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SIP Trunking / IP Trunking

Carrier Services Providers

SIP Trunking combined with a phone system, enables organizations to save money by consolidating their voice and data over a Dedicated Internet Access Circuit – maximizing the investment of the Internet circuit.

Simplify your phone bill, budget and life while providing clear, dependable voice channels over the Internet

A SIP Trunk is a phone call routed over the IP backbone of a carrier using VoIP technology. SIP trunks are used in conjunction with a PBX and are thought of as replacements for traditional PRI or analog circuits.

Save your business potentially hundreds to thousands of dollars per year.

SIP Trunks can work with a SIP Ready PBX (phone system). SIP trunks can also be made to work wth traditional analog or key systems with an IAD (Integrated Access Device) or Gateway. The savings recognized by utilizing SIP Trunking makes the ROI on the reasonable cost of the IAD extremely rapid.

SIP Trunking converges your voice and data over one infrastructure.

SIP Trunks are virtual circuits delivered over an Internet Access line (MPLS, T1 or SDSL). Depending on the number of voice channels purchased and the amount of excess or required Internet connectivity, a business may need to purchase or change their Internet Access. It's important to remember that when a SIP Trunk is not in use for voice, the bandwidth is dynamically allocated for emailing or other Internet uses.

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