magazines on the market, Mitel’s phone system for call centers is No. 1 -- the best.

Resources Available When Considering Upgrading Your Mitel Phone System

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You Can Make One Of The Best Phone Systems Even Better How good are Mitel Networks Corporation’s phone systems? According to an article in Inc. magazine, one of the best and most respected business magazines on the market, Mitel’s phone system for call centers is No. 1 -- the best. Mitel’s call center phone system is outstanding for several reasons, reports the article. For starters, Mitel has a “substantial offering of phone hardware” and a “generous assortment of call center tools”. The phone system also meshes well with sales software programs. The success of the Ottawa, Canada-based company’s call center phone system, though, is more than an example of one excellent phone system. It is, in fact, a sign that the company has been doing things right for a long time. “Mitel designed one of the earliest PBX systems in the 1970s, and has a reputation for holistically assessing the business needs of a company, as opposed to simply providing phone service,” the article says. The article goes on to report that Mitel’s customer service technicians do a good job of answering the majority of customers’ questions and that representatives are available every minute of every day to help customers on the phone and via the company’s website. The bottom line is that Mitel has the services to help customers maintain, improve, and upgrade their business phone systems. Mitel has in recent years introduced an impressive amount of excellent products including the call center phone system and its 6900 series of phones. The Mitel 6900 Series Phones were introduced less than two years ago -- in the fall of 2016. The MiVoice 6940 IP Phone, the MiVoice 6930 IP Phone, and the MiVoice 6920 IP Phone have the most up-to-date technology. Among other things, they allow people “to pair their mobile phone and with the Bluetooth interface built into the 6900’s, enabling users to handle calls from cell phones and IP calls seamlessly (with) one device,” this article reports. Nevertheless, business phone technology changes so rapidly that some customers need to relearn it while others want to upgrade what they have. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to upgrade from an earlier Mitel version of phones to the Mitel 6900 Series Phones and to upgrade the capability of the 6900 phones.

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Here are some of the resources we found via a Google search for upgrading Mitel Phone Systems: Mitel’s E-Book: Entitled “5 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Phone System,” you can download the guide from this website. One of the signs is “are you managing your business or your phone system?” The answer is “no” if, among other things, software upgrades aren’t occurring automatically and your employees are spending time troubleshooting phone issues. Another sign is “does your phone system enhance your bottom line?” If your phone system isn’t improving the production of your employees, you should consider upgrading your Mitel phone system. Mitel’s Guide For Businesses: This is a pdf document entitled “Guide to Finding a New Phone System”. The intro discusses how businesses typically update their phone system every 10 years so choosing the right new system is crucial. It also says the guide is designed to help businesses find a system that will improve employee productivity and customers’ experiences. The guide has seven steps, including how to take an inventory of what you have and how to figure out what options are simultaneously the best for your budget and customer needs. Upgrading Mitel 5000 Phone System: Should your budgetary needs preclude buying the Mitel 6900 Series Phonesupgrading Mitel Phone Systems that are older is an option. This slideshow can help you do that. It lists the disadvantages of not upgrading and the four reasons to upgrade and details what’s new in the updated 5000 Version 1.2, Version 2, Version 3, Version 4, Version 5, and Version 6. Upgrading Mitel 3300 Phone System: The first source for upgrading the Mitel 3300 phone system was highly technical so we continued to search for others. We found this Mitel Forum on this topic as well as this product list. Phoning Mitel might be the best option here. The Mitel Website: You can contact t website here and subsequently click onto links for Cloud Business Phone Systems, On-Site Business Phone Systems, and Integrations. You can phone 800-722-1301 for technical support and cloud support. You can also phone 844-319-5912 if you’re considering buying a new phone system and can also email the company at this website.

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