Real-time reporting.

SonicWALL’s management and reporting solutions provide a comprehensive architecture for centrally creating and managing security policies, providing real-time monitoring and alerts, and delivering intuitive compliance and usage reports, all from a single management interface. Whether your organization is a small- or medium-sized business, a distributed enterprise or a managed service provider, SonicWALL offers software and appliance solutions to meet its needs.

Global Management System

The award-winning SonicWALL® Global Management System (GMS) provides organizations, distributed enterprises and service providers with a flexible, powerful and intuitive solution to centrally manage and rapidly deploy SonicWALL firewall, anti-spam, backup and recovery, and secure remote access solutions. Flexibly deployed as software, hardware—in the form of the Universal Management Appliance (UMA)—or a virtual appliance, SonicWALL GMS also provides centralized real-time monitoring, and comprehensive policy and compliance reporting to drive down the cost of owning and managing SonicWALL security appliances. Multiple GMS software, hardware, and virtual appliance agents, when deployed in a cluster, can scale to manage thousands of SonicWALL security appliances. This makes GMS an ideal solution for small- to medium-sized businesses, enterprises and managed service providers that have either single-site or distributed multi-site environments.


SonicWALL Scrutinizer is a multi-vendor, application traffic analytics visualization and reporting tool to measure and troubleshoot network performance and utilization while increasing productivity for enterprises and service providers. Scrutinizer supports a wide range of routers, switches, firewalls and data-flow reporting protocols. When using IPFIX/NetFlow data exported by SonicWALL firewalls, Scrutinizer provides unparalleled insight into application traffic analysis. Scrutinizer also provides historical and advanced reporting, role-based administration, advanced analysis, and threshold-based alerts1, in addition to numerous special features for MSPs and ISPs2. SonicWALL is the only firewall vendor that provides a complete solution, combining off-box application traffic analytics with granular statistical data generated by SonicWALL firewalls.


SonicWALL Analyzer is an affordable, easy to use web-based traffic analytics and reporting tool that provides real-time and historical insight into the health, performance and security of the network. Analyzer supports SonicWALL firewalls, Continuous Data Protection, backup and recovery appliances, and secure remote access solutions.

1 These features require the Flow Analytics Module.
2 Available in the Service Provider Module.