Does Your Professional Services Business Have The Right IT Partner?

The services provided by accounting, insurance, finance, and other service professionals are essential in people’s lives.

We want to help you serve your clients safely and efficiently.

You’ve moved to doing everything on your computer.  You can’t imagine having done it any other way.  But perhaps you feel that you just can’t keep up with your own work AND the work of keeping your systems running optimally. Even with an in-house IT staff, it’s a difficult job.

Is there more your Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Salinas, or Monterey professional services business could be doing?

Absolutely.  TOTLCOM has the experience and expertise needed to take your accounting, insurance, or finance company’s IT to the next level – providing a secure platform for productivity.

What are the benefits of working with TOTLCOM?


Your IT can and should make your life easier!

With TOTLCOM on the job for you, you can have:

  • Convenience in the cloud—Our cloud solutions will help you and your staff access your confidential data securely online from any internet-capable device.
  • Convenience inefficiencies—Getting disparate systems to communicate and implementing new technologies paves the way for greater productivity.
  • Convenience in less clutter—Are you trying to go paperless? We can help!


Security is the bedrock of your industry.  With cybercrime on the rise, data protection and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to you.

TOTLCOM will help you stay safe by providing:

  • Real-time security management and monitoring
  • Anti-virus, spam, firewall, and patch management
  • Help and education for staff


You specialize in helping your clients manage their investments wisely and to make informed decisions for their futures.  TOTLCOM fulfills this same role with your IT needs.  {Company} helps you to prepare for days ahead by forecasting future IT needs and putting together a comprehensive plan of attack to help get to where you want to go.

Call TOTLCOM now at (800) 300-5500 or via email at to find out how TOTLCOM can help your Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Salinas, or Monterey business.