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Installation Questions

What sort of installation support do you provide?

When you sign a contract with TOTLCOM, an installation representative will guide you through every step of the process, from scheduling to initialization. We acquire the connection to the local and national carriers, activate the service, and coordinate service personnel. Additionally, we will provide you with a detailed chain of command, so you know who is responsible for every step of the process.

What is the extent of my role and participation in the activation?

TOTLCOM organizes the entire installation process. The customer has to be on-site during the activation process and have their router, as well as the correct cable connection from the T1 to the router. TOTLCOM's experienced Account Executives will provide the correct equipment during the initial order process, making it as seamless as possible, so you can get back to the business of doing business.

How long does the installation process usually take?

TOTLCOM works directly with the carrier to make the installation process as quick and painless as possible. For most small and medium-sized business customers, the process will take 30-45 days, depending on the location of the installation. Our experienced service and installation team will guide you through the process, every step of the way.

I need my access sooner. Can the installation finish before the 30 to 45 business day interval without an expedite?

Yes. In some cases, if the customer's site is ready, the process can move more quickly. Ask one of our Service Representatives what you can do to make sure the process is as short as possible.

What is an expedite?

TOTLCOM recognizes that small and medium-sized businesses often need their data connections to be on line as soon as possible. With some carriers, the installation process can proceed more quickly with an expedite order. This feature costs more up front, but results in a shorter installation process. With an expedite, the carrier will have an install done in 15-20 business days instead of the regular 30-40.

What is a demarc (demarcation)?

A demarc is the door to your T1. The carrier will make a connection from its network to your physical location. It looks like a normal phone jack, and is where you "plug in" to the internet.

What is a demarc extension?

A demarc is the main point of entry to the facility, which is determined by the carrier. That's where everything comes into the building. With a demarc extension, the carrier will extend the demarc from the point of entry to the customer's specified location.

What is the cost of a demarc extension?

This cost varies with the carrier. Some carriers do it by the hour, others have a pre-set fee. It could also depend on whether the T1 is already installed, or if it is requested before the install. The carrier will add more fees if the line is already installed, so be sure to specify where you want to "plug in" before your installation is scheduled.

Can we have the LEC extend the demarc while onsite for the installation and it not be on the order?

No. If customers want an extension, they need to have it set up beforehand.

What is the MPOE?

MPOE stands for main point of entry. This is the same as the demarc.

Who determines the MPOE?

The carrier determines the MPOE. The customer does not have input in this process. This is the point of having a demarc extension.

What is a smart jack?

A smart jack is the same thing as a demarc. It is where you "plug in" to the Internet.

How long will installation take?

Installation of a new T1 line typically takes 30-45 days. A TOTLCOM installation specialist will guide you every step of the way. TOTLCOM values transparency and accountability throughout the process.

How fast can I get my order provisioned?

TOTLCOM works hard to get your business up and running as quickly as possible. Our installation specialists will get your order provisioned in the same business day.

Why do the dates on the tasks keep changing?

TOTLCOM believes in complete transparency throughout the ordering and installation processes. Our engineers will provide detailed notes and due dates for the various tasks so that you can keep abreast of the progress. Occasionally, a date may have to be moved back to accommodate a carrier's schedule. We do our best to minimize any such extensions and will always let you know what is going on.

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