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June 5th, 2018 by admin

Virtual Lock

You know that dream we’ve all had where we get up to speak in front of a large crowd only to realize we’re not wearing any clothes? Well, ignoring your network security can essentially make that dream an unfortunate reality. The difference is that instead of a crowd of people seing your unmentionables, it’s your network that’s exposed in front of a barrage of hackers with viruses and malware at the ready! This is why we encourage all of our customers at TOTLCOM to consider using SonicWALL Network Security.

With SonicWALL you’ll get the same network performance that you’re used to but now you’ll be protected by a security system that is both intelligent and adaptive. SonicWALL has the solutions that your business needs regardless of size or sector. Whether you’re in retail, healthcare or general business SonicWALL will work to keep you and your data safe. With Secure Remote Access you’ll be able to utilize critical resources regardless of your device from desktops to laptops and even smartphones.

Additionally SonicWALL provides easy-to-use and easy-on-the-pocketbook solutions for securing your email and preventing spam. You can even get streamlined backup and recovery with their Continuous Data Protection (CDP). SonicWALL really is a comprehensive solution to your network security needs. Contact TOTLCOM today to get started using SonicWALL for your business!

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