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Business Phone Systems ROI Considerations

Thursday, 02 February 2012 10:52

When business is good it's easy to overlook any thought of Return on Investment (ROI). It's usually sufficient to just say "we need it" or "it's cutting edge" or "our competition has it." The truth is with expenses rising and business restrained because of a slow business cycle it's more important than ever to know exactly what kind of return can be expected on your investment.

It's a good idea to keep a couple of things in mind with regard to a business phone system.

1. Intangibles make up part of the business phone system ROI.

Without copping out on calculating a true ROI on your business phone system it's important to mention intangibles items like time and professionalism.

As businesses grow they often face significant challenges dealing with customers calls. Small companies get use to the CEO taking customer calls for new business as well as complaints. As the company grows customers slowly get used to speaking with the CEO's assistant and then eventually with an automated attendant.

As a company adds personnel, multiple locations, and perhaps even overseas locations taking calls becomes more important not only to the company but also to the customer. Customers are not well served being placed on hold in order to locate the right person. They are looking for help now and if it's not available they are looking for a reasonable opportunity to request information and expect a return call. Anything less may result in a loss of your customer or a new sales opportunity.

Multi-optioned phones systems ("Dial one for service, two for sales…") don't have to be annoying and if programmed according to the user's needs they can be helpful, welcomed and efficient to use.

Professionalism is also part of the intangible equation when considering ROI of your business phone system. Many small businesses suffer from perceptions of unprofessionalism with respect to their phone systems as a result of old and inefficient phone systems and habits. Fortunately with the advent of VoIP business phone systems many new and modern advances are now available at a fraction of the old costs. Many times the installation of a new VoIP phone system can increase efficiency and cut the actual monthly cost by as much as 50%.

2. Increase and Improve Sales: Calculated With ROI on the Business Phone System.

The best gage of ROI on a new business phone system is how the system will bring new and increased sales activity to your business.

Today's buyers are looking to self-educate by shopping around before they purchase. The first phone call to your company may be for information as opposed to a quote or a purchase.

Understanding this mentality among today's buyers, many smart companies are now programing their business phone systems to store and make available the answers to the most commonly asked questions by shop-around buyers.

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