Have you ever contacted a support center and waited days for a response, only to get one that is not tailored to your needs? If you have and you’re fed up with the waiting then let us introduce you to our Gold PARTNER Support. If you are one of many small- or medium-sized businesses, it probably doesn’t make sense for you to employ an IT specialist full-time. That’s why we offer our Gold PARTNER Support contracts.

With Gold PARTNER Support we will quickly put you in contact with a member of our highly qualified support staff to ensure that the needs of your business are promptly resolved. Gold PARTNER Support gives you access to free software diagnostics, added training on request and 24 hour troubleshooting. We will even give you $1,000 if we do not meet our published response times in an emergency! We are just that confident in our ability to meet your needs and fast.

Come check out Gold PARTNER Support and see how we can not only save you time (and money!) but also keep your data safe and secure and give you access to a highly qualified support team whenever you need them.