TOTLcare Complete Offerings

TOTLcare Complete has taken all the stress out of business technology!

  • The top-shelf hardware you want.
  • The robust support you need.
  • The manageable, monthly expense your business can afford.

Why deal with dozens of different companies? TOTLcare Complete has you covered!

TOTLcare Complete

Get the perfect synchronization of hardware and support! TOTLcare Complete includes all hardware, supporting software, and all the service necessary to keep your business running like clockwork.

  • Best-in-class hardware – computers, servers, mobile devices
  • Unlimited On-Site, Remote, and Emergency Support
  • Continuous Proactive Monitoring
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Virtual CTO
  • Industry-Leading Security Measures

TOTLcare Complete + Voice

Take advantage of everything included in TOTLcare Complete – top-shelf hardware, software, full menu support – AND VoIP telephone technology!

  • Computers and mobile devices are supplied by TOTLCOM – fully
    warrantied and supported
  • The best IT management protocols in the business – TOTLcare
  • Complete business phone system over the internet

TOTLcare Complete + Cloud

Leverage the power, flexibility, and mobility of the cloud! TOTLcare Complete + Cloud gives you the hardware and supporting software and hosts your servers and desktops in the cloud! You will receive a computer system or a thin client – a system that only allows for remote connection to your assets residing within the cloud.

  • All your hardware supplied by TOTLCOM
  • Comprehensive support and security management
  • Virtualized servers in the cloud for backup and everyday use

TOTLcare Complete K-12

TOTLcare K-12 is a highly customizable project management offering for individual schools and school districts. We come in as an outsourced Chief Information Officer to analyze your IT needs. Once we have assessed your current IT systems, we design an action plan and present those needs and costs to the board. After outlining the project and what’s needed, we can advise on the best way forward for the school/district to get what it needs at the best price and timeline.