Streamlining the Internet™

With the proliferation of remote workers and cloud-based applications, the Internet has become an integral part of the Corporate LAN. Until recently the lack of Quality of Service (QoS) and missing management oversight precluded the use of commodity business or consumer broadband in enterprise networks.

With TOTLCOM Enhanced WAN (TEW), enterprise applications such as voice, video conferencing and productivity can now reliably operate over any WAN connection—there’s no need for expensive dedicated network connections any more. Quick to deploy and easy to use, TOTLCOM Enhanced WAN (TEW) Streamlines the Internet for all corporate needs.


  • QoS

    Clear voice calls, Artifact-free videoconferencing and Responsive Unified Communications Apps

  • Connectivity

    Operates over any WAN link (DSL, cable, 4G, MPLS etc), carrier and ISP at Layer 3

  • Reliability

    Fully meshed networks with multiple active/active uplinks

  • Visibility

    Identify sources of network congestion, eliminating lengthy troubleshooting problems

  • Security

    Encrypted VPN tunnels


  • Delivers the performance and security of dedicated networks with the cost and flexibility of the open Internet
  • Eliminates service calls on previously problematic WANs
  • Solves network problems proactively, without the typical finger pointing between your application and network service providers
  • Simplifies deployment by replacing the mess of current networking solutions; VLANS, QoS and dynamic mesh WANs, with a single, easy-to-manage solution

TOTLCOM Enhanced WAN™ Differentiators


TOTLCOM Enhanced WAN (TEW), is delivered as a So ware as a Service (SaaS) monthly subscription. TEW operates over any WAN connection through the combination of a cloud management service (the TOTLCOM Cloud) and on-premise network appliances (InSpeed 10s). The system is designed to provide zero touch deployment and lightweight management through a remote web-based management portal.

WAN Connection Concept Graphic

Laser Focus on Interactive Applications

From day one, TOTLCOM’s focus has been to fix the toughest problem first—to make interactive applications, including voice and video conferencing, work over any network condition. With decades of experience building enterprise VoIP systems, the founders of TOTLCOM intimately understand latency, jitter and bandwidth-sensitive applications.

Autonomous Network Management

TEW enables true QoS and network management by controlling both ends of each WAN link. Unique bandwidth measurement and dynamic control allows for real-time service provisioning and application optimization without manual intervention.

Carrier Agnostic

TEW can operate over any internet connection from any carrier. The quality and security once only available with single-carrier private networks, can now be achieved from any provider, allowing the utmost flexibility in configuring individual sites.

End to End Security

Encrypted and fully meshed connections are provided out of the box.

  • TEW is Phone First
  • Self-Driving Networks
  • Eliminate Hung Applications

Streamlining the Internet™

Take the worry out of operating over the Internet. Deploy TEW today.