TDS Group Experiences Higher Levels of Service with ShoreTel VoIP

December 26th, 2017 by admin

The TDS Group is a medium sized business in Northern California that supports financial remitting services for 300 school districts in 46 states. The customer needed a phone system to support inbound/outbound call center functions with good call quality, ease of use and economical deployment and maintenance with an overall low Total Cost of Ownership.

The Challenge

The stakes were high as the customer served over 85,000 clients calling for status and updates of existing and pending financial transactions. The individual clients were public school system employees. If clients complained it results in loss of the school district account.

The Solution

The client agreed to purchase and deploy a ShoreTel VoIP phone system with an ongoing support agreement. Each company staff member the customer was able to adjust the call center protocols in real time as the daily staffing needs changes due to increased or decreased call volume. Reports were generated to show wait times, abandoned calls and agent average time on a call. The system Administrator and Super visor features allowed management to train and monitor agents in real time while on a call with a customer.

The Result

Deployment of the new ShoreTel solution was accomplished without complications or delay of service in record time. Included with the system purchase was a 5 year support plan that covered daily help desk support and emergency onsite response if necessary. Including the support plan the total cost of monthly phone service was cut in half saving the company tens of thousands of dollars annually. With the new system in place the company was easily able to capture, count and adjust to varying inbound/outbound staffing scenarios based on times of day, week and month in real-time as needed. The Supervisor functions increased agent training activities without taking away from the time the agents were scheduled to be on the job. Customer complaints regarding hold-times, automated attendant navigations and voice-mail complications diminished. Customer satisfaction ratings went up and employee frustrations went down. The customers experienced higher levels of service which translated into referrals and recommendations for the company to acquire new school district clients. Contact Us or call for more detail 800-300-5500!

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