Sam — We have been with TOTLCOM for nine, going on ten years now. Phil is a great rep. Phyllis and the others there at TOTLCOM have been THE BEST I’ve dealt with in 27 years. The recommendation to bring in Brian Watters a few years back when it came to data was just plain Synergy. You just can’t get better data service or solution than what Brian’s team delivers! I could not ask (from an IT Director’s standpoint) for a better overall data/voice solution. These guys are dedicated not only to customer service, but creating good vendor-customer relationships. This I value more than the T-1 and voice solutions they provide. When you add in a touch of class by having someone of of such high quality as Phyllis, you just can’t beat that kind of deal in today’s business. When you employ hard working people like Shelly who work relentlessly until a solution is delivered, you become successful by earning a solid corporate reputation and forge an image that is beyond compromise. I don’t know how to put a price tag on the personality, service, commitment and uptime you guys deliver. AT&T/SBC can’t deliver the kind of service and support you guys do every day of the week. You represent stability, reliability, a can do company with a record of accomplishments. Yes, please feel free to use me as a reference!