Beginning with a complimentary consultation, each telecom audit engagement is structured to fit the needs of the client. Engagements require no capital investment or staff retooling. Your service plan can be up, running and delivering solid return on investment in a matter of weeks. TOTLCOM’s Telecom Bill Auditing and Telecom Services Analysis process includes researching and analyzing your Telecom:

  • Wide-Area Network
  • Voice and Data Circuits
  • Analog and Digital Lines
  • PRIs
  • Wireless (Cellular) Devices
  • All types of usage and services
  • Billings
  • Associated services and charges
  • Non-recurring and recurring fees
  • Valid and non-valid surcharges
  • Valid and non-valid taxes
  • Contracts
  • TOTLCOM’s (Customer Service Records)
  • Telecom inventory by site and service

Telecom Bill Audit Deliverables:

  1. Detailed analysis of fees for lines, circuits, usage, and features – all identified cost savings and resolution recommendations.
  2. Detailed inventory lists including; physical addresses and phone numbers, circuit types and bandwidth, account number, IP addresses, router type, monthly service price or rate per minute, billing address and billing contact, billing cycle, help desk 800 number, Service Level Agreement identification, date contract signed and length of contract.
  3. Monthly billing and usage reports, with errors identified and as authorized, closed.
  4. Optimization and cost savings / cost improvement recommendations.
  5. Consolidation of contracts with fewer carriers to recognize savings based on higher commitments and lower rates.

Carrier Liaison

TOTLCOM acts on your behalf to resolve telecom billing issues, recover overcharges and correct current billing errors.

  • Removal and validation of services not utilized.
  • Renegotiation of unfavorable telecom agreements.
  • Initiation and release Request for Proposal (RFPs), and participation in vendor negotiations. Private consulting related to realistic industry rates and appropriate carrier choices for voice, data, and wireless.
  • Reduce existing pricing through effective contract negotiation
  • Application for and retrieval of Service Level Agreement (SLA) credits for any covered outages.
  • End of contract term management
  • New telecom circuit and services negotiation

“Substantial payback exists for telecommunications auditing functions.
Organizations should establish strategic relationships with third party companies
to ensure accurate billing.”
– META Group Research Findings

Key TOTLCOM Telecom Expense Management Service Benefits:

  • Complimentary consultation – discover where and how your business can reduce its Telecom expenses!
  • No staff retooling, training, investment or burning the midnight oil!
  • Peace of mind – ultimately knowing the bottom-line is free of unchecked telecom billing errors!
  • Negotiated and processed refunds or credits for overcharges due your business without bearing the frustrations of working with telecom vendors!
  • Negotiation of telecom contracts from a position of strength!
  • Cost savings can be significant and can range from 10-40 percent of your telecom spend!
  • Contingency-based – pure and simple; no savings, no fee!

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Telecom (voice, data, and wireless), vital to most every business, is amongst the largest of business expenses incurred today. Unchecked, telecom billings are also one of the biggest bottom-line bleeds in business today.

For effective Telecom Expense Management, you need business intelligence and asset visibility. In combination, Reporting and Analytics help your organization… Compounded by telecom mergers, bankruptcies, position eliminations, and a general upheaval in the telecom world, this problem is likely to get worse before it gets better.

As reported by CFO Magazine, $8 billion annually is lost in business profits due to telecom billing errors in Fortune 500 companies alone. Telecom miscalculations, duplicate billings, incorrect contracted rates, unnecessary surcharges, unethical billing errors, unreimbursed refunds or credits, and more are part of the primary cause for this bottom-line bleed.

Businesses and organizations commonly pay telecom invoices without reviewing them for inaccurate or fraudulent billing. This is due in part to the cryptic nature of telecom invoices and the immense amount of time and expertise required to evaluate charges.

Historically, TOTLCOM’s TEM service has identified billing errors and optimization benefits in more than 85% of its telecom audit engagements. Findings and resulting savings commonly range from 10 to 40 percent of Clients annual telecom spend. And for every dollar over-charged or billed in error by telecoms, an additional 9 to 30 cents is billed in fees, surcharges, and taxes.

When considering the size and scale of telecom billing errors uncovered, serious bottom line bleed is ever-present if unchecked.

Clearly, businesses are leaving money on the table. At a time when businesses are struggling to control costs and stay competitive with new technologies, uncovering telecom billing errors has become a top business priority.TOTLCOM’s Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services offer a business partnering approach to effectively managing telecom (voice, data, and wireless) expenses.

Reduce telecom costs by identifying opportunities for optimizing rate plans and renegotiating contracts.

Increase visibility into telecom costs and trends while there is still time to take proactive actions, avoid problems, and move any money left on the table to your bottom line.

Telecom Bill Auditing and Telecom Services Analysis:

strong value-add service, TOTLCOM’s Telecom Bill Auditing and Telecom Services Analysis was founded on telecom expertise, specialized software tools, and proven auditing processes and practices.