Are You Looking For An IT Partner Who Can Take Care Of All Your Technology & Communications Needs?

When TOTLCOM takes care of all your IT and telecom needs, you can benefit from using a single, reliable provider.  If you use different providers for all your technology and communication needs and something goes wrong, how are you supposed to know who to call? Is the issue related to your technology or the telecommunications equipment?  With TOTLCOM managing your data and voice solutions, you can leave all the problem-solving to us.

Are You Still Using Antiquated Business Phones?

Hosted VoIP from TOTLCOM costs less than most PBX or Key Systems.

Reliable phone service is vital to your successful business operations. When your telephone service fails, your business will as well. If you’re still using an antiquated business phone service, you can do much better.

Isn’t it time to join the 21st Century with a phone system that provides a cloud communications solution that meets all of your requirements? Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is today’s ultimate unified communications tool.

Our Mitel Business Phones let you place and receive phone calls over the Internet. They provide benefits and features like an auto-attendant, business voicemail, call transfers, and much more. Plus, they’ll stay up and running even when phone lines go down.

You’ll have a more reliable and economical way to communicate.  Businesses in California are quickly signing up for our business phone systems to save money, enjoy predictable budgeting, gain flexibility, and benefit from greater accessibility.

Are you using a Toshiba or ShoreTel phone system?  No worries – We can support these as well.

Need 24/7 Reliable IT Service That Won’t Cost You An Arm & A Leg?

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing your IT services to TOTLCOM is that you can prevent unplanned IT expenses. With TOTLCOM’s IT Managed Services, you’ll have everything you need to stay up and running for a fixed monthly fee.  No surprise bills and the predictability you need to stick to your budget.

Managed Services from TOTLCOM take care of all your technology issues no matter how long they take. Your costs will be predictable, but less expensive than using a break-fix IT service.

No matter how long it takes to repair your problems, your monthly payment will stay the same even if our techs have to work overnight or over a weekend. Plus, with 24/7 remote monitoring, most IT issues can be resolved before they create problems, and before you even know anything has occurred.

Are You Getting All You Should From The Cloud?

Over the past few years, the Cloud has rapidly taken over both our private and professional worlds. It offers us the freedom to access our data when, where, and how we want.

However, migrating IT to the Cloud takes expertise and skill.  And not all cloud solutions are the same.

With TOTLCOM you’ll have cloud provider who can advise you on the specific services that will promote your success.  Some of the benefits you can realize from cloud computing include:

  • Increased access to on-demand solutions.
  • Affordable access to enterprise-level solutions with no up-front expenses.
  • Faster data recovery.
  • The flexibility to scale up or down.
  • Increased productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • Increased IT security.

There are many benefits of cloud computing other than those mentioned above. And if you use the right ones for your particular needs, they can be a driving factor that propels your organization towards success. Let us help you select the services that will provide exactly what you need.

Is Your Network Truly Secure?

The key to properly securing your computer network is to have a Managed, Multi-Layered Security Protection in place.

Hackers today are working overtime to get deep into your hardware, web applications, and operating systems. They’re attacking computers, servers, and mobile devices to access your network security. Even your employees can be a threat and unknowingly click a malicious link in an email message that sends a virus throughout your network.

Some of the components of our Multi-Layered Security Solution include:

  • Managed Firewalls, Antivirus, Spam, and Malware
  • A Network-Based Intrusion Protection System
  • Patch Management and Upgrade Planning
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Security Awareness Training For Your Employees

TOTLCOM can secure your entire IT infrastructure including your phones, servers, computers, and mobile devices.

Are You Getting The Value You Should From Your Technology, Telecom & IT Services?

With TOTLCOM you’ll benefit from a full team of IT and Telecom experts that will cost you less than hiring in-house techs.  And because we can manage all your IT and business phone needs, we provide the benefit-to-cost ratio you require.

You’ll profit from a team that will work to understand your operational needs. They take this knowledge and deliver recommendations for a set of specific cost-effective IT services and solutions that align with your goals – ones that will increase your IT system’s reliability, streamline costs, increase your productivity, and prevent expensive fees for replacement or repairs. This ensures you always get the best ROI and decreased TCO from your technology.