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Customer Comments and Testimonials

We don't like to brag. Luckily, we don't have to.
We are pleased to share a long history of comments made by some of our favorite customers.

June 2018

As always we really appreciate your assistance and awesome response times. I hope you all have a great weekend!

— Phil A. — Placer County Water (Auburn, CA.)

Kathy, Gloria, Mark, Tom and team have been absolutely great! I wish everyone that we worked with could be as responsive as your team. :0)

— Tippy D. — Hilbers Inc. (Yuba City, CA.)

Xu is pretty darn awesome... I'm very lucky to have the pleasure to work with him, or rather, be Vanna White to his Pat Sajak, when he's come onsite to work on various projects. =)

— Shari N. — Well Pict Berries (Watsonville, CA.)

May 2018

He was able to hook up the pager. Tom was WONDERFUL !!

— Peggy M. — Coast Truck Center (Sacramento, CA.)

I am so impressed and pleased with the customer service provided by Totlcom. Kelly has always been so responsive and you as well.

— Sharon H. — Portola Valley, CA.

Hi Kathy, Things are going great! I love the phones.

— Cathy G. — Runyon Saltzman (Sacramento, CA.)

April 2018

Not all vendors are as high quality as Totlcom.

— Mathew M. — ABW Medical (Port St Lucie, FL.)

Good Morning Mr. Bishop & Mr. Paulson,

I hope this email finds you well and in good spirits. I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for once again delivering on a high critical project.

Brandy, Bonnie (sp), Bruce, Xu, Nick and Aaron were all great and had a good understanding of the scope of the project and what the main objective was.

It is a breath of fresh air that a local company had a better understanding of my objective than Cisco did. I'm sure I do not need to tell you this but Bruce is one of the best Network Engineer's I've worked with in quite some time. The routers were configured perfectly. The minor issues we experienced were on my side but Bruce got the root of them within one hour.

Thank you again for your partnership and allocating high quality resources every time I'm need and strapped for time. I look forward to working with your team on the remainder of this fiber project and relocation to River Street.

Kind Regards,

— Jaime M. — Santa Cruz County Bank (Santa Cruz, CA.)

Thank you! Great follow-up from Lance!

— Ann-Marie — Joni L. Janecki & Assoc (Santa Cruz, CA.)

Thanks, Shelly! It has been a relief and a pleasure having your support throughout the move. Thank you for everything!

— Lynne C. — LPC Associates (Sacramento, CA.)

March 2018

Thank you for setting up our phone system. It is working great!

— Velma F. — TSM Insurance (Modesto, CA.)

I just wanted to write and thank you for what a great job Totlcom and Cal Buroker has done for Sacramento Heart's recent phone tree deployment. At this time, it's essentially doing the work of at least one full time employee, possibly two. His personable and timely responses to our questions and requests are directly linked to the success of the phone tree.

— Mike W. — Sacramento Heart (Sacramento, CA.)

You are awesome Carrie, Thank You! ☺

— Nicole A. — Mercer Foods (Modesto, CA.)

Hi Barbara,
Thank you so much for your quick response. Please let me know if I need to do anything onsite to help the support team check the stats.
I look forward to the findings ☺

— Lorraine D. — InTouch Customer Retention Service (Clovis, CA.)

February 2018

Thanks for the kind words Leslie. Your guys (Bruce and Brian) did a lot to help me maintain my sanity as I reverse engineered these networks.

— Mark S. — Martinelli & Co (Watsonville, CA.)

I can not begin to thank you for all your efforts.  This is a very large customer of ours that I have been working with for 14 years, so they are very near and dear to me.

These types of relationships don't come easy these days. Again I appreciate you taking such good care of them.

We have been in touch with them this AM and they seem to being doing fine. We were able to get the other phone up and functioning and give them a work around for incoming faxes.

Please if there is ever anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to reach out.

— Susan M. — Comsys (Gainesville, FL.)

Thank you so much for your help!
You are awesome it works great now.

— Carolyn A. — Gallelli Real Estate (Roseville, CA.)

January 2018

Hi Carrie,
That was fast! I so appreciate you getting this done and Tim coming in this morning to switch our lines. ☺

— Chase I. — Marich Confections (Hollister, CA.)

Thanks so much as this is an important issue for our firm. Have a wonderful afternoon and warmest thanks for your continued assistance!

— Karen J. — Jacobsen McElroy (Sacramento, CA.)

Barbara, thanks for all your help and tenacity in resolving the Hunt Group issue!  Have a great day!

— Regina V. — Sacramento Regional Community Foundation (Sacramento, CA.)

I walked through again today and things were still going well. Your team did a great job!

— Justin B. — Valley Truck and Tractor (Yuba City, CA.)

December 2017

As always, we greatly appreciate you! Have a great weekend.

— Virginia Y. — Community Food Bank (Fresno, CA.)

Thank you Jerry for letting us know. Let's hope it is fixed! We will celebrate when it is resolved. ☺

Thank you all for working hard on this!!

— Irina S. — Capital OBGYN (Sacramento, CA.)

Hi Kelly-
Just another piece of feedback. You guys are awesome. We originally were a customer of Maverick Networks and when you purchased them we became customers of Totlcom. We rarely needed assistance from you but when we did the service was top notch. Better than any other IT type vendor we have used.

— Chris Y. — Thomas York LLP (San Ramon, CA.)

Thank you for your prompt response as always - verified!

— Troy C. — Alameda Superior Court (Oakland, CA.)

I just wanted to let you know that Totlcom's support was fantastic in helping with an issue we got ourselves into on the Friday before Christmas.

After our lunch office Christmas party, the bosses decided to let everyone go home early except for the employees that answered the ECC calls. The problem was everything was the phone system was setup that we were all coming back to work after the lunch. So I made a quick adjustment to fix this, and in the process screwed up the ECC line somehow.

I called the support line at almost 4pm and the team that was still working fixed our issue quickly, and checked the settings for the rest of the long weekend as well.

I really appreciated their work and it was especially important with our client that uses the ECC

— Ryan K. — California Bankers Association (Sacramento, CA.)

November 2017

SO GREATLY appreciated!!!  Thank you to all of you for always providing OUTSTANDING service!

— Sari H. — California Peace Officers Association (Sacramento, CA.)

Hi Julie,
That will be perfect. Thank you for your quick response

— Phil A. — Placer County Water Agency

October 2017

Jerry , Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and going the extra mile.

— Jonathan A. — Alameda Superior Courts (Alameda, CA.)

Thank you SO much! I can't say enough how much we appreciate your support and willingness to go the extra mile for us!

— Sarah K. — Napa Valley Unified School District (Napa, CA.)

Awesome, you do a great job for us as always Shelly.

— Lazlo S. — Golden State Farm Credit (Kingsburg, CA.)

It was a pleasure working with Tim!

— Dan S. — Nordic Naturals (Watsonville, CA.)

September 2017

Will is awesome and super helpful.

— Trevor M. — American Ag Credit (Santa Rosa, CA.)

Tom is Awesome.

— Steven H. — Calif – Highway Patrol (Sacramento, CA.)

Your guys did a wonderful job here to get the phones working and I haven't been able to call you to just say thank you as they have worked so steadily to get us going. This is testimony to your company and the way you guys work.

— Clement O. — Seascapr Resort (Aptos, CA.)

Bruce was so very nice and helpful. Really pleased with the outcome, Thanks.

— Ursula H. — Roger A. Moore – HQ (Pleasanton, CA.)

Thank you so much, Barbara, for scheduling John! And thank you , Sam and Tim as well! Totlcom rocks!!

— Jan D. — Ecological Farming Association (Soquel, CA.)

August 2017

9 Knowledgeable, friendly, quick response times.

— David F. — Gates and Associates (San Ramon, CA.)

10 Great customer service and technical support, but more importantly, they are overall a very well-rounded and responsive group that goes the extra mile to help with anything they are faced with.

— Amanda M. — Zeiter Eye Medical Group (Stockton, CA.)

I’d like to mention that Will was great; we appreciated his help getting things back up and running.

— Brian M. — Softcom (Galt, CA.)

Thank you so much Barbara for always making my job easier!!!! Greatly appreciate all of your hard work, as well as all of the support staff at Totlcom. ☺

— Sari H. — Calif. Peace Officers Association (Sacramento, CA.)

I would never think of rating the support team at Totlcom anything less than 10.

— Richard B. — Central Valley Meat (Hanford, CA.)

July 2017

Chris did a wonderful job, plus brought a new phone.

— Pranil — First Security Services (Stockton, CA.)

That’s awesome news. You guys are great!! Thanks again for accommodating us.

— Nelson — TRANSCOM Telecommunications

Thanks for the quick work Tristan, much appreciated.

— Mark — Controlled Motion Solutions (Santa Ana, CA.)

When asked how they would rate TOTLCOM

10 TOTLCOM is a great company and they always go out of their way to help us as efficiently as possible in every situation.

— Amanda M. — Zeiter Eye (Stockton, CA.)

When asked how they would rate TOTLCOM

9 Knowledgeable, friendly, quick response times.

— David F. — Gates & Associates (San Ramon, CA.)

June 2017

Thank you for the quick response Barbara!

— Bart — Air Oakland Jet Center (Oakland, CA.)


— Sheridan — Lexus of Sacramento (Sacramento, CA.)

Thank you so much for taking care of this so quickly. I just tested it and it's already being routed correctly to Kelsee. Thanks again!!

— Crystal — Balanced Books (Modesto, CA.)

May 2017

Just wanted to pass along some positive feedback about Dale here in your Fresno office. He's always a joy to work with compared to some of our other vendors. Always on time and always very professional. Sometimes positive feedback gets overlooked so I wanted to share our experience.

— Larry — Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District (Fresno, CA.)

Kelly is very professional and helped solved our problem quickly and efficiently. Very responsible and understanding of our need for TOTLCOM's help.

— Julie — Chapter 13 Trust (Modesto, CA.)

Thank you so much for checking in. Everything is going very well. We really appreciate Totlcom. When we have any type of question, the reply is very quick and we get resolution. Which is very much appreciated.

— Wendy — Polycomp (Roseville, CA.)

We have always had great service from you guys. Hard to find nowadays.

— Tony — TSM Insurance (Modesto, CA.)

April 2017

Thanks to y'all — always so responsive! Have a blessed Easter!

— Denise — VIA Trailways (Merced, CA.)

I'd like to send John huge kudos with his help on our corporate move this past Easter weekend! John went above and beyond my expectations. We ran into a huge issue (very stressful) with our service provider and John's communication, professionalism and knowledge helped us get our ShoreTel system up and running Friday evening!

— James — VITEK Mortgage (Cameron Park, CA.)

Thank you for taking care of us at First Alarm. I appreciate your follow through.

— David — First Alarm (Aptos, CA.)

March 2017

I just want to let you know that Tristen is always so helpful and professional. Whenever I call him he always has a solution for me. Myself not being a real “IT” person, it's comforting to know I can count on him.

— Suzy — American Custom Meats (Tracy, CA.)

I added the virtual CPU to the vmail server last night, without issue. I really want to thank you for your help yesterday, it means quite a bit to me that you're still a resource available to us after what has been two companies and now coming up on a decade. You're just awesome!!

— Jim — Maltby Electric (San Francisco, CA.)

The phones are working great so far. A lot more clarity and responsiveness than our other system!

— Mo — Investment Retrievers (Folsom, CA.)

Much appreciated thank you for handling that so quickly. We appreciate your team and efforts.

— Brian — First Security (San Jose, CA.)

Thank you, everyone. The system seems to be up and running this morning, which is a huge relief! There was a system-generated message from AT&T confirming completion of the order yesterday, which I will forward for your records. It's ironic that a communications company should be so unbelievably awful in their communication. Thank you, again!

— Anne-Marie — Joni L. Janecki & Associates (Santa Cruz, CA.)

Rich is always great to work with and is able to get the job resolved.

— Janice — Family Connections Christian Adoptions (Modesto, CA.)

February 2017

Appreciate your help and dedication to resolving this issue. Nice work.

— Laszlo S. — GS Farm Credit (Kingsburg, CA.)

I am totally impressed with the tech(s) that you've had at this site, Barbara. Tech(s) is extremely thorough, goes to great length to ensure that the customer is satisfied and does a spectacular job with his completion notes. I deal with a lot of companies and many techs. Your fella(s) did an exceptional job. Tech would serve as an excellent example for every company that I deal with. Thank you. Truly.

— Kim G. — Nova Communications

Everything is going very well. Thank you so much for following up. I am very impressed with Totlcom, and the quick replies to our questions. We are now working Cathy Cocannouer and Trevor Gregg on our very first ShoreTel upgrade.

— Wendy — Polycomp (Roseville, CA.)

When asked how they would rate TOTLCOM

10 Great Customer Service ! I usually work with Cathy Cocannouer and she is absolutely fabulous.

— Nancy M. — Synergex International (Gold River, CA.)

January 2017


— Brian M. — First Security Services (San Jose, CA.)


My name is Stephen H. I'm one of Network Design Associates' senior network engineers. We support SMB in the greater Sacramento area, as far South as Stockton, east as El Dorado Hills, and north as Woodland.

I just wanted to drop a quick note to you. I've been in IT 22 years, and my company currently supports over 300 clients. Suffice it to say I value working with other professionals.

Whenever I have a client with a Shoretel system (or any other phone equipment, really), I wholeheartedly recommend Totlcom. I do this primarily because I've been working with William for several years now on multiple clients, and have found him competent, kind, quick to respond, knowledgeable, and overall spectacular. The man is literally Jesus.

I figured knowing one of your engineers is doing a spectacular job in driving business to you would be something you'd like to know. Will's a huge asset and I tremendously enjoy working with him. I fully intend to continue to recommend your company whenever I can, specifically because of him.

Have a great weekend Jerry,

— Steve

VERY polite and helpful. The problem seemed like an easier fix than what was originally thought and may have been resolved quicker had that been checked first HOWEVER I understand why this wasn\'t the initial thought. Tristan was VERY helpful and seemed dedicated to resolving the issue!

— Erin O. — Warren G. Bender Co. (Roseville, CA.)

You are so smart and awesome! I knew you'd have the answer. That worked, my phone is no longer forwarded, yay!

Thanks again!!

— Tanya B. — Acclamation Insurance Management Services, Inc. (Sacramento, CA.)

When asked how they would rate TOTLCOM

9 Quick Response, overall friendly staff.

— Tyson F. — Lees Accu-Tech (Fresno, CA.)

10 Knowledgeable in their field, great customer service, excellent support staff, reliable and dependable. From Top management to support team, it has been an outstanding company as our phone service contractor.

— Chien L. — San Francisco County Transit (San Francisco, CA.)

December 2016

TOTLCOM Support Team –

THANK YOU! For everything! You are always so helpful, responsive & easy to work with. We appreciate all your help & support.

Happiest of Holidays

— Christi D. & The United Team – (Santa Ana, CA.)

I've never had any problems with the call routing and the phone queues.

— Pat W. – Illumina Inc, (Redwood City, CA.)

Great customer service.

— Elisha T. – Charles McMurray Co, (Fresno, CA.)

Service response time. Concerted, genuine effort to solve our problems.

— JoAnn M. – Cunningham Engineering, (Davis, CA.)

November 2016

Thanks for your help to figure out this issue ☺

— Ann H. – Rodda Electric, (Brentwood, CA.)

WOW... no messing around at Totlcom! Thanks Carrie

— Mauve W. – Toshiba America, (Irvine, CA.)

Thank you for getting this done so quickly. Enjoy your evening!

— Andrew B. – Scenic Oaks Funding, (Modesto, CA.)

October 2016

You guys have been great and have done all you can. I'll contact you if there is anything else I think you guys can do. Thank you for the follow up!

— Megan R. – Cunningham Engineering, (Davis, CA.)

When asked "how would you rate TOTLCOM on a Scale of 1-10"

10 - Respond to questions, problem and requests quickly.

— Jeff S. – Stanislaus Food Company, (Modesto, CA.)

When asked "how would you rate TOTLCOM on a Scale of 1-10"

9 - The customer support group is setup to respond to requests quickly.

— Zeek Z. – JMC Homes, (Roseville, CA.)

September 2016

Thanks for ALL the support and help! Let's hope it stays stable for many, many months :)

— Jake Z. – Brio Financial, (San Francisco, CA.)

You guys are awesome and I really appreciate all the help. I know I am in good hands! =)

— Sahri N. – Well Pict Berries, (Watsonville, CA.)

Jeremy – Thank you so much for the attention to our short request :D Next time, you, Cathy and Devon need to join us for breakfast :D

— Cynthia E. – David Allen & Associates, (Stockton, CA.)


That's awesome – great job.

— Cyrus C. – Clark Pest Control, (Lodi, CA.)

Hey Kathy, it's Steve. I just wanted to let you know your tech called me back. You're prompt and he is awesome. He was able to fix it within minutes.

— Steve E. – LIONAKIS, (Sacramento, CA.)

You are Awesome.

I found the preferences – but was confused about how to get there from the phone. Great directions.

— James C. – Ampla Health, (Yuba City, CA.)

August 2016

"Thanks Barbara and team! We appreciate you!"

— Bree M – Neighbors Financial, (Sacramento, CA)

Thanks for getting the file to me. I've uploaded the file and the school is happy with the changes. Your voice really does wonders for the Jamestown Auto Attendant! Thanks for your help!"

— Brian – Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools, (Sonora, CA)

"Hi Jerry and Sam,
I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know what an amazing job Shelly did to help us get our PRI circuit disconnected with AT&T. Apparently, this was such an old circuit it was still under the old Pac Bell network and I had a difficult time getting someone from AT&T to disconnect this thing. Shelly went to bat for us and got us the full credit back to our March 25 disconnection date."

— Brad – Fresno Madera Farm Credit, (Madera, CA)

"Tom Moore did an excellent job and was very professional"

— Jim – Chinchiolo Realtors, (Stockton, CA)

"Mason really saved the day yesterday and he really knows his stuff. THANK YOU!!!!!"

— Harry – Ardex Americas, (Stockton, CA)

July 2016

When asked was "how would you rate TOTLCOM on a scale of 1-10", our customers responded by saying:

"9 – They are there when you need them."

— Andrew – Coit Restoration Services, (Modesto, CA)

"9 – Responsiveness, Follow through, Knowledge of the product."

— Robert – Gates and Associates, (San Ramon, CA)

"10 – TOTLCOM is a great company and they always go out of their way to help us as efficiently as possible in every situation."

— Amanda – Zeiter Eye, (Stockton, CA)

"9 – Good to work with"

— Dean – Nucal Foods Inc., (Ripon, CA)

"10 – Communicate and Follow up"

— John – Manco Abbott, (Fresno, CA)

June 2016

I have access to technical resources when needed...even after hours.

– Ken B. – HPSJ, (French Camp, CA)

They are very responsive to our issues and requests with positive results.

– Brad S – Fresno-Madera Farm Credit (Manteca, CA)

Respond to support request emails within one minute.

– Cathrine E. – American Ag Credit (Santa Rosa, CA)

May 2016

Thanks so much Barbara, you are amazing as always!

– Tanya B. – AIMS, (Sacramento, CA.)

I have to say, the support we get from Totlcom is by far the best of any company we do business with. I appreciate your teams hard work and dedication.

– Matthew T. – Networked Insurance, (Grass Valley, CA.)

When asked how they would rate TOTLCOM on a scale of 1 to 10

10- Every time I call my issue is resolved

–Bruce E – Auburn School District, (Auburn, CA.)

When asked how they would rate TOTLCOM on a scale of 1 to 10

10 - They are very responsive.

– Coastland Civil Engineering, (Santa Rosa, CA.)

Cathy always does a great job. She really knows her stuff and if she doesn't have a quick solutions she researches and always finds the fix in a very timely manor!

–Nancy M. – Synergex International, (Gold River, CA.)

Thanks for the help with this. Facilities are very happy with the equipment and the install.

–Dustin M. – Watsonville Post Acute Ctr., (Watsonville, CA.)

April 2016

I wish all our service providers were as good as the group at TOTLCOM. Keep up the great work! It's always a pleasure working with you. Barbara was very helpful with this order, especially since we had to postpone it several times, and we really appreciated Rich getting up early and being at our location at 6am.

– Tracy Wilbur Ellis – John Taylor Fertilizer Unit, (Manteca, CA)

Cathy was great. It was a piece of another SonicWALL that went out that is not part of our Totlcom service package. It is serviced by another IT vendor. Cathy did great and took things as far as she could.

– Lynn Pinnacle – Brokers Insurance Solutions, (Walnut Creek, CA)

Will is always the picture of perfect customer service going the extra mile to meet our needs hear at Bethany Home.

– Al – Bethany Home Society of San Joaquin, (Ripon, CA)

Customer service has always been very helpful in problem solving. We always get the issue resolved fairly quickly.

– Susan Porter – Scott Attorneys, (Sacramento, CA)

Excellent. Such quick service! Thanks so much, Brian. I've got to say that I've always been impressed with Totlcom's support.

Everyone is definitely top-notch!

– Fred – Alliance Member Services, (Santa Cruz, CA)

Every time I contact anyone at the office or when someone comes out on a service call they are helpful and polite.

– Andrea – Fresh Point of Central Ca., (Turlock, CA)

Kelly is the best! She is quick to respond, short, no long winded conversation, gets the job done and does it right!

– Sharon – (Portola Valley, CA)

March 2016

Very Timely service, They get the job done right. Very friendly and willing to help with any issues I have.

– R Bettencourt – MTC, (Modesto, CA)

Thanks for your excellent support on this. The issues is resolved.

– Gary S. – Cetecom, (Milpitas, CA)

Thank you again for completing this so timely. I tested calling the main line again this morning and it's working fine. Again, we appreciate you working on this Friday evening and getting this done so timely.

– Sylvia W. – Diepenbrock Elkin Gleason, (Sacramento, CA)

February 2016

Dear Mr. Greer – Thank you so much for the quick reply. We are working with Xu of your office and he is a great help. At this time we will explore our options.

Thanks again – Cindy

– Cynthia K. Epley – David Allen & Associates, (Sacramento, CA)

Hello Shelly & Toltcom team,

I just wanted to follow up with you on ticket # 160957. The fax line 530-534-XXXX is back up & running correctly as of Friday 2/05/16. The site asked for Friday to verify the activity to confirm it was working properly. I've called it a few times today & it is ringing correctly. Problem resolved. Thank you for your time & help in this matter. Happy day, Jackie

– Jackie Galvez – Ampla Health, (Yuba City, CA)

(Customer asked for Configuration Detail and Circuit Options;)

That is exactly the information I need. Thank you for the prompt response.

– Kevan Burton – Rosendin Electric, (San Jose, CA)

December 2015

Thanks for checking in. We finally went live this week!!!! Everyone is very excited to have a true office phone. We have already got compliments on much better call quality.

– Peter Broomhall – National Rural ACO, (Truckee, CA)

From our customer who is retiring:

GREAT...thank you, Merry Christmas!

I appreciate your honesty & integrity. I will sincerely miss Totlcom...happy to always be a reference.

– Sue McClary – AMCOM Data Processing, (San Ramon, CA)

When asked why she would rate us a "10" on customer service and would recommend TOTLCOM to others:

"Fast and courteous response. Professional and prompt."

– Sharon Thompson – Schmidt Bettencourt and Medeiros, (Turlock, CA)

When asked why she would rate us a "10" on customer service and would recommend TOTLCOM to others:

"They always respond to our needs in a very timely manner."

– Stephanie Yates – Yolo Federal Credit Union, (Woodland, CA)

You guys rock! I truly appreciate all the support your team gave us this past year in helping to plan/relocate to our new offices and follow-on support thereafter. Each of you have played an important part in keeping our business rolling...

– James Everett Kochheiser – Chief Information Officer - Otis McAllister, Inc., (Oakland, CA)

November 2015

Good morning!

I just wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to Richard and Brian. I feel these two deserve to be recognized for their dedication, outstanding customer service and always making themselves available at a moment's notice (and we have a lot of them! LOL) with a great attitude and smile on their face! It's such a pleasure!

Thank you to both of you!

– Evelyn Bankston – Community Food Bank (Fresno)

Feedback...whole team was amazing! Michael was concerned with switching carriers but without Shelly he would have never made the short time line given for this project.

Thanks. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

– Michael Nelson – TLC Tech (Sacramento)

October 2015

"I would like to let you know that Xu has helped us to work on the outbound calls sending via Via Del Oro. Thank you so much Xu. He did a great job and helping us and we are very happy.

Thank you so much again Xu, Tim, and Jerry."

– Thu – Premier One Credit Union (San Jose, CA)

"Dear TOTLCOM Support Team,

It can never be said enough, but I do want it said at least once... THANK YOU for springing into action and taking care of our re-routing needs so that we could get out in front of our issue.

We realize that we asked a lot, and we do appreciate that you supported us & got us reconfigured with such little notice. You can't ask for more than that!"

– Kathy – Martinelli's (Watsonville, CA)

"... you guys are awesome. I really appreciate your and your team's hard work. I'm lucky to have Dina who helped make this whole transition completely pain free for me by working with you guys. All of you worked really hard and I just want the two of you to know how much I value what you both did these past few weeks. Cheers. "

– DR. H – Sacramento Surgical Arts (Sacramento, CA)

September 2015

"It's been a good year with great service from Totlcom! Your service team is doing a great job!"

— Shawn Campbell – TDS Group, Citrus Heights, CA

August 2015

"I was really impressed with your Team's work ethic, Tim and Mason (John worked his butt off as well) worked passed midnight and were on-site a few hours later to continue configuration and testing for several days, along with us. In my mind trust is a key component to a successful relationship and a successful project like this one makes me and the Bank's trust grow deeper. "

— Jaime – Santa Cruz County Bank, Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Aptos, Watsonville CA

July 2015

"Things are great. So glad we did this."

— Carol – Sacramento Women's Health, Sacramento, CA

"I just received a call from James, they just moved from SF to Oakland today. He asked me to pass on his accolades of Shelly and Xu for all of their efforts and great work. The carrier presented challenges that they both had to go into overdrive to overcome but as always, rose to the occasion."

— Otis McAlister –, San Francisco/Oakland

"Everyone is rocking and rolling. Thank you all so much! I know I am missing some people on this email, but I just wanted to say you all are fabulous and literally the best team I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

— Keri – Duraflame, Stockton, CA., the fire log and fire starter company

"Thank you Cal! I have had several users express their pleasure at how well the transition went, and they love the new features. It was a pleasure working with you all, and I will definitely be in touch."

— David – ProPacific Fresh, Durham, Eureka, Redding, Sacramento CA

June 2015

"I wanted to start off by saying you have a great team at Totlcom. However...there is one specific employee I wanted to single out. We've worked with Barbara for quite a few years now and I have to say I can always count on results/solutions to anything we throw at her. I also have to add she is quick to respond to our inquires and makes us here at AGE feel like customer service is still alive and kicking. Barbara really is a gem and I can't tell you how much I appreciate her stepping in and taking control of the situation with the phone lines/Ventura. I'm sure you already know what a great employee you have I just thought I would shoot you an email to let you know how much she is appreciated!!"

— Erica – Advanced GeoEnvironmental, Stockton, Anaheim, Ventura California

"Thank you for spearheading this...I know it wasn't easy for you and your team, and it's very much appreciated more than you know...for this I am personally grateful!"

— Tami – Turf Star, Hayward, Brea, Fresno, Bermuda Dunes, Rancho Cordova and Vista, CA.

"BTW Brian - As always, THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking care of this so quickly and efficiently! I'm always concerned when there's a tech issue (probably because I have absolutely NO idea what to do!) and as usual you've taken care of it. Kudos to you and the company!"

— Charlene – RPM Law Group, San Francisco

"Perfect. You and your team did a great job in the implementation of this project from start with Kathy and Shelly to finish. Thank You."

— Lisa Reiner – Tilton Pacific Construction, Rocklin, CA

"John always helps asap."

— Yohannah – Forest Hills Manor, Pacific Grove, CA

April 2015

"Hello everyone, April 16th was a very important day for our business. Over the last several years we have had multiple telecom issues that have cost us quite a bit of money. Six months ago, we decided to make the switch to Integra. That switch happened April 16.

Because of past problems with telecom providers, I was ready for interruption, chaos and agony. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. My savior was Shelly Grubb. Her competence was quickly apparent, and I wished we had used her for previous telecom changes. Furthermore, she is incredibly committed to doing her job properly, meaning providing what the customer needs. She is detail oriented and thorough. Most importantly, her communication throughout the six month process was clear and effective, many times making me aware of pitfalls and offering solutions.

Moreover, every Totlcom tech that has assisted us has been competent and caring. For this particular day, Tom Moore and Cathy Cocannourer, were on the job. The switch was complicated. We changed voice, data, and internet for three locations with MPLS at the same time. Things weren't "perfect" the first time. But, the problems were diagnosed properly, tracked to completion, and not forgotten.

My experience with Totlcom on this switch is the opposite of the frustration I have experienced with previous switches. I am very, very pleased with the hard work and commitment of all involved, especially Shelly.

If asked, I will certainly recommend Totlcom. Thank you all."

Bill Information Technology Manager Bonney Plumbing, Heating & Air

In response to a question as to why he would recommend TOTLCOM to others:

"Rapid and reliable support for issues."

— Russell – Oak Valley Bancorp

"I just want to express my sincere thank you for helping with this issue. I had my suspicions that it was beginning to look like the server, but was certainly hoping I had just a bit more time. We had already been working on a change, and we are going to ramp it up and begin the switch immediately. We are functioning again, and have back up plans in place. I moved to the cloud with our logistics program already, so it is primarily historical data that we pull from on the server.

In fact, I had already talked to Cathy about the possibility of phones on the cloud. But moving our data side has been my first priority and it has "poked" me into moving faster.

Again, my sincere thank you to everyone who had to deal with streams and streams of emails.

Truly, have a lovely Easter,

— Sharon – Rapid Rooter, Rocklin, CA

March 2015

"You are the BEST. Thank you so very much for all your kind help. We greatly appreciate it."

— Fanny – Fresno County Federal Credit Union, 8 locations in Fresno, CA

"Thank you very much for assisting us with fixing the issue!!"

— Jenn – Bonnie Plumbing, Sacramento, CA

"Every time I call everyone is very helpful and everyone that comes out is very helpful and polite."

— Andrea – Freshpoint of Central California, Turlock, CA

"John is awesome, gets things done quickly and efficiently. Tell him once what needs to be done and he's off to the race without any supervision needed."

— Pedro – Whole Foods Market Purchasing, Watsonville, CA

"I want to thank you so much for your help with Comcast and for sending such a wonderful helper. We are up and running well thanks to you. Next Rotary meeting that I attend I will give some happy dollars for your help. Thanks again."

— Annie – Locatelli Moving & Storage, Santa Cruz, CA

"Very responsive to service requests sent to the support desk."

— Deannie – Dana Estates Winery, St. Helena, CA
When asked why she would recommend TOTLCOM to others.

"This has been fixed since Friday night. Raul jumped on and fixed it for me. You have a great guy on your team."

— Rowena – Jeffrey DeMure & Associates, Architects, Granite Bay, CA
Routine, non-emergency trouble call came in after business hours on a Friday. On Monday when our dispatcher sent a notice that a ticket had been opened she received this response from the customer.

February 2015

"Things are so much better with TOTLCOM it is like a Jamaican vacation vs Disneyland with a hundred sick 2 year olds in tow! Issues are addressed in a timely and professional manner. Communications are easeful. TOTCOM understands even when our users cannot explain issues 'technically'."

— Jacqui – Superior Court, County of Alameda
(Explanatory note: This customer with over 1,000 phones came to TOTLCOM a few months ago from a competitor.)

"number one reason renew annual support is our service" Totlcom responds in 10 minutes from time of request...

— Wade & Will – Automatic Bar Controls, maker of the WunderBar, Vacaville, CA.
"When you see a soda dispenser in 90% of the bars and taverns IN THE WORLD, it's Wunder-Bar."

"Very happy with Dale & with the office staff especially Barbara."

— Nancy – Gordon Saito & Company, CPA Fresno, CA

"I just wanted to let you know that I very much appreciated Mason coming out this morning and getting us up and running. He is very knowledgeable, patient, thorough, and has a good sense of humor as well. He made a very difficult and trying situation that much more manageable for the user community at that location. Many kudos and thanks to Mason!"

— Ren – AIMS (Acclamation Insurance Management Services)
Offices in Sacramento, Fresno, and Oakland.

"Your office personnel are always polite and knowledgeable. John is very professional. We've known John since we renovated our house in 2001. We also enjoy working with him. Always on time and if there is a delay they call."

— E – Bravman Residence, Carmel Valley

"You guys are great!"

— Troy – Superior Courts of California, Alameda County

January 2015

"Best customer service I correspond and work with. I was called and the call was handled professionally. The techs are always great in person and over the phone. Zero complaints."

— Isabel – Radoslovich Parker PC, Sacramento, CA
"Founded in 1995, our firm has grown to provide legal services for virtually every type of business in California, from aspiring startups to industry leaders."

"Dale always does an outstanding job!"

— Sue – Visalia OB-GYN, Visalia, CA
Visalia OB-GYN Medical Associates provides obstetric, gynecologic and wellness care for women of all ages.

December 2014

"Raul was a tremendous help! Thanks again and Happy New Year."

— Yolanda – Yolo County Federal Credit Union, 4 locations in Northern California

"Xu is always patient with me as he tries to resolve any problem I have. I appreciate his ability to walk me through any issues – he is very patient with my lack of computer skills."

— Liz – Matheny Sears Linkert & Jaime LLP Attorneys, Sacramento, CA

"Thank you, thank you!! I don't know what I would do without you guys!"

— Shari – WellPict Berries, Oxnard & Watsonville CA

"Thank you for making this all happen. The install team was fantastic! Everything appears to be going well. I am sure there will be questions along the way. Anyway, thanks again and, if I do not talk with you, have a great holiday!"

— Chris – Dermatology Consultants of Sacramento

"I'm sure this will be a trouble-ticket that you guys will enjoy... as there's nothing to request other than I wish you all will have a very Happy Holiday season that includes the Merriest of all Christmases past, present, and future... and a very Happy and productive New Year!

The team at Totlcom is awesome. Although there were some trying challenges this year with xxxxx... your team always compensates for those challenges... and always comes through.

There's a reason why I remain with Totlcom. It is my call and my decision alone who I select to support us... and I take tremendous pride in maintaining my relationship with Totlcom... People like Phil and Phyllis have kept me in good spirits over the years... and have truly done their part to keep this relationship growing... Brian Watters is no exception – a man of the utmost integrity and business sense, he has not only been a fantastic supplier of solutions for me and my business, but a good friend as well. James, Cal, and the entire support team keep me functional (as opposed to dysfunctional) and in fine working order. How they do it and keep their patience and wit about them, I'll never know... but they are an impressive bunch, indeed! And although I do not like 'singling out' just one person above any other... I believe that Bruce is in a league of his own. I have worked with many technicians and engineers over my 35 years in business and IT. I can honestly say that the one person who has impressed me the most over those years has been Bruce. He has not only my appreciation, but my deepest respect for all that he has done. A hearty thanks to you Bruce, and all of the Totlcom team that makes your business the best in the industry!"

— James – Otis McAlister, San Francso, CA

November 2014

"TOTLCOM engineers support us at any point of time even when it is middle of the night."

— Sandeep – Sparta Consulting, Fremont, CA

"Just wanted to say Barb was fantastic to work with. Thanks!"

— Len – The Commons on Thornton, Stockton, CA

"I'm always satisfied with the level of support that's given to me. It never fails. You guys are the best! Keep up the good work!"

— Randy – California Bankers Association, Sacramento, CA

"TOTLCOM has a very responsive and flexible team. Extremely knowledgeable on the ShoreTel platform and Telco services in general."

— Michael – Corsair Memory, Fremont CA
Corsair is a global company bringing innovative, high-performance components to the PC gaming market. Specializing in very high performance memory, ultra-efficient power supplies, and other key system components, our products are the choice of overclockers, enthusiasts, and gamers everywhere.

October 2014

"Cathy did an awesome job!"

— Paul – Private Ocean, San Rafael, CA
When Private Ocean was formed in 2009 – the union of Friedman & Associates and Salient Wealth Management – it was to pursue a distinct vision. Not create the biggest wealth management firm in the country. Create one of the best.

"I had a telecom switch die, it was replaced within a few hours. Given the quick reply and immediacy of the replacement I couldn't be happier with the quality of the service. Just so you know we've been very pleased with Totlcom as a service provider. I've worked with Cathy Cocannouer going all the way back to VoicePro and have always appreciated her patience because I stared literally with NO concept of how to manage this environment after we completed the implementation. As a result if there is anyone to credit for the lack of support calls we've required you can place the blame squarely on Cathy. She made me a MUCH better administrator of this infrastructure.

From what has been demonstrated she's an example of your staffing and you deserve huge credit for this. Once again we couldn't be happier."

— Jim – Maltby Electric Supply
With 5 Northern California locations, Maltby Electric Supply Company is a leading supplier of electrical products to the Northern California market.

September 2014

"I want to let you know how much I appreciate the customer service I receive from Barbara and Dale. Whenever I call your office and Barbara answers I always breathe a sigh of relief because I know she will quickly and efficiently take care of my problem. She is very friendly and helpful. Dale is amazing...he always goes the extra mile for ur office!!! I have recommended Totlcom to other businesses in Visalia because of these two outstanding employees. In addition, Shelly is another wonderful asset to your business. So often I hear all the negatives of my employees and so welcome positive feedback. Thanks for all the years of great service."

— Sue – Visalia OB-GYN Medical Associates, Visalia, CA.

"Hi Shelly, I thought this was pretty painless as far as switching phone companies goes. I want to thank you for your attention to detail, and for being so responsive in getting all of the techs (including our IT person) on the same page. I will be really grateful when the updated contract is made available. We haven't had a good handle on what services we are actually using, for a very long time. It's great to hear that the savings will be even more substantial than we initially thought – it shows that you were careful in making sure we are using what was ordered. Your handling on the fax numbers was perfect, thank you."

— J – Century 21 M&M, 31 California locations

"I wanted to thank you so much for everything you do for Ampla Health! You and your team are awesome! It was so good to see you...and your team :) I also want to thank you from our team to yours for the very nice lunch, again, you are all awesome :)"

— Rhonda – Ampla Health
Ampla Health has 13 medical and 6 dental centers conveniently located throughout Northern California to provide you and your family greater access to your health care needs.

"Xu always clarifies what we are trying to describe to him, which can be apples and oranges, instead of apples and apples. Xu does a great job for us. We appreciate his constant good nature and quality of customer care."

— Debbie – Civil Justice Association of California, Sacramento CA

August 2014

"Working with Totlcom is a pleasant experience. We often have questions and the team members are always willing to help. Phyllis, John and as of yesterday Gloria, are notably helpful and it is much appreciated. Gloria and I discussed a tentative appointment for training sometime after October 15th as this is a busy time of the year for us. In the meantime we know that we can always contact Totlcom with any issue we may have and it is always resolved in a timely fashion. Thank you"

— Katelynn – Zeisler, Zeisler, Rawson & Johnson, San Rafael, CA
A Certified Public Accounting Firm providing specialized services to musicians, entertainers, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, individuals and small business owners.

"Dale is AWESOME!!"

— Stacey – Michael Dayton, MD
Michael Dayton, MD offers family practice services in Fresno, CA.

"Staff was excellent, as has always been my experience. Appreciate the staff's responsiveness, insight into our configurations, etc."

— Jerry – Ramsell Technologies, Oakland, CA
Ramsell has been creating positive outcomes for the health and safety of underserved populations since 1964.

"Sam. My team and I are very happy! I appreciate your diligent follow up and attention to detail. There is a direct correlation between that and the quality of your employees and their work at your company. Keep up the good work!"

— Dalton – Scranton Law Firm, Concorde, CA
The Scranton Law Firm is a consumer-oriented, plaintiff's personal injury law firm that has been representing accident victims in California since 1973.

"I have worked with Barbara Stoddard for years and she has always been very responsive and a pleasure to work with. Great customer service."

— Rona – Workflow One, Livermore, CA. A division of Standard Register.

July 2014

"You guys have done a great job supporting us."

— Changa – Proxim Wireless; Proxim Wireless Corporation is a Milpitas, California-based company that builds scalable broadband wireless networking systems for communities, enterprises, governments, and service providers.

June 2014

"Totlcom employs very competent and attentive techs that always demonstrate a wealth of knowledge and professionalism."

— Chris – Interim
A non-profit organization dedicated to the self-sufficiency of people who have mental illness. 12 locations in Monterey County, CA

The service from Totlcom has been great!

— Paul – Private Ocean
an award-winning, independent wealth management firm based in Marin County, California

May 2014

We've been with the company (TOTLCOM) for many years and have no plans to leave. You have a good team that takes care of us whenever we need help. Even that Dave Kreml fella is a good guy!

— Rob – Custom Benefit Administrators, Roseville, CA

Dear Mr. Greer,

The purpose of this letter is to recognize Cathy Cocannouer for the exceptional attention and assistance she provided on Thursday, 17-April, and to thank you for fostering the tradition of good, old-fashioned customer service at Totlcom. To give you a bit of background on last week's issue, I have encountered technical issues for the past several years stemming from ShoreTel' S inability to keep up with current technology [ see my blog posted 10-August-2010 titled "Burned Again"]. Jumping ahead to last week, I made up my mind to finally get things working with ShoreTel after upgrading most of my software (Windows 8, Office 2013, 64-bit processors, etc.).

What was expected to be an hour-long investment of time turned into a project that started mid-morning and concluded at 7:30PM, when my ShoreTel issues were finally resolved. This is where Cathy comes in. Cathy made herself available at all times throughout the day: bringing in Raul Fimbrez when needed, conferencing me in with ShoreTel support (three times), installing additional needed software on our server, and most importantly, supporting my goal to get the Salesforce-to-ShoreTel system working before the end of the day. To ensure that everything was up and running before I left the office, Cathy wound up staying on into the evening. Her willingness to go above and beyond in order to meet my goal of getting things wrapped up is not very common in support personnel these days, and her efforts were very much appreciated.

While choosing ShoreTel may or may not have been the best decision, I certainly do not regret selecting your company as our service provider. Thanks to Cathy, Raul, and the rest of the team at Totlcom for their exceptional customer support.

With respect,

— Bill – Synergex International Corporation, Gold River, CA

Congratulation on your awards! We are looking forward to work with you and your team again. – Ray

I couldn't agree more with Ray. – Sylvie

— TORANI – the famous San Francisco based family-owned company that produces flavoring syrups, sauces and blended drink bases

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for providing a smooth transition to the ShoreTel system. Please extend my thanks to John, Tom and Xu. Everyone was very professional and pleasant to work with.

— Joe – Coastland Civil Engineering, Santa Rosa, CA

Bruce was excellent to work with. Once I had the access set up, the work was performed remotely, he quickly got us back on our feet. Also, Phyllis and Cathy were excellent as well. Our account was new (moved from Maverick Networks) but everyone was able to get us situated quickly.

— Tim – ZettaSet, Mountain View, CA. "The Leader in Big Data Security"

April 2014

Totlcom's Remarkable Ambassadors,

I just want all of you to know that I could not be more pleased with the complete turnaround we have had with our phone system. I do not cringe when someone mentions something about their phone anymore and trust me I would want to run.

In the past, I'd start with one technician at Mxxxxxxx and I'd hold onto to that contact information for sure or they disappear and problem wouldn't.

I have to say each person that I have interacted with at Totlcom has been on top of their game, helpful and diligent to get us off and running seamlessly. Thank you.

John came today to complete the install for our 2nd suite and he knocked it out of the park. I LOVE the labels (pass that along)!! He labeled everything for me the Cat5's (Xu that's for you), the ceiling tile, down to the power cord so I am not confused. That makes things so easy for me when you are walking me through to reboot or something.

Hope you all have an excellent weekend. With gratitude, Lynn

— Lynn – Pinnacle Brokers Insurance Solutions, Walnut Creek, CA

On the reason why an old customer recently returned to us after being with another ShoreTel dealer: "Need better service."

— Brian – LAN Service Group, San Ramon, CA

Phyllis handled the whole issue very efficiently and quickly. She is the best!

— Ken – Anderson Behl Body Shop, "The Premier Santa Clara Body Shop" , Santa Clara, CA

Awesome as usual.

— Trish – Bright Development, Modesto Calif. 22 years (1992)

Totlcom is great, they are responsive and they go beyond simply providing support for the system, but work as a true partners. I have in fact recommended them to other clients.

— Mark – Controlled Motion Solutions, Santa Ana, Bakersfield, Burbank, Chula Vista, Corona, Escondido, Sacramento, Santa Fe Springs CA, Tempe AZ since 2007

Barbara went above & beyond and was very helpful. I generally work with Cathy Cocannour & she always goes beyond to help resolve issues & explain. Pleasure to work with Totlcom.

— Sue – Amcom Data Processing Services, San Ramon, CA. since 2009

So far, so good. This is probably the easiest transition of any type that we've had. I hope once the switch-over from AT&T to Utility is completed ending our relationship with AT&T will be as easy. Thanks again for your assistance with this project and also the follow-up.

— Glenn – Mistlin Honda, Modesto, CA 24 years (1990)

March 2014

Answering a questionnaire from ShoreTel about why they endorse TOTLCOM came this answer:

"The support is very responsive. They keep us up to day with the information in regards ShoreTel (product, software, etc…) via white paper and bulletin. Listen to customer via organizing small seminar which is always helpful specially face to face conversation."

— Mohamed – Herrick Corporation, San Bernardino, San Ramon, Stockton, CA

Thank you for checking up. Nicole has been working on fine tuning things, but all seems to be working well. We are continuing to evaluate improvements.

I do want to note that John Peterson was a very valuable asset during the transition. We experienced some unusual problems that were difficult to diagnose and were keeping our phones from working. John stayed calm during our panicked crisis, which was in stark contrast to the "carrier" employee that was also on site. John used some logical decision making and was able to solve the problem quickly and get things back on line. Afterwards, he was diligent in resolving fax issues for us as well, which really should have been resolved by "carrier" and our cabling subcontractor. But, John saw the need and took care of it for us. His effort was really beyond what was normal or expected. Please make sure his supervisors know what an asset he is.

Thank you again for checking up on us.

— Bill – Bonney Plumbing, Sacramento, CA

He was awesome! He checked our setup and everything was ok. We made a few functional changes he suggested. He had ShoreTel put a wireshark on one of the pc's, phone, and server. The problem appears to be network related. ShoreTel should have the results in 24-48 hours and then we'll reach out to Raul to discuss. We didn't resolve the issue regarding the ability to transfer and release a call to our new voice system. He was going to talk with one of your telco folks and get back to me. Having said all this we actually got something accomplished; much more than I've been able to achieve with AT&T after trying for 2 months. We need to schedule a meeting to discuss where we go from here.

Again, thank you

— Steph – Yolo Federal Credit Union, Woodland, Davis, Sacramento CA

February 2014

It is a pleasure working with the team over there at Totlcom. Cathy and Shelly field most of my calls, BUT I have talked with tech support and had at one time or another, all of your in the field techs to the building. Every time it is a great experience.

The issues we have had that have been disruptive, long term, time consuming problems, were not at the hands of your company but the carrier. Even then, your team stepped up and helped keep the ball rolling toward a solution. The communication, care, and service on all levels... well it is exceptional. I wish my organization had the same continuity!

Any time there is an issue or I have a question the staff has been awesome at handling it in a timely and informative manner. With very few exceptions, one call is all it takes and I can move on to the next project. The products work, every day. We have had very few issues, and even when we have the solution was speedy and relatively simple. Hardware is going to breakdown, software needs updates, it is relative. However, it has rarely been disruptive to daily business functions.

Keep up the good work and hold on to your staff members!!

— Dalton – Scranton Law Firm, Concord, CA

January 2014

Make sure you keep XU, he is good. Best ShoreTel tech I have worked with.

— Tom – All Weather Architectural Aluminum, Vacaville, CA & Phoenix, AZ

December 2013

Thanks Cathy for seeing this project to completion. I'm always concerned that once the sales portion has been finished – the follow through doesn't always come together. It's good to work with you (as always) again, knowing you will make sure the promises will all be kept!

— Cyndee – California Association of Highway Patrolmen, Sacramento, CA

Your team is outstanding. Jerry has been providing training throughout the year. Jerry and Bruce provided successful upgrade to version 13.3. Cathy, Raul, and Xu all on the upgrade service.

— Chien – San Francisco County Transportation Authority

Happy holidays to you and the Totlcom team, and thanks for all the great support.

— Mike – Nordic Naturals, Watsonville, CA

You're all awesome!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

— Blanca – Kids First Now, Roseville, CA

Received after a major expansion of Enterprise Contact Center to 27 branch locations:

Thank you team for a job well done!!! This required the coordination of multiple departments, branches and Totlcom.

Thank you very much for making this a true team implementation, and I am proud of everyone involved for making it a smooth migration for our branch team members!

Just in time for the new year! Happy Holidays!

— Mike – Clark Pest Control, 30 locations in California "Clark, we need you."

November 2013

Cathy is always very good.

— Tarun – Intematix, Fremont CA

Totlcom employs only the best of the best. Responsiveness and professionalism are their hallmark. Being able to understand and resolve problems is their Baileywick. I'm confident in their support and their industry knowledge. One would be hard pressed to find a better A-Team anywhere in the industry!

— James – Otis McAlister, San Francisco CA

Cathy is always knows what to do and how to accommodate our company.

— Stephanie – Kleinfelder Group, Reno, San Jose, Pleasanton, Redlands CA

Bruce resolved our issue in 10 minutes!! The previous company that handled support — our previous vendor, couldn't resolve this issue for 1.5 years.

— Steve – Cetecom, Milpitas and San Diego CA

Xu was great. Knowledgeable and experienced help is greatly appreciated.

— Yolanda – Petaluma Dental Group, Petaluma CA

I couldn't ask for better service; Cathy is the best.

— Lisa – Los Medanos College, Pittsburg CA

Dale always does a great job and offers me ways to save money at times that other vendors may also be involved in a project. His knowledge of our building's wiring was a great help with our recent Comcast install.

— Laura – Chatoian Law Offices, Fresno CA. Customer since 1992

Tim is wonderful, very friendly and super knowledgeable on our system.

— Pedro – Whole Foods, Customer since 1999

October 2013

Dale always does a great job and offers me ways to save money at times that other vendors may also be involved in a project. His knowledge of our building's wiring was a great help with our recent Comcast install.

— Laura – Chatoian Law, Fresno CA

Mike was very knowledgeable and even took the time to fix a minor problem not on the original ticket. He even took the time to walk me through some programming and test steps, so we can take care of more problems on our own.

— Bob – Carpenter Company, 56 locations around the world.

Phyllis is so wonderful to work with. She always responds immediately, is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

— Courtney – Santa Cruz County Bank; Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Capitola, Aptos and Watsonville, CA

Cathy is always prompt and professional. She solved our problems as we were telling her the issue.

— Megan – GW Williams Company, San Mateo, CA

Great Service as always!!!!

— Matt – Simile Construction Service, Modesto, CA

September 2013

I was so impressed the way Barbara handled my two fold problem. She was very knowledgeable, she made resolved my problem better than I could have imagined, she blew me away. She was on my problem immediately and resolved the problems quickly and that was very appreciated.

She is a 11 on a scale of 10!

— Terry – Greenleaf Farms, Denair, CA

August 2013

I think Totlcom is awesome, and couldn't imagine having to do this project without you guys. If you ever need a reference – you can count on me.

— James – Ampla Health, 16 California locations.

We appreciate all the support Totlcom has offered us. Your firm is one of the most outstanding IT service firms I've ever worked with.

— Jason – GHD, Santa Rosa, CA

Hi All, We want to express our sincere gratitude for your assistance with expediting the request of extra fax lines to assist with our Electronic Health Records system. You truly went above and beyond to make this happen for us with this urgent matter. We are looking forward to a long lasting partnership with all of you!

— Rhonda – Ampla Health, Yuba City, CA

July 2013

Some companies say they want to partner with you but Totlcom truly succeeds at that goal where most others fall short. At times they seem more like an extension of our I.T. department rather than a vendor. They have outstanding staff that is always eager find solutions to our needs. What also sets them above their competition is their continuing online education and lunch & learns.

— William – CKC Labs, Brea, Chatsworth, Fremont, Mariposa, Canyon Park CA

Excellent solution from the day it was installed! Easy to use. Easy to administer. Especially easy to add and remove switches &/or users. Great features. ShoreTel support resolves issues, which are very rare, quickly and professionally.

— Sandy – NorCal Beverages, Sacramento, CA

Thank you so much for a very successful and fun filled implementation! The Totlcom crew is wonderful to work with !

— Rhonda – Ampla Health, 8 locations, Yuba City, Chico, Orland, Hamilton, Arbuckle, Colusa, Gridley, Oroville, Olivehurst, CA

June 2013

We are manufacturers, importers, exporters, and innovators in the global food trade business. We are known throughout the world in more than 160 countries on six continents, more than 7,000 retail grocery stores across America, have product in duty free stores at most airports around the world, and supply some of the most critical chefs with some of the finest quality food items available in the world.

You can't better than the support offered from Totlcom. I've worked with more than a half dozen telecom providers… Totlcom is heads and shoulders above anyone else in the industry, including the giants… who, for some reason… just want to bullshit their customers into sales or solutions they don't need. This company actually provides a dead-on service because they KNOW their customers and their customers' needs…

— James – Otis McAlister, San Francisco

Answer to a question about a survey where a product received a low rating:


Sorry for the confusion on the one answer that I thought I was checking I would recommend and mistakenly checked wouldn't recommend!

It was a mistake on my part and in no way reflects what I think about the outstanding service I receive from you. This e-mail should serve as your permission to correct my mistake and rectify my oversight.

We do appreciate all of your work. "

— Dave – Moore & Baker, Walnut Creek, CA

April 2013

TOTLCOM recently received a powerful testimonial from a company who called us for Emergency after-hours help. We often receive nice comments from customers, and this stood out as exceptionally genuine, specific and sincere. Everyone really feels especially good when folks take the time to let us know when something went right.

By the way, Mike really is very helpful when he comes in. I like working with him. He's been our service tech for years - patient, very accommodating and explains things so it's easy to understand - just overall helpful and knowledgeable - and if he doesn't know he doesn't fake it, he calls someone to get an answer - I like that! So often we don't express our appreciation for those who do a good job for us. So I just wanted to do that.

And while I'm on that just want you to know I appreciate working with you too - you have been very helpful as well, never would have gotten the system up and transitioned as smoothly without you - really everyone we've worked with is pretty great - that's why we're still with you guys - we just love the quality and the customer service y'all give - so pass on thanks to all. Y'all are top notch as far as I'm concerned.

— Denise – Via Adventures, Merced, CA

March 2013

I got a reply to my email in 9 minutes. Excellent response time.

— Cecilia – HAF Properties, Sunnyvale CA

The following is edited for brevity only:

Hey Sam… if you want a testimonial from a satisfied customer… You can let your audience know that I'm using my (ShoreTel) Mobility software in the Philippines from a very remote area in the jungle…. using a "cellular" ISP service that is getting only 117kps on the download and 112kps on the upload with 235ms latency… and I'm getting crystal clear connectivity with a stereo headphone/microphone plugged into my IPad2 that is connected via wi-fi on a Cisco/Linksys E4200 router to a POE-injected DHCP-enabled wireless/cellular antenna (Smart-Bro is the ISP here). Although my Internet is low, the Mobility is 100% crystal clear. Out of 20 phone calls so far (lasting up to 10 minutes each), I've experienced less than 5% jitter only about 3 of those calls… and those were tolerable. All the rest were jitter-free… I don't even get that with Skype or other VoIP apps. Truly amazing. Of course, technical support my Jerry, Bruce, and mostly by Rich has been superb… as it always is with the TOTLCOM partnership… That's why I've kept my partnership going with your team for over a decade now… Just can't find a better, more personable level of service anywhere in the telecom industry!

— James – Otis McAlister, San Francisco, CA

Phyllis went over and beyond to help us with our needs at the least possible cost and I appreciate that. Dale was also very good in getting work done in a timely manner. He is very knowledgeable. We will be looking to use your company and refer you to others in the future.

— Audel – Zabe Mortgage Group, Madera, CA

Barbara went above and beyond just fixing our problem. She was able save us money and came up with a great temp fix until the problem could be resolved.

— Pam – C.T. Brayton & Sons, Escalon, CA

Thank you for your assistance Barbara AND on such a short notice! You too Dale! I asked this morning what was going on in Fresno and Lorri said our ShoreTel vendor Evolve was in contact with another company in the Fresno area and they did not want to help. (this is the way I interpreted it) When they said we had to walk Humberto through a burnflash & buying a DB9 cable, etc…. BAM I thought of you and said TOTLCOM will help us…. And you did. So this the short version of a very long subject matter and over a day and a half of no service. You guys are the best! Thank you very much! Have a great weekend!

Sam, you already know this, but your group is great!

— Gary – BI Group, Boulder Colorado, with locations throughout the US

February 2013

BTW, the work you did at Mark Leas' office has worked out wonderfully. He is very happy, and we have had no problems whatsoever. Thank you so much for your excellent service.

— Catherine – Miller Consulting, Gold River, CA

Response to a question in a recent survey by ShoreTel about why the customer rates TOTLCOM highly:

Continued Email and verbal check in to assess any new or potential needs. Not afraid to ask how things are going. TOTLCOM's professionalism and immediate response to the resolution of technical issues.

— Robert – Lee's Heating, Air and Building Performance, Fresno, CA

Your service tech., Mike, as always was great.

— Ruth, Mozingo Construction — Oakdale, CA

They are quick and knowledgeable.

— Paul – Private Ocean, San Rafael, CA

Knowledgeable, friendly, quick response time. Good demos. Knowledgeable sales staff.

— Jeff – Energy Operations Management, Rancho Cordova, CA

January 2013

It was all Raul. He's the best!!!

— Luis – OnTimeTech

TOTLCOM is doing a superb job of supporting our ShoreTel system and has always done so. The system has been really, really good to us, and we will be using it more extensively by integrating it with CRM software.

— Mike – Nordic Naturals, Watsonville, CA

My request was complex in nature. They understood my problem and knew exactly how to address it. Service was excellent, as always.

— Scott – Yuba County Water Agency

Dale is always a pleasure to work with. He always fixes the problem without much disruption to our office flow.

— Marcy – Industrial Health Care

John is always professional, friendly and patient. An asset to TOTLCOM!

— Sandy – Jacobsen & McElroy, Sacramento, CA

December 2012

When asked why she would recommend TOTLCOM to a friend or colleague, she answered:

The response time to our issues, the quality of the staff's work, and the staff's patient attitude when we made requests, changes, and additions.

— Cindy – Christ Unity Church, Sacramento, CA

November 2012

Letter to prospect looking for a reference on TOTLCOM, we were copied:

Hi Randy,

I am very pleased to give them a reference. They are a top notch organization and have treated us very well. I strongly recommend them and have referred several of our clients to them.
I've answered your questions below. Let me know if you need any information or would like to chat.

  • How long have you owned the Shoretel system? I believe it's been almost 2 years
  • Did the installation go very well? Yes the install went well – there was a hiccup with cutover (the fault of the phone provider, not TOTLCOM) and they took care of everything. I didn't have to deal with the phone people at all. The provided training for our group immediately and they also just came out recently and did another training session as we've added 3 people since it was first installed.
  • Any major issues with the phone system? None
  • Are you satisfied with TOTLCOM's services? Extremely. I have a technical support firm and do for computers what they do for phones. That's why I use them and refer our clients to them. They get it, they make it easy and they don't make me deal with the phone people (akin to us dealing with Dell or HP for our clients. We consider this "vendor management" and part of the services we provide. They do the same.
  • Would you recommend Shoretel to us? Yes. I've been very happy with the phone system. It's never had a problem and when I've needed help on programming or questions about what we can do, TOTLCOM has been there to support us.

— Michael – TLC Tech, Sacramento, CA

I have always had great experiences with TOTLCOM staff, always very helpful and knowledgeable. Bruce is great!

— Catherine – America Ag Credit, 33 offices in California, Nevada, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma

Well, installation is complete! Just a few more tweaks and I think we will be good to go (I put an email into Raul and I will put another into Gloria). It's too bad we didn't get to see you this week, but I just wanted to say thank you to you and your TOTLCOM team. Installation went very smooth. I was quite impressed. The operators are still learning how to use the Communicator software, but they have caught on quick and they love using it (as opposed to just the phone). I spoke with my manager and he said that once we are at a comfortable place with our phone system, the next thing we want to do is switch carriers. I expect that green light to be made possibly as early as next week. Thanks again Kathy.

— Jeff – Energy Operations Management, Rancho Cordova, CA

Shelly is working with us on all of our telephone needs. We wouldn't go anywhere else.

— Dorothy – Alfred Mathews Company, Modesto, CA

Your team has been superb to work with and really appreciate all the help.

— Sandeep – Sparta Consulting, Folsom CA, Newport Beach CA, Austin TX

Every time Mike comes to the office he is very, very helpful. He is always willing to answer any questions and if I do not understand he makes sure I have a full understanding before I leave. I very much enjoy Mike as our technician. On a side not: I know that this was in regards to the performance provided by Mike, but I would also like to pass along that Carrie Barbosa always is a huge help to me. I am not really sure what her role is, but every time I have emailed her with a question, she responds within minutes. She is very helpful You have a great team!!

— Corinne – Mercer Foods, Modesto, CA

October 2012

Couldn't have asked for better service. Every time I email with a question it has been responded to quickly and explained simply or the issue has been taken care of quickly.

— Chris – Gundlach-Bundschu Winery, Sonoma, CA

September 2012

The response was quick. Raul (TOTLCOM) did a great job completing our software upgrade, although our oversight in running backups during this time created more work for him.

— Sue – Brooks Automation, Santa Clara, CA

I was very happy at how fast you had a tech out here and had our phones up and ringing so fast! Considering the problem at hand, exceptional service, thank you!

— Jill – The Beck Companies, Stockton, CA

Thank you so much for your training presentations. Everyone is up and running on the new phone system and we LOVE IT. What a huge difference from our old phones. Linda is going really well at the Reception Desk on the features. We really enjoyed having you and the technicians help us with the training and installation.

— Sylvia – Chang, Ruthenburg and Long, Sacramento, CA

Tech went to the right area from the beginning. Very satisfied, good job, thanks!

— Mohamed – Herrick Steel Corp., Stockton, San Ramon, San Bernardino, CA

August 2012

Cathy always takes really good care of us! She is patient with my questions and really takes the time to understand our problems and then promptly fixes them. We have been really happy with all of our experiences with Cathy and her dealings with us. As the contact person for our firm, I have been really happy with the relationship that Cathy has garnered with me. She always responds quickly and politely to my requests and is very knowledgeable and helpful with all of my questions. I would recommend her service to anyone.

— Patti – Family Law Group, Livermore CA

Kelly Holback is terrific. She is a pleasure to work with. We also needed another technician to make a change and it was done promptly. In all instances, the response time was prompt and professional.

— Kyle – Carmel Chamber of Commerce, Carmel CA

Barbara was quick in helping me figure out my VM problem and got me up and going with no problems at all. I got an email from her with directions attached within 5 minutes of talking to her.

— Sheri – Shaver Lake Realty, Shaver Lake CA

It was nice to speak to a professional that spoke English. Carrie and John in my opinion represent TOTLCOM very well. John was very helpful and knew his stuff. He was pleasant to work with as well. He understood what I needed and helped efficiently. Carrie took my call and she was very helpful, professional and followed thru efficiently.

— Leslie – Millstone, Peterson & Watts, LLP, Roseville CA

TOTLCOM is great and your staff is awesome. You have a good crew and I rest assured you guys have my back and I still to this day recommend your company to others.

— William – CKC Labs

Service was requested due to extenuating business circumstances (office closure). TOTLCOM was kind, concerned and understanding. This response was extremely appreciated during a very difficult and emotional time for our business. Over the years, we have found TOTLCOM to be extremely responsive, professional and knowledgeable.

— Rita – Wxxxx & Company, (name withheld), Novato, CA

TOTLCOM has been very accommodating and helpful. They have provided assistance several times in getting problems we couldn't handle internally solved. They have been quick and responsive to problems and have come up with innovative solutions to our needs.

— Ray – Association Resource Center, Sacramento

As an IT consultant, we see VOIP installs gone bad, and its mostly because the vendor dropped it in and ran. The ShoreTel solution is ideal for companies without strong technical resources.

— Scott – Shandam Consulting, Sacramento

July 2012

Good morning David! We are a go and I would like to reserve Friday for our install as you said it was available. I would prefer sooner if possible but I understand that it is short notice and Friday is GREAT! In fact, one of the reasons that we are choosing TOTLCOM besides the EXCELLENT customer service is that you can install it sooner than ______________. You are awesome!

— Christi – AIMS, Sacramento, Fresno

For a Sunday response, the service was super fantastic!

— Mike – Yosemite Pathology Medical Group, Modesto CA

TOTLCOM strength is its employees. They are responsive to our needs and take ownership of issues until they are resolved.

— William – CKC Labs; Mariposa, Brea, Chatsworth, Fremont, Canyon Park, California

June 2012

Your staff is always very helpful and understanding of the problem.

— Cathy – Quinn & Kronlund, Stockton, CA

Good Afternoon Ms. Scoto,
I work for N.C.I.M. & El Dorado Molds which are customers of TotlCom's. My position within N.C.I.M. & ELDO Molds is receptionist for both companies and one of my main responsibilities is overseeing anything that has to do with our phone system here in our office. While maintaining this task, I have had the "WONDERFUL PLEASURE" of working with one of your employee's by the name of "Barbara Stoddard". Barbara has really gone above and beyond the call of her job duty when/while helping me. She has helped me out in so many ways over the past months such as, helping me create all of the phone labels for are office and warehouse, setting up TotlCom Tech times when we need one to come in, and even though knowing that she provided me with "ALL" of the User guides for TotlCom's phone system, that if I even ask her a little question whether something can be done without a Tech coming into our office she not only will tell me "yes" but then proceeds to give me step by step directions and has tons of patience while doing so. She always has a great attitude and is definitely an easy person to work with. So I just wanted to take a moment of my day and let you know what a valuable employee I think TotlCom has with in "Barbara Stoddard" and how I look forward to our working encounters. Thank you & Have a Wonderful Day!!

— Jamie – NCIM & El Dorado Molds, Rancho Cordova, CA

Good morning Jerry,
What a successful project, everyone did a great job including you, Dale, Cal, Barbara, Bruce, James S. and Fanny.

— Rick – Fresno County Federal County Credit Union, Fresno (after installation at 7 locations, plus Enterprise Contact Center)

Thanx Barbara! Your team was fantastic today. Thank you.

— Bob – Teecom, Oakland CA and Dallas TX

May 2012

Bruce, Thanks so much for your help tonight. We could NOT have done it without your help. Really appreciate it.

— Sandeep – Sparta Consulting, Folsom, CA, Austin TX, Newport Beach, CA

April 2012

I was very impressed how quickly TotlCom had the survey completed and a bid to us. Overall performance is very commendable, onsite techs were very knowledgeable and understood over the phone exactly what I was wanting them to do, as I was unable to be on site . Also, the best part is they provided connectivity from our suite 102 server room to our suite 205 server room.

— Patrick – Provident Bank, Pleasanton, CA

Cal is always professional and knowledgeable. I always feel confident any problems we have will be handled correctly.

— Casey – Pride Conveyance, Hollister, CA

March 2012

I'm heading to bed now…I can't believe you guys work the insane hours too! I have to say you guys have really gone above and beyond on this one!

— Michael – TLC Tech, Sacramento CA

In response to question as to why do you rate TOTLCOM a "10"?

They listen.

— Robert – California CAD Solutions, Modesto, CA

A message to a fellow CIO from our customer, he copied us:

Fred: Glad to help out. I've been working with our telephone company vendor (now also my data vendor) for over 12 years. TOTLCOM (yes, that's spelled right) is located in California and is very well known as they have built their business one customer at a time and work hard to keep them. Shelly works out of Reno and is their primary person to stay on top of telephone and data rates and possibilities to serve their customers. Selling phone and data systems is one part… but it is also a useless attempt unless you have the service providers to back it all up. More importantly, because of the variety and volume of service they handle, Shelly and her team are "ace" at boiling it all down to meaningful metrics… meaning that they know which providers are crap and which excel… In my case, I've had a rather nice sampling over the past decade… and Shelly and I work with a creative package through Lightyear Network (for voice) and XO Communications (for data). The rates are competitive at any level, but if you happen to work with TOTLCOM, you get peace of mind… and that is priceless. Besides, like B____ Consulting, I consider TOTLCOM to be a partner of Otis… and that status is not reached until a thorough level of vetting has been done. That's about as high an endorsement I can give you for TOTLCOM… Besides, they can truly source the right solution for you and Beck based upon actual knowledge, not hearsay or sales pitches…

— Jim – Otis McAlister, San Francisco, CA

February 2012

Thank you for all your teams help! I am a TOTLCOM advocate. Your team is always there when we need support and guidance. Thank you for the great partnership we have developed.

— Mike – Clark Pest Control, 30 networked locations, California and Nevada.

Their support is wonderful. They are always there when I need them, from the smallest question to a major issue. I know I can count on them to help me resolve it. As an IT Manager I have a lot to worry about, thanks to TOTLCOM, my phone system isn't one of them.

— Tammi – Global Inventures, San Ramon, CA

On a recent survey, this question was asked: What does TOTLCOM do particularly well to earn your recommendation?

They are an extension of the IT department. Working with TOTLCOM is like working with our own team.

— Mike – Clark Pest Control, 30 networked locations, California and Utah.

Very quick response time.

— Nancy – Synergex International Corp., Gold River, CA

The support is great. I never have to wait on hold, they are always able to quickly solve my problems, even when I've caused them!

— Mark – Calvary Church of Los Gatos, CA

January 2012

Sam, I want to commend you on an excellent staff. I would especially like to tell you how outstanding I think Shelly Grubb is. She is extremely efficient, technically outstanding in what she does and always on top of items. It has been a pleasure to work with her!!!

— Danalla – Mitchell & Mitchell Insurance; Novato, Dinuba, Fair Oaks, Indio, Sacramento, Union City, CA

Tim Paulson has been and still is one of the finest technicians I have had the pleasure of working with. He is the epitome of customer service.

— Lance – Toshiba Business Solutions USA; San Jose, CA

Thank you for dispatching John out to SASF so quickly. John was able to get our wi-fi and ethernet connections up and running within the hour. Whatever issues we had appear to be fixed now and I am very pleased with the service that John provided. He was excellent.

— Miguel – Southeast Asian Sports Facility; Sacramento, CA

Thank you for your impressive follow-up. I know Kelly will be helpful as she always is. We really appreciate your company's professionalism and assistance.

— Kyle – Carmel Chamber of Commerce; Carmel, CA

Cathy Cocannouer is wonderful, the best!

— Tom – Contra Costa Community College; Martinez and San Pablo, CA

Your service is always fantastic, from the moment I call or e-mail to when the tech leaves our office!

— Alexandra – Advocal; Sacramento, CA

Great service all around!

— Justine – Offices of Duke Fisher MD; Monterey & San Jose, CA

December 2011

Everything has been going great! You've got a great team and everyone went over and above to ensure our satisfaction. I appreciate you reaching out to me.

— Michael – TLC Tech, Sacramento, CA

Thanks for all you guys do for FCFCU.

— Rick – Fresno County Federal Credit Union, Fresno & Clovis CA, 8 locations

November 2011

Jerry had my problem solved over the phone in about 5 minutes. I always experience great service with TOTLCOM and the technicians are very knowledgeable.

— Barbara – BRIGHT DEVELOPMENT, Modesto, CA (a customer since 1992!)

Barbara, Phyllis and Kelly are always courteous, helpful and in a positive "can do" frame of mind. We have been with TOTLCOM for at least the six years I have been with ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation and I can honestly say between the phone staff and the service technicians that come to our location, I have never had a disappointing experience, you have a VERY professional team!
OUTSTANDING service and customer care, Thank you TOTLCOM staff!

— Barbara – ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES, Monterey, CA (a customer since 1990!)

Randy is both quick to respond and professional in his approach and skills. We are all getting used to the new wireless technology and learning it's limits.

— Dave – SAMBRAILO PACKAGING; 11 locations in United States and Mexico, HQ in Watsonville, CA

I got the email and have activated the account. Thanks for the excellent support you guys have provided to us so far.

— Sandeep – Sparta Consulting, Inc. — a KPIT Cummins Company

I love, love, love Cathy Cocannouer. She is absolutely the best. Tim did a wonderful job for us with the office move in Cupertino/San Jose.

— Corinne – California Apartment Association — Sacramento and Cupertino CA

We are exceptionally pleased with the service that Barbara ad Dale have provided. They both have gone out of their way to ensure that we have our questions answered and our system running as quickly as is humanly possible. I would personally recommend the two of them to anyone. Barbara Stoddard is on top of things. She is very knowledgeable and very professional. Her answers to my questions have always been exactly what I needed to know. Her follow-through has been impressive. Dale took care of our issues as quickly as he possibly could, and he kept us updated on his progress. We are very pleased with his professionalism and, although we do not want any more issues with our system, we gladly welcome him into our business. He has a very professional sense of humor and that is greatly appreciated!

— Stephanie – Elliott Manufacturing, Fresno CA

October 2011

Really great service, everything went smoothly. Thanks you!

— Margaret – Adept Driver — Elk Grove, CA

John was great! His knowledge of our outdated system enabled him to solve our problem quickly and efficiently.

— Steve – Aeron Systems — San Leandro, CA

September 2011

"Always so professional and quick to respond to your request."

— Patty – Pajaro Valley Unified School District

John, the TOTLCOM tech exceeded my expectations to accommodate our office needs.

— Cecilia – Regional Water Authority, Citrus Heights, CA

August 2011

Randy did an excellent precision job getting us taken care of. Cal did an excellent job coordinating our job. Thanks guys

— California League Services Corporation, Ontario & Sacramento, CA

We always get a timely response to our phone issues!

— Cynthia – California IVF, Davis, CA

July 2011

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their efforts on the Eureka move. Thanks to all of you, I think it's safe to say that we had a very successful startup. Great job all around guys!

— Jason – Winzler & Kelly — Eureka, Portland, San Diego, Santa Rosa, Sacramento, Santa Ana, San Francisco, San Jose.

I am so happy with the help I received. Not only was I called very quickly but the representative was very friendly. Even better yet, she knew what she was doing and fixed my problem in no time at all, right over the phone.

— Cindy – Robert Hayes DDS — Citrus Heights, CA

June 2011

Cathy is exemplary. I simply wish she could be my service rep for all of our vendors. Pay her more, she's worth it!!

— Jim – Maltby Electric, San Francisco, Fairfield, Petaluma, San Rafael

My T1 line conversion went very well. Thanks to the support I received from TOTLCOM both during the migration and prior configuration of the equipment!!

— Steve – Boyd Corp., Gaffey, South Carolina

Dear Kelly, All is well and we are settled in to our new office. Cathy Cocannouer has been tremendously helpful this past year and especially during our recent move. Best regards,

— Jill – Dimensions in Travel, Novato, CA

May 2011

Kelly really does provide excellent customer service. Kelly is always to the point, answering my question that typically I need the answer to immediately. She knows her product and gives me accurate, concise answers every time. Love it!

— Sharon – Town of Portola Valley

"Always responsive and helpful. They stick with the problem until it is resolved."

— Susan – Porter, Scott, Weiberg & Delehant Law Offices, Sacramento, CA

We had the pleasure of working with David Kreml and he was great! He was very knowledgeable, responsive, and patient with all of our request and order changes. Because of his service I would not hesitate to work with TOTLCOM again and even refer them to a friend/associate.

— Sara – Ridgeline Tech, Auburn, CA

Kelly is always very responsive and an excellent communicator.

— Chris – Interim Inc., Monterey

Great job. Changed out receiver and the problem was corrected.

— Craig – Community Human Services, Salinas, CA

April 2011

Cathy is excellent employee to work with. she does a very good job working on our voice mail system.

— Joyce – Diablo Valley College

I appreciate all that TOTLCOM has done for us. It is a great company and I would be happy to recommend TOTLCOM to anyone.

— Amanda – Zeiter Eye. 4 offices in Northern California

"…..always very impressed that our telephone greetings are updated in timely manner and always accurate."

— Liz – Carmel Mission, Carmel, CA

March 2011

Everyone I talked to understood my concerns and responded well to my potentially confusing request. Their flexibility in scheduling a service call, especially around my schedule, was incredible. The technical staff knew their product incredibly well. They had detailed answers to highly technical, product specific questions. Everyone went above and beyond to address my concerns. So much so, I was surprised. Very few companies are so customer focused. I am impressed. I have seen nothing better than TOTLCOM's products, service, and support. Thus, I can offer no suggestions for improvement!

— Scott – Yuba County Water Agency

We have always been treat very nice by the staff in the office as well by the field staff.

— Ben – Vida Sana Medical Group, Fresno, CA

We are very satisfied. They went out of their way to figure out the issue we were having and found us the solution!

— Patti – Sylvan School District, Modesto, CA

February 2011

John Peterson came by Friday and picked up the midspan and helped with a wiring issue, he has been a extremely helpful and knowledgeable asset to us in the transition and please make sure his supervisor knows how much we value his assistance.

— Dan – Sacramento/Yolo County Mosquito and Vector Control District, Elk Grove, CA

January 2011

The TOTLCOM team has been tremendously helpful with our recent Jennings activity and the PRI outage that happened yesterday, and this level of support has been consistent for as long as we have had a working partnership with TOTLCOM.

Shelly was phenomenally helpful with our PRI outage.

Tim has been tremendous in getting Nordic IT critical things we need after getting zero notice from us. Randy is hugely helpful to us, as always.

All I have to say to the entire TOTLCOM team is "Thank you very much!"

— Mike – Nordic Naturals, Watsonville CA & Norway

Cathy Cocannouer is always polite, outrageously helpful. Give her a raise!!

— Carolyn – National Food Laboratory, Livermore CA

December 2010

Cathy is always great to work with, and this call was no different! Super helpful, not just addressing specific issues, but also in explaining the processes behind what's going on. As to the possibility of training - I'd like to learn more, but I'm actually pretty happy with set up we have now. If I have a question, or need clarification, I'll check the manual, then email support… It gives me the focused information as I need it.

— Tom – Alameda County Bar Association, Alameda, CA

Dale is awesome. Very Knowledgeable.

— Mark – Controlled Motions Solutions; Bakersfield, Burbank, Chula Vista, Escondido, Sacramento, Santa Ana, Santa Fe Springs, Tempe

November 2010

Sam: I do not know if you truly understand what a blessing your staff is. I have worked in large (Matsushita) and small (Twin Dolphin Games) with many vendors over the past 35 years, and your staff is a true gem. They are competent, thorough and most of all FUN! They enjoy their work, they are great at it, and that is contagious throughout the whole company. Outstanding service! Without a doubt you folks are the BOMB! It was handled almost before it was reported! May your leadership continue to shine as an example for them to follow!

— James – IT Manager CCBW — Plant Sciences, Watsonville, CA

Cathy Cocannouer always does an amazing job of helping us through our phone troubles. She is professional, quick to respond, amazingly helpful and knowledgeable, and we don't know what we'd do without her.

— Michael – Scranton Law Firm, Concord, CA

Thank you! Your customer service is outstanding, I really appreciate it.

— Alex – ADVOCAL, Sacramento

Very pleased with the professionalism of your staff and they way they LISTENED to us. Allowed us to talk about our concerns and issues then addressed them in a timely manner.

— Jason – Total Monitoring Services, Sacramento, CA

(Special Comments From a National Account IT Manager, with Toshiba locations throughout the country):

To Teleco:
Toni from the NOC was onsite at branch 142A last week and was able to work with a tech by the name of Tom Moore from TOTLCOM. She states that he was one of the best she has worked with and with all the issues we have been having with techs in 14HR (Roseville), we wanted to let you know that TOTLCOM (Especially Tom Moore) is a preferred vendor. When dealing with orders in this area (they say they go as far South as Bakersfield and San Francisco) please use this vendor.

— Adam – Kelly Services, Inc., World Headquarters, Troy, Michigan

And from Teleco, who manages this Toshiba National account:

Barbara: Can you extend our Thanks to Tom for being such a great technician for us and our Kelly Branches. See notice below regarding his work there with them at Kelly's in Rancho Cordova. Thanks again for all your help. It is much appreciated.

P.S. See now you know why I try to use you guys no matter what!!

— Teleco – Greenville South Carolina

October 2010

I received an e-mail saying a ticket was created very quickly, followed by a phone call from Cathy. By the time Cathy called me, she was already connected to our system and ready to fix our issue. The TOTLCOM support team has always been great to work with. They are always quick in responding and for the most part, have been able to take care of our issues quickly. Thank you for all of the hard work you do to keep our system up and running happily!

— Brent – Bell Carter Foods, Corning, Modesto, Lafayette, CA & Phoenix, AZ

The network upgrade couldn't have gone better! Our post-upgrade network is much improved, and it has worked flawlessly.

— Mike – Nordic Naturals, Watsonville, CA, Norway, United Kingdom

TOTLCOM has been fantastic. Bruce, Gloria, Cal, James, and of course, Randy, have all been great. Raul and Phyllis have also been a great help. James was fantastic on the sales end and Randy has taken support and helping us with implementation to a whole new level. They have both been nothing but proven to be the greatest support and customer service I have ever seen, from any company. Gloria and Phyllis did a great job with the training, particularly with answering questions and training our new call center staff. Bruce was phenomenal with programming, and together, Bruce, Cal, and Randy made one incredible IT team from start-up to ever trouble issue we've had and so much more. TOTLCOM is nothing but a great company to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

— Amanda – Zeiter Eye, Stockton, Lodi, Manteca, CA

Tom was so great to work with. We have moved two times and this was the smoothest move yet. He was very knowledgeable and helpful and I would recommend him to anyone needing data/cabling.

— JR – Apex Investigation, Rancho Cordova, CA

September 2010

Just wanted to check in now that we have been up and operational for a few weeks with TOTLCOM and ABS. We have been impressed with the support we have received, both via the support network, and in person by Brian McDermott. Brian was especially helpful and committed to getting the system operational in the first few days of the transfer from our old provider. He worked late, very late, with a member of our staff to program phones and assure that the system would be "live" the following Monday. We remain impressed by the service Brian and you all have provided. I look forward to recommending your services to others here in the Carmel business community.

— Malone Hodges – Carmel, CA

Randy was very helpful and knowledgeable, and helped provide technical and "real world" advice beyond just installing a phone switch.

— Scott – Shandam Consulting, San Francisco

Excellent Service from Barbara! Thank You!

— Betty – Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District

August 2010

I would like to thank TOTLCOM for all the assistance that Barbara and Kelly give me every time I call. They are courteous and polite and sometimes that is hard especially when the phones are ringing behind you. John is always helpful and answers all my questions. Thanks for the help.

— Patti – Martinelli's

Cathy is the best! She always communicates on the progress of the ticket and follows through.

— Nancy – Synergex Software, Gold River, CA

Response to our apology for delay in calling back (1.5 hours):

"No problem at all – delay from you is like a microsecond. Very unlike what I am experiencing with Comcast (or frankly, ATT also)."

— Chris – Interim, Monterey

Thank you very much for working on our phone system so late last night to get everything up and running for us. I really appreciate the effort that you put in, it make a huge difference when users come in the next morning and everything is working fine. We have not had one problem today and everyone is happy!

— Ray – Bell Carter Foods. California & Arizona

July 2010

Barbara responded to our email quickly and professionally. She followed the case until resolved!! Overall experience was very good!

— Eddie – LifeCare Solutions

Always a helpful and friendly staff!!

— Jonnie – Aldrin Brothers, Turlock

June 2010

All Techs are great, they know what they're doing and they have no problem explaining things and hunting done problems. I am very satisfied.

— Mike – Rogers Jewelers, 12 locations

The technicians who installed our additional speakers made up for my original call to your company. The lead technician was extremely nice and very professional. Our facility was very happy with the installation. They were on time. They did a great job and also were very friendly.

— Chris – US Forest Service

Hi Bruce and Brian,
Just wanted to let you know that the Custom Schedule did work! Thank you for your help getting that to work and then letting me know how to enter the info correctly!

— Patricia – Cambridge Management Company, Santa Clara

This is the first time we have used TOTLCOM and our experience has been fantastic. From talking to Barbara when we first call in to having the tech onsite everything went smoothly. Thanks!

— Amber – TITAN Insurance, Fresno

Dale: Thanks for all your help on these last minute request. On behalf of myself and LifeCare Solutions, I really appreciate your attentiveness and degree of accommodations you have afforded us with these last minute requests. We are growing at an incredible rate and things are changing and expanding at the drop of a hat. Thank you for being available to help us with these last minute request. You're a credit to your profession. Thank you!

— Mark – LifeCare Solutions — 22 California locations and growing

Dale is always very courteous and professional whenever he has been at our facility. I always enjoy working with him. He combines customer service and professionalism at all times.

— Laura – Zoom Imaging — Fresno & San Jose

May 2010

We are very satisfied and love our Technician John. Have been working with him for over 10 years now.

— Jennifer – Monterey Peninsula Airport

You guys are awesome and one of the very best vendors I've ever worked with!

— Jason – Winzler & Kelly, 12 US & Pacific offices

Jerry is always very efficient, professional and responsive. While the problem was not fixed on the first response, it was due to equipment, not technical or personnel issues. Jerry was right on the problem and stuck with it until it was fixed.

— Cecilia – HAF Properties, Sunnyvale CA

April 2010

Raul did a good job relaying info to me here in Colorado and working in the office with BI personnel. Everything worked and he double checked again with our people there in the office before he left. I can't ask for more. Your group of employees continues to perform good timely service for us. You have a great group of employees! Thanks.

— Gary – BI Incorporated

Cathy is wonderful to talk to, and extremely helpful!

— Gretta – Abramson & Thaete, LLP

Always a pleasure doing business with TOTLCOM… a real class act operation!

— James – Otis MacAllister, San Francisco

Thank you so much and thank you for your help and support over the years!

— Mike – Clark Pest Control, 25 locations in Northern California & Reno

March 2010

"We are very satisfied. John Knox has always handled our account. He's a great guy!"

— Diana – Royal Pacific Foods/The Ginger People, Marina, CA

"Thank you for understanding and helping us out in renewing the agreement. We have seen a big difference in customer service ever since you took over. It's really a pleasure to work with a company who is line with our telephone needs."

— Marie – North State Building Industry Association, Roseville, CA

"We always get great service from Cathy C. We're very satisfied."

— David – Moore & Baker LLP — Walnut Creek, CA

February 2010

"Very satisfied, I am quite happy with your service."

— Lisa – Los Medanos College, Pittsburg, CA


Our office recently purchased a new phone system through your company and I wanted to take a moment to commend Dale Hill. I have worked with him off and on over the past 8+ years. He has been a joy to work with during this new transition. He is very professional, extremely helpful and probably the most important is his patience with me and my staff. He has helped me identify what our needs are and then set out to help us accomplish that goal. To date, we are up and running with our new system and are very pleased. I believe you are fortunate to have an employee like Dale Hill working for your organization. I will be pleased to recommend Dale Hill and your company to other businesses. Sincerely,

— Sue – Visalia Ob/Gyn Medical Associates, Visalia, CA

January 2010

Thank you for the quick response. This tells me, as an end-user, you actually read these and they don't wind up in the "electronic drawer". Since this is the case please allow me to express myself about your employees. I started working with James Shaw and Randy Taylor about 1-1/2 years ago when we went out to bid on a new phone system for my project. Albeit we have a difficult and complicated history on this Shoretel installation due to complications with our High-Voltage Isolation and Shoretel's input sensitivity. James and particularly Randy have been invaluable resources and when I call to ask a question I feel completely confident in their responses. This is why I continue to use TOTLCOM. I was recently brought onto the job in Lodi less than two weeks prior to the manager's "go live" date. In quick response James and Randy came out to the site, performed the walkthrough, and provided a quote, all within two days. The job was completed, with many change orders and the on-site crew had no issues with the changes. I have developed a professional relationship with Randy and James and trust them, not only with my system, but enough to recommend them to my counter-parts within NCPA. Sam, these guys are great and I appreciate their time. Please pass along my appreciation to them.

— Tim – Northern California Power Agency, Roseville, California

Sam … As usual Shelly and your crew were excellent ! I continue to have great confidence in TOTLCOM. Shelly has "saved us" time and time again. Jerry and his staff are good to work with.. No complaints … Just don't go away until I retire !! I believe sincerely that Shelly has been a large part of taking our business to a new level…. She paid attention to our business and its needs, after which she made suggestions about equipment and applications that would benefit us… I attended a TOTLCOM "seminar" in the Sacramento area that helped me with my understanding of your company and the product you had to offer… Jerry and his support team spent a lot of time helping us through the journey from where we were to where we needed to be… Not an easy journey I might add, as we now have grown to 20 locations… Unlike other vendors I have dealt with in the past, all of TOTLCOM Modesto consulted, trained, brain stormed, etc… on nearly a daily basis and never once made us feel like they were tired of dealing with us…. TOTLCOM has saved us money on our monthly expenses while guiding us to equipment that allows us to give better customer service and to give more/better "tools" to our agents to assist them in doing the best job they can do… Shelly, Jerry and their team continues to give us suggestions on how we might do things differently/better and keeps us informed of new equipment/services that have become or will be available… TOTLCOM did not take our money and run… TOTLCOM has cared about us and continues to care for us on a daily basis… So thanks Sam for your well trained team and much appreciated Modesto location… If all your locations are as dedicated as Modesto you must have a very productive business with lots of happy clients.

— Lauren – Century 21 M&M Realty, Modesto, CA

Hi, Sam. I'm sending this message to acknowledge a job well done. Shelly did a fantastic job on our PRI project! She handled the intricate coordination of TOTLCOM, TelePacific, AT&T, Smith Telecommunications and Nordic Naturals with a great deal of skill, organization and patience. In particular, she was very patient with my seemingly endless questions and fact checking throughout the project. With our PRI phone service, we are forging ahead with improved phone technology that will save us a considerable amount of money on our monthly phone bill.

—Mike Rosemire – I.T. Manager Nordic Naturals, Central CA

"John Knox has always provided us top notch service and an excellent attitude."

— Chris – Interim. Monterey, CA

December 2009

"I just wanted to thank everyone for helping us get our phone system in with short notice. We were kind of surprised when the deadline was pushed up 3 weeks at the last minute but with your help everything went smooth. Everyone was friendly and very helpful and I really appreciate it. Thank you!"

— Ray – Bell Carter Foods — Lafayette, Corning, Modesto, CA

"Thank you for meeting our needs and expectations as gold club members. We appreciate the courteous acknowledgment of our specific services and offering the tech to come to our facility to make our system compatible with the needs of our training modalities. Also, thank you for recognizing the budgeting issues that we have been faced with and offering the service pro bono. Thank you. That meant a lot to us."

— Martha – The Center for Violence Free Relationships — Placerville, CA

"Jerry deserves a raise!! Smilegreat job - fast and efficient. He made up for the problem with the 800#. Thanks Jerry! You did a GREAT job! It is my pleasure and privilege to give credit where credit is due. I think the difference between companies in an industry is the customer service, so keep up the good work. Thank you for taking the time out to e-mail me, that just put the "s" in service."

— Shavon – Prudential Realty — San Francisco, CA

"I was very impressed with all of the above (technician competence, etc.). I was totally satisfied with the way he followed up on my question."

— Linda – North State Building Industry — Roseville, CA

"Carrie was right on the problem. It was great!! I was so happy that she (Carrie) knew what to do."

— Cathy – the Law Offices of Daniel Quinn

"Thanks for the follow up. We are big fans of the Shoretel system and it would be great to be able to extend the functionality of the system to our Iphone users. Especially if they could connect to the system on wifi when they are in the building. I know that Shoretel will get there eventually. The new 9.2 software is a great improvement over version 7.5 that we were running. They have really improved the interface, ease of use, and addressed some annoyances in the old software. Cathy was a big help getting us upgraded and making sure everything went smoothly. Thanks for all of the support!"

— Blake – American Underwater Products — San Leandro

November 2009

"The service is always great. I definitely enjoy working with Cathy Coccaneuer, she is really a great person to work with. I have not really spoken to anyone else other than Cathy or Cal. I do appreciate both of their service Great communications skills. Everything was handled in a timely and professional manner. Keep up the good work."

— Linda – Alameda County Transportation — Oakland, CA

"We had one question that took almost 3 minutes for them to find the answer to… That was the long hard one… These guys are fantastic! I wish all our vendors were as prompt and polite as TOTLCOM. TOTLCOM had other systems the could have sold us, but when we saw the hands on demo and each and every question answered by Randy and Brian, we were as sold on ShoreTel as they are! Outstanding support, install and training! Questions answered right away."

— James – Plant Sciences — Watsonville, CA

October 2009

"John Knox is a superior representative of your company. I truly enjoy having him stop by to mitigate any issues we have with the system. He is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. In fact, I have found all of your employees/representatives to have terrific customer service. Thank you."

— Gina – North County Fire Protection District — Castroville, CA

"I have always received wonderful customer service. All employees represent TOTLCOM very well. Thanks "

— Linda – Empire Unified School District — Hughes School — Modesto, Empire, CA

Comments on our overall performance: "Very satisfied as always."

— Jonnie – Alldrin Brothers — Turlock, CA

"Mike came out and installed our voice mail system today. I just wanted to let you know how helpful your technician Mike has been. He has been very thorough in checking that everything is working correctly. Please pass along to his manager how pleased we are with the service we received."

— Linda – Eckert Cold Storage Co. — Manteca, Escalon, CA

August 2009

"Dale Hill had lots of patience with all my questions and he explained them to me in a clear and professional manner. We are very satisfied."

— Veronica – Coldwell Banker Allied Realtors

"TOTLCOM has provided Pacific Plug & Liner outstanding support for our phone system over a period of several years. We recently had a problem with our wireless handheld devices locally on site that was slightly out of TOTLCOM's core area of expertise. Rather than just say, "I'm sorry, we don't work on that", our Sales Representative, Brian McDermott went out of his way to find us local network support to solve the problem. Because our Corporate offices are in Washington, his efforts saved my network engineer an expensive, unnecessary trip to our Watsonville facility. As a Customer, I really appreciated his willingness to go above and beyond to help us out."

— Greg McNamara – IT Director at Smith Gardens, Inc. — Watsonville, CA

"Dale is a real pleasure to work with."

— Sue – C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc. — Visalia, CA

"Hi, Randy. I'm happy to confirm that you have solved the problem that was blocking remote access through the Citrix Secure Gateway. One of our Citrix users, from a remote location in the Eastern United States, was able to log into Citrix and use Citrix-published apps successfully. Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter! Our network is now a smooth-running thing and is greatly enhanced. Thanks again!"

— Mike – Nordic Naturals — Watsonville, CA

"Cathy is always so Polite and Professional and gets the job done. I love working with her. We have worked with Cathy for a long time and when I found out she was the one helping us I was so excited cause she tackles the problems until it gets resolved."

— Janet – MooreBaker — Walnut Creek, CA

"Maurice, you have such a wonderful team, I just sent that other email off to you and then Barbara called. We're all set up for the 27th. Thanks!"

— Amanda – Cycleware — Pacific Grove, CA

July 2009

"Thanks for the great Service."

— Ken – Anderson Behel Body Shop — Santa Clara, CA

June 2009

"TOTLCOM has been great! Randy Taylor has been a pleasure to work with and very responsive to my needs as a consumer after the product was installed."

— Todd – Carlson & Associates Insurance — Hayward, Livermore, San Ramon, CA

"Great service as always"

— Shana – Winn & Company Insurance Brokers — Hollister, CA

"Excellent turn-around time getting a tech out to us!"

— Duane – Delta Blood Bank — Central California (13 Locations)

"John is always wonderful. His knowledge of our system and ability to trouble shoot our problems is fantastic!"

— Christi – AIMS (Acclamation Insurance Management Services) — Modesto, Oakland, Salinas (2), Tulare, CA

"Barbara & Bruce are wonderful!!"

— Debb – Horizon Ag Products — Modesto, CA | Kennewick, WA

May 2009

"Our relationship with TOTLCOM has been wonderful. They are an amazing group of people to work with from their phone operator, technicians, to their sales team. They work together to teach us, assist us, and keep us abreast on the latest features and products that will work best for our practice needs. They are efficient, communicate well, and are dependable. They are a top notch company and you (ShoreTel) are blessed to have them as one of your dealers."

— K. Fruda – Capital Allergy and Respiratory Disease Center — Roseville, Sacramento, Folsom, CA

"After spending a year comparing seven different vendors and products we are more than pleased that we went with TOTLCOM. They proved that a perfect solution for our company was more important to them than the perfect sale. TOTLCOM went way beyond what was expected during the installation, training, support, and still almost a year after they are right there by our sides to support our success with the products we purchased as more of a partner than a vendor. The IP system we purchased was tailored to our needs and has increased productivity, manageability, and flexibility for our company and TOTLCOM has proved to be a company of integrity, competence, dependability, dedication to their customers, and just plain fun to work with!"

— William Brandle – Information Technology Manager, CKC Laboratories, Inc. — Brea, Chatsworth, Fremont, Mariposa, Canyon Park, CA

"Mr. Greer – I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a wonderful, efficient, superlative employee you have in Barbara Stoddard. She has, without exception, taken extremely good care of all of our requests and needs, and has done them in more than a timely manner. I sincerely believe that she is the best representative I've ever dealt with anywhere and just wanted you to know what an asset she is to your company. She makes my life easier and I only wish there were clones of her and that everyone took such pride in their jobs and did them with such efficiency."

— Janet Glenn – Hunt & Jeppson — Roseville, CA

April 2009

"John know our system like no one else. He always gets to the root of the problem quickly. He is efficient in the execution of the tasks and we never have to call him back. John offers professional advice, give stellar service and has a great work ethic."

— Mike Davidsen – Pacific Wine Partners — Gonzales, CA


— Carla Taylor – Ford Construction — Lodi, CA

"Great, awesome service and very timely!"

— Vicky Griffith – Haidlen Ford — Oakdale, CA

March 2009

"Barbara & Dale take care of us every time! We are so appreciative!"

— Jenelle Higton – California Oncology — Fresno, CA

"I have always been very satisfied with the service of your company!"

— Jackie Heaton – Warden's Office Products — Modesto, CA

"Fixed problem quickly—thank you!"

— Jane Staples – Beacon House — Pacific Grove, CA

February 2008

"Resources for Independent Living, Inc. (RIL) is a non-profit social service agency serving persons with disabilities. For the last 15 years, TOTLCOM has served RIL with both superior products and outstanding customer service. RIL recently upgraded to a new phone system and the transition was quick, easy and a great success. The TOTLCOM staff was knowledgeable, experienced and provided excellent training and support during this transition. Our company has found TOTLCOM to be a trusted business that can be relied upon for professional telephone services. Sincerely"

— Monica Gracechild

January 2008

"Keep doing what you are doing — you guys provide excellent service."

— Diane Byers – Grantz & Van Ruler, CPA's — Watsonville, CA

January 2008

"You guys rule! Keep up the good work. Thank you."

— Steve Miller – Fox Racing — Morgan Hill, CA

December 2007

Sam — We have been with TOTLCOM for nine, going on ten years now. Phil is a great rep. Phyllis and the others there at TOTLCOM have been THE BEST I've dealt with in 27 years. The recommendation to bring in Brian Watters a few years back when it came to data was just plain Synergy. You just can't get better data service or solution than what Brian's team delivers! I could not ask (from an IT Director's standpoint) for a better overall data/voice solution. These guys are dedicated not only to customer service, but creating good vendor-customer relationships. This I value more than the T-1 and voice solutions they provide. When you add in a touch of class by having someone of of such high quality as Phyllis, you just can't beat that kind of deal in today's business. When you employ hard working people like Shelly who work relentlessly until a solution is delivered, you become successful by earning a solid corporate reputation and forge an image that is beyond compromise. I don't know how to put a price tag on the personality, service, commitment and uptime you guys deliver. AT&T/SBC can't deliver the kind of service and support you guys do every day of the week. You represent stability, reliability, a can do company with a record of accomplishments. Yes, please feel free to use me as a reference!

— James Kochheiser – Chief Information Officer — Otis McAllister — San Francisco, CA

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