TOTLCOM Helps Well-Pict Berries Recover From A CryptoLocker Nightmare While Saving Them Money

February 22nd, 2019 by admin


It all started with a dream 50 years ago.  Tim Miyasaka formed a marketing and sales organization called Well-Pict Berries.  He worked with independent growers and experienced marketing and sales professionals to make his dream come to fruition. Now Well-Pict Berries has their own proprietary, patented variety of berries. Today, with 200 employees and two locations in California, Well-Pict Berries is a dominant force in the berry industry worldwide.


The dream turned into a nightmare when a CryptoLocker virus hit Well-Pict's systems. It not only infected their network but their backup files.They lost most of their data as a result. The IT provider they were using at the time didn't take the necessary precautions to protect their files. As a result, they let him go.


We were asked to step in and try to recover their files. We also set up a security solution to protect their network and data,so this wouldn't happen again. We implemented a robust backup solution with multiple back up locations including a cloud backup service. They now have a reliable backup system that's well protected and recoverable. Well-Pict suffers power outages from time to time. So, we made sure theirnetwork switches wouldn't lose their configuration when this happens. We were able to completely stabilize the networking environment and harden it to withstand power loss Plus, Well-Pict now uses our Shoretel Phone Systemto ensure they can always make and receive calls no matter what. And we were able to find them significant savings by updating their carrier services.The new carrier services took over a year to complete but in the end, the savings almost completely coverstheir IT service costs. Some of the solutions we installed and implemented included:
  • A Windows Hyper-v infrastructure
  • Citrix Server
  • Microsoft solutions
  • HP Proliant Servers and Storage Area Network
  • HP Networking
  • Watchguard Firewall
Shari Nakanofrom TOTLCOM explains: "I can't say enough about TOTLCOM. They have saved us from IT disasters numerous times. We were using another IT provider when the CryptoLocker virus hit.  It locked up all of our files.  Unfortunately, our IT person didn't act quickly enough. We lost most of our digital files. It was a nightmare.  This was when we called TOTLCOM. They came over right away. [The TOTLCOM] team were able to recover some of our files.  Because of their help over the past several years, things are now running much more smoothly.  I used to get called in the middle of the night when someone's computer went down. This no longer happens, and I can now get a full night's sleep!  Our work days are no longer interrupted by little IT issues. There are no more "fires" to put out, and we can rely on our technology to get our work done.   Plus, the team at TOTLCOM is great to work with. I recommend them to other businesses all the time.  I would be so lost without them!"


We provide Complete Managed Services for Well-Pict's Watsonville location and remote office. They are very satisfied with our services, and we have a close working relationship. TOTLCOM is Well-Pict's trusted adviser for technology and communications services. Want to protect your business from CryptoLocker and other malware while saving money on your communications costs? Contact the team at TOTLCOM. We'll be happy to provide a complementary technology and communications assessment.   In the meantime, stay informed about what's happening in IT today.  Visit our Education Centerwhere we publish informative IT articles each month.  Here are a few to get you going:

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