Past customer service, TOTLCOM offers a wide variety of technical products to meet all your business needs, from day to day needs such as Business phone systems, to Backup and Recovery Solutions when you need it the most. Your products should adjust to meet your business needs, and not the other way around. Our technical products fit the needs of your business whether that means that you need them on-premises or off-site cloud-based, we got you covered.

Furthermore, TOTLCOM provides a guarantee with their products. TOTLCOM’s Product Guarantees that there will be no charge for labor for all moves, adds, and or changes to your system. Through this guarantee, you can make all the changes you want, and you will never see another bill form us! You have a business to run, and we understand that budgeting is essential. Just because your business’s product needs change, doesn’t mean that your budget should as well. This guarantee offers you peace of mind, ensuring that down the line you will still be as happy with our products as you were the first day you received them.

The ability for your business to work well shouldn’t depend on your IT counterparts. We ensure that your productivity increases, with our support through TOTLCOM’s IT Security services. Our IT Security services include Network Security, SSL VPN Secure Remote Access, Anti-spam and Email security, Backup and recovery, EndPoint Security, and Centralized Management and Reporting.

IT Support focuses on 21 main categories from Network Support and Security to assisted Incident Support. TOTLCOM offers your direct access to our technical experts at any time day or night. If your business is up with a problem, then we are too. We will work with you every step of the way to get your business back on track. This is what makes our customer satisfaction world class, with over a 98% satisfaction rating.

In short, TOTLCOM provides your business the affordable services specific to your business’s needs. We work to ensure that your business has increased productivity, stronger IT security, efficient technical products and both on-site and remote support 24 hours a day. You no longer need leave your business and data unprotected, or struggle with underproductive technical products. TOTLCOM is here to work for you.