Good Afternoon Ms. Scoto,
I work for N.C.I.M. & El Dorado Molds which are customers of TotlCom’s. My position within N.C.I.M. & ELDO Molds is receptionist for both companies and one of my main responsibilities is overseeing anything that has to do with our phone system here in our office. While maintaining this task, I have had the “WONDERFUL PLEASURE” of working with one of your employee’s by the name of “Barbara Stoddard”. Barbara has really gone above and beyond the call of her job duty when/while helping me. She has helped me out in so many ways over the past months such as, helping me create all of the phone labels for are office and warehouse, setting up TotlCom Tech times when we need one to come in, and even though knowing that she provided me with “ALL” of the User guides for TotlCom’s phone system, that if I even ask her a little question whether something can be done without a Tech coming into our office she not only will tell me “yes” but then proceeds to give me step by step directions and has tons of patience while doing so. She always has a great attitude and is definitely an easy person to work with. So I just wanted to take a moment of my day and let you know what a valuable employee I think TotlCom has with in “Barbara Stoddard” and how I look forward to our working encounters. Thank you & Have a Wonderful Day!!