Superior Court of California, County of Monterey, Makes the Switch to VoIP with ShoreTel

December 26th, 2017 by admin

ShoreTel reduces costs, improves productivity and customer service, and powers integrated Voice Response system. In early 2004, the superior courts in California branched off to become their own administrative entities, distinct from the counties. Because of this, the Superior Court of California, County of Monterey began to look at new technologies and to implement new processes in order to function independently from county-provided services. This included a search for a new telephone system to replace the previous Ericsson PBX-based system long in use by the county. "The County's phone system was costly and could not cost effectively be molded to fit our evolving needs." - Christine Ace, Technology Analyst Superior Court of CA, County of Monterey.

The Challenge

When it came to the question of finding a new telephone system to replace its previous Ericsson PBX-based system, the search team established a list of key priorities. Most important among them were the ability to scale, to implement call centers easily through workgroup capabilities, to reduce costs for performance, and overall ease of implementation and management. "We weren't certain how large the phone system would eventually become, and we needed to make sure our growth could be accommodated." - Christine Ace, Technology Analyst Superior Court of CA, County of Monterey.

The Solution

The Superior Court of California, County of Monterey chose ShoreTel in part because of the system's open, distributed architecture, which allows it to scale and grow with ease. ShoreTel also offered the added flexibility of permitting the court to keep its existing analog phones until they were ready to be replaced with feature-rich ShoreTel IP Phones. The court was under strict time constraints to install by a particular date, which, if missed, would require them to re-up with the county. The installation of 14 ShoreTel 120 Voice Switches and 50 ShoreTel 100 IP Phones went both smoothly and quickly, keeping the court well on schedule. With the savings in maintenance and administration, as well as reductions in hard costs, the court estimated that the new system would pay for itself in the first year. Other benefits include:
  • Reduction in incoming traffic with the auto-attendant feature, which offers callers options for directing their own calls.
  • ShoreTel Workgroups provides basic reporting capabilities to help the court measure call volume and make work schedule changes as necessary, thereby leveraging and maximizing resources.
  • Significant cost savings achieved because all adds, changes, and moves can be handled quickly and in-house through ShoreTel Director's Web-based interface.
  • Workgroups improves communications by allowing callers to be directed quickly to the right staff member for their need.
"The actual maintenance costs, without adding in employee and staff time, totaled over 200,000 a year with the previous system. With ShoreTel, maintenance costs have been reduced to less than one-eighth of that." - Christine Ace, Technology Analyst Superior Court of CA, County of Monterey. READ THE PDF SUCCESS STORY

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