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Today's smart IT Managed Service Providers & Telecom Providers are now offering both data and voice technology solutions and services. The telecommunications and technology landscape can be confusing, time-consuming, and unnecessarily expensive unless you have a large enterprise that can afford a fully-staffed IT and Telecom department.

And, as you probably know by now, technology is evolving so rapidly that to compete effectively you must be using innovative solutions to save you time and money. Your IT Managed Services/Telecom Provider will ensure that you receive the best possible technology that aligns with your objectives and your budget. As their client, you'll have all the technology and business phone support you could ever need to excel at what you do.

It's Simple

Having all your technology covered by one company makes contracting for IT services easy because you can get everything from one place. You need business phones to run your organization, and you need technology as well. Why not look for a Managed Service Provider with both industry-specific IT Services and Telecom experience?

This way, if you need service for either your technology or phones, you’ll only have to contact one company?

It Not Only Saves You Time But Money

You'll benefit from one point of contact who can install, deploy, and manage both your IT infrastructure and your telecom requirements. When your technology is covered by one provider, their broad range of experience and knowledge ensures everything gets done quickly and right the first time.

A Managed Service Provider and Telecom Company combined can offer you the best solutions and pricing. You'll benefit from bundled prices that you can pay for with one monthly fixed and predictable fee.

And, with a single point of contact for all your technology needs, account management will be much easier for your staff, with far less effort to get projects completed.

Require More Flexibility?

  • Moving from landline to VoIP business phones?
  • Integrating multiple web-hosted services into your technology stack?
  • Need volume licensing?

You'll have this along with the ability to easily add and remove services from your monthly pricing structure. We make life as easy as possible for our technology partners!

A single provider can also offer advice on scalability and bundling of services to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

You'll Have 24/7 Service For All Your Technology

An IT provider who takes care of both your technology and telecom needs will be there for you around the clock. Even if you're in another country.

They'll also offer you various carrier options, so you're not stuck with just one telecom solution. You'll have a selection to choose from. When you purchase phone service from a carrier's salesperson, they move on to the next customer. Who knows where they'll be when you need them?

You Won't Have To Deal With Compatibility Issues

Intra-system compatibility issues can plague your business unless your provider understands all of your technology and telecom platforms. You can hit bottlenecks where "boxes don't talk to other boxes."

For example, your VoIP phones won't work properly with a new web server. Or your new video-conferencing equipment might not be compatible with the Internet browser you use. This not only causes frustrations but interferes with your operations.

When all your technology is handled by one company, you won't have to face hardware and software compatibility problems because your MSP/Telecom provider will set them up right from the start.

You'll Know Who's Responsible For What

If you use different providers for all your technology needs and something goes wrong, how are you supposed to know who to call?

Is the issue related to IT or telecommunications equipment?

How do you know who’s responsible? You're not the expert!

And with some companies, you may run into accountability issues. One could blame the other for the problem.

With one company covering all your data and voice solutions, you can leave the problem-solving in their hands.

You'll Be A High-Value Customer

When you sign up for all your technology services from one provider, you'll have increased buying power and negotiation leverage. This is because you'll be core to their cash stream and monthly income. They'll want to devote more energy and time into making sure you're happy and satisfied with their service.

You'll Have Access To:

  • A single point of contact who can handle all your technology and telecom issues.
  • Multiple carrier options so you can choose the carrier who best suits your needs.
  • Unbiased advice for your telecom vendor selection.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable IT and Telecom professionals who will be there for you whenever you need them, no matter where you are.

You'll have everything an IT Managed Service Provider offers along with Telecom Services and Support that match your organizations' short - and long-term requirements.

When one company takes care of all your IT and telecom requirements, you can focus on what you need to do and benefit from the peace of mind using a single provider offers.

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