We believe that our customers benefit from having access to excellent technical support. Support Contracts are like insurance. Although you can live happily without it for years, there comes a time when support becomes critically important. You can minimize lost time by having experienced TOTLCOM Support Engineers help you solve your problem during extended business hours.

TOTLCOM’s Gold PARTNER Support goes above and beyond the call of duty to include at NO CHARGE LABOR for all Moves, Adds, and Changes to your system. Under this agreement, have us make all the changes you want and you may never see another bill from us! Exception? Structured cabling.

Benefit Competitor Support TOTLCOM Gold PARTNER Support
No charge on parts or labor for repairs.
Waiver of minimum labor charge.
Priority queuing & dispatch.
No charge for “No Trouble Found”
Free software diagnostics.
Labor to reprogram systems after magnetic media or software crashes.
10% Equipment & Labor Discount for adds to system.
Network services ordering and coordination. 
(phone lines, T1, PRI, DSL, VPN, SIP Trunking, MPLS networks, etc.)
Free 24 hr troubleshooting of carrier and network service issueswhen orders placed through TOTLCOM
Added training on request, no charge.
Resolution of wiring and cabling problems.
Review of communications system expenses with cost-saving recommendations.
Replacement of defective cords.
Free network consultation.
One thousand dollars ($1,000) if we fail to meet published emergency response times.
Discount the invoice 10% if we do not complete Move, Add, Change work in the time agreed upon with you.
Emergency back-up equipment stored in local warehouses.
Free remote programming as requested.
No labor charges for moves, adds, or changes to system.
*New cabling is excluded
Nightly back-up of server programming.
Software releases/revisions are at no charge

TOTLCOM can help in many ways. When you purchase a support contract, you receive individualized responses to your particular questions. Your questions can even include asking our experts for consulting advice to help you tackle problems you’re encountering. Time is money: have TOTLCOM help you solve your problems. An inexpensive support contract can end up saving you a small fortune.

Over the years, TOTLCOM has developed a world-class support infrastructure and trained an outstanding technical support staff to provide support to a variety of customers all over the world. TOTLCOM offers one-on-one communication with highly qualified technicians, the majority of whom have extensive experience using our tools from the perspective of demanding customer applications. Our services via email and private forum are conducted in a highly professional and timely manner to ensure your technical questions are answered promptly.

  • TOTLCOM has a solution for you. We can respond within minutes to a network-down emergency or be scheduled to come online and assist in troubleshooting, configuration and maintenance of your local area network, servers, workstations and network attached peripherals, at the fraction of the cost of a full-time onsite technician.
  • Many small and medium sized businesses choose TOTLCOM as their out-sourced IT department to provide IT services on an as-needed basis, enjoying the cost savings and reduced overhead of employing an in-house dedicated IT specialist.
  • The computer industry is changing too quickly to leave the upkeep, maintenance and troubleshooting of your business computers and networks to the office computer enthusiast. In today’s security conscious world, it is far too easy to make a mistake that exposes all your computer data to the outside world or leaves your data vulnerable to exploit or hacking.
  • Computers are great when they are running properly, but when they fail (often at the most inopportune time) they can be the source of lost revenue, lost client confidence and low office morale. Data loss and misconfiguration of computer assets and networks can expose you to unnecessary risks and liability.
  • Our familiarity with typical and customized computer network architecture allows us to quickly assess your problems, no matter what software package or PC platform you run. Our technical services can be engaged for a specific incident or on a recurring basis either reactively to a failure or technical issue or proactively to maintain, monitor and address issues before they cause you down-time.
  • Our engineers are skilled in business network infrastructure and corporate and enterprise LAN, WAN and VPN technology. We can support all the connections, managed switches, firewalls, and routers.
  • Network security, controlled internet access, logging and intrusion detection are all within the scope of our IT engineers.

Contact us today to find our more about our business services and how we can custom-tailor a support plan for your business.