Thank you for the quick response. This tells me, as an end-user, you actually read these and they don’t wind up in the “electronic drawer”. Since this is the case please allow me to express myself about your employees. I started working with James Shaw and Randy Taylor about 1-1/2 years ago when we went out to bid on a new phone system for my project. Albeit we have a difficult and complicated history on this Shoretel installation due to complications with our High-Voltage Isolation and Shoretel’s input sensitivity. James and particularly Randy have been invaluable resources and when I call to ask a question I feel completely confident in their responses. This is why I continue to use TOTLCOM. I was recently brought onto the job in Lodi less than two weeks prior to the manager’s “go live” date. In quick response James and Randy came out to the site, performed the walkthrough, and provided a quote, all within two days. The job was completed, with many change orders and the on-site crew had no issues with the changes. I have developed a professional relationship with Randy and James and trust them, not only with my system, but enough to recommend them to my counter-parts within NCPA. Sam, these guys are great and I appreciate their time. Please pass along my appreciation to them.