An on-premise VoIP phone system with built-in UC puts the focus on business

ShoreTel’s premise-based unified communications solution leverages the power of our award-winning and reliable business VoIP phone system. Its unique, single-image distributed architecture not only provides advanced call control and connects users to the public network and the world beyond: it also enables the solution to scale with plug-and-play simplicity. In addition, the ability to virtualize server components further strengthens the robustness of ShoreTel’s UC deployment options.

Business telephone systems made brilliantly simple

ShoreTel Communicator delivers the solution’s built-in unified communications (UC) capabilities to end users on the device of their choice. Maximizing the inherent flexibility of ShoreTel’s VoIP phone system, it integrates communication tasks into one seamless business environment. So thanks to Communicator, end users can access easy-to-use unified communications (UC) tools – including voice, video, and IM – in a simple, intuitive interface.

ShoreTel Business VoIP in one word: ease.

ShoreTel’s premise-based business VoIP phone system integrates end-users’ communications, enterprise applications, calendaring, and workflow into one seamless environment. Built from the ground up for IP, the on-premise business phone system behaves like a single, unified platform, and scales with plug-and-play ease across sites and locations. Your IT staff can easily deploy and manage it – from nearly anywhere – via a browser-based interface, ShoreTel Director.

ShoreTel Business VoIP in two words: absolute reliability.

Downtime is not an option. The switch-based hardware platform has no single point of failure or spinning media: each switch and site functions as an independent call processor. In the event of a WAN failure, the VoIP phone system continues to place and receive calls on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) without disruption.

ShoreTel Business VoIP in three words: return on investment.

Many customers report a return of investment within a year. Over the long term, ShoreTel offers the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry, and helps reduce costs company-wide by streamlining business processes.

ShoreTel Business VoIP in four words: the support you need.

You can count on TOTLCOM and ShoreTel’s obsessive commitment to customer satisfaction whenever you need it. Independent surveys, industry awards, and carefully monitored feedback from customers confirm it: our business VoIP phone solution sets the standard.