Sam … As usual Shelly and your crew were excellent ! I continue to have great confidence in TOTLCOM. Shelly has “saved us” time and time again. Jerry and his staff are good to work with.. No complaints … Just don’t go away until I retire !! I believe sincerely that Shelly has been a large part of taking our business to a new level…. She paid attention to our business and its needs, after which she made suggestions about equipment and applications that would benefit us… I attended a TOTLCOM “seminar” in the Sacramento area that helped me with my understanding of your company and the product you had to offer… Jerry and his support team spent a lot of time helping us through the journey from where we were to where we needed to be… Not an easy journey I might add, as we now have grown to 20 locations… Unlike other vendors I have dealt with in the past, all of TOTLCOM Modesto consulted, trained, brain stormed, etc… on nearly a daily basis and never once made us feel like they were tired of dealing with us…. TOTLCOM has saved us money on our monthly expenses while guiding us to equipment that allows us to give better customer service and to give more/better “tools” to our agents to assist them in doing the best job they can do… Shelly, Jerry and their team continues to give us suggestions on how we might do things differently/better and keeps us informed of new equipment/services that have become or will be available… TOTLCOM did not take our money and run… TOTLCOM has cared about us and continues to care for us on a daily basis… So thanks Sam for your well trained team and much appreciated Modesto location… If all your locations are as dedicated as Modesto you must have a very productive business with lots of happy clients.