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Reduce Cellular Spend With ShoreTel Mobility

Organizations continue to spend valuable budget on international and long distance calls. This white paper provides a sample return on investment (ROI) analysis for an enterprise with U.S. headquarters and several international locations, and shows how ShoreTel Mobility can help lower costs. The name of the customer and their location have been altered to create a generic form of the actual ROI case study.

This ShoreTel whitepaper shows how a multi-location organization can reduce cellular spend by leveraging
current Wi-Fi and dual-mode smartphone deployments, and offloading expensive minutes from cellular networks to virtually free WLAN networks.
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Why Switch from IPSec to SSL VPN And 4 Steps to Ease Transition

Today's highly mobile teleworkers demand more secure access to more resources from more remote devices and platforms than ever before.

Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) virtual private networks (VPNs) were originally developed over a decade ago to help businesses avoid the costs of privately-leased WAN lines. IPSec VPNs work by establishing a secure tunnel over the Internet to connect the internal corporate network to a site outside a corporate firewall or gateway.
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The 6 Unified Communications Questions Every Company Should Ask

UC solutions offer organizations of all sizes a tremendous opportunity to reduce communication costs, enhance productivity, and increase employee mobility. But at the same time, UC solutions are significant, long-term investments that should be considered carefully. Asking these 6 questions is essential for selecting the solution that can best meet your business goals and IT requirements:
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Next-Generation Firewall Market Analysis: The SonicWALL Difference

The purpose of this paper is threefold:

  1. To expose some of the variability and associated weaknesses of competing products
  2. To arm evaluators with the means to further reveal similar differences and deficiencies
  3. To highlight why your organization's next firewall purchase should be a Next-Generation Firewall from SonicWALL.

In particular, this paper examines nine crucial areas of NGFW characteristics and capabilities where the SonicWALL NGFW has compelling advantages compared to its primary competitors.

Presented by: SonicWALL Network Security
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Is Your Network Ready for IP Telephony?

Enterprises are rapidly adopting IP telephony for cost savings, productivity gains and business innovation. But delivering a high-quality voice service takes more than just buying the latest IP telephony equipment. Successfully deploying IP telephony to your enterprise also means understanding the requirements for delivering toll-quality voice over your company's network infrastructure, and then appropriately planning for, choosing and deploying the right IP telephony solution. Here are the straight facts about planning for, and deploying, IP telephony in your enterprise.

Presented by: ShoreTel Communications
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Application Control Defined – The Top 7 Capabilities Required to Restore Firewall Effectiveness

Should IT/Security managers attempt to utilize coarse control capabilities currently at their disposal, blocking ports or entire protocols just to eliminate access to a handful of known bad applications? For that matter, will such an approach even work? Or do they plot a more permissive course, allowing access to every application the business deems necessary or useful, simultaneously exposing the organization to greater risk and a myriad of unwanted applications that sap user productivity and consume valuable computing resources? The answer is "none of the above." What organizations need instead is a next-generation firewall featuring application control.

Presented by: AimPoint Group

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Designing an IP Camera Project: Is pixels per square foot an important measurement?

How can you effectively determine how much resolution is needed. In this white paper you will learn about the real specification you should focus on when designing an IP camera solution and how camera resolution and the lens field of view impact the final results.
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Ten Everyday Things Your Data Backup System Should Do

Data backup that is reliable, easy and fast is only the beginning...

Presented by: SonicWALL Network Security

Backing up data from a desktop, laptop or server sounds simple enough. You just copy your data from your system to someplace else; a backup tape, a central server, a second disk, an off-site SAN, a CD, a flash drive – you get the idea. Yet that simple act, copy from "here to there", vexes nearly every organization at some point as backups don't occur, fail in the middle or worse backed up data can't be recovered.

With any data backup system you quickly realize that the only true measurement of its value is data recovery, the from "there to here" part. Having 500 backup tapes with color coordinated labels arranged neatly on the shelf might look nice, but they are only useful if they are readable and data recovery is simple and quick. A true data backup and recovery solution must be reliable, easy and fast.
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Ten Strategies to Optimize IT Spending in an Economic Downturn

Presented by: SonicWALL Network Security

In the economic downturn, IT budgets are shrinking even as expectations of how technology can help the business are growing. To benefit their companies, IT managers optimize operations, cut costs, anticipate and address problems before they happen, and resolve issues quickly when things go wrong. That means streamlining operations and actively managing their computing infrastructure.
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Twelve Ways Applications and Users Are Draining Your Bandwidth and How to Fix It

Network managers and business owners struggle with the ever-growing demands for more bandwidth on their networks. They typically buy more bandwidth to try to catch up to demand, but the cost, even with declining pricing for Internet connections in some areas, can soon become a money pit. They are looking for better solutions because of cost or limitations in infrastructure. Isn't there a better way to obtain fast and secure data transmissions across a business's multiple locations?

Presented by: SonicWALL Network Security
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