Progressive Medical Center Improves Communications Condition by Switching to ShoreTel

December 26th, 2017 by admin

ShoreTel offers the high availability and reliability healthcare organizations need, and improves overall productivity. Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare is a progressive, technologically advanced healthcare leader in Northern Nevada. The three-story, 352,000 square foot facility at the heart of a spacious 80-acre medical campus overlooks picturesque Carson City. Carson Tahoe has set new standards in women and children's medical services, surgical services, outpatient services, and oncology. "We've reduced systems management time significantly and realized big savings there, lowering our overall cost of ownership. In addition to management simplicity, users appreciate the simplified interface and the advanced features. Many users have learned these features easily on their own, without extensive training." – Chris Woody, Network Administrator, Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare.

The Challenge

In 2005, Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare started building a 146-bed hospital with approximately 250 physicians and staff. To streamline communications throughout this facility, Carson Tahoe wanted to converge its voice and data networks and add the powerful features available with unified communications (UC). With existing NEC PBX-based systems already deployed at most of the18 buildings across campus, the organization realized it needed a new solution — one with a lower cost of ownership, advanced features, and wireless functionality, all of which could be centrally managed. "It's the easiest system in terms of moves ... we've reduced systems management time significantly and realized big savings there." – Chris Woody, Network Administrator, Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare.

The Solution

ShoreTel provided Carson Tahoe with 42 ShoreTel Voice Switches for five different buildings. Specifically, the organization has 30 ShoreTel 120, two ShoreTel 40 Voice Switches, and 10 ShoreTel T1 Voice Switches. In addition, a total of 1,200 extensions were deployed — most of them ShoreTel IP Phones, and some analog, including fax machines. Approximately 1,000 of the ShoreTel IP Phones are deployed at the main facility alone. The deployment took four months and ShoreTel trained the organization's technology staff and users over the course of two months.
  • With the ShoreTel UC system, all Carson Tahoe employees are on a centralized phone and voicemail system, managing their email and voicemail activity in one place.
  • ShoreTel's distributed architecture gives Carson Tahoe the high availability and disaster recovery plan critical to healthcare organizations.
  • The ShoreTel UC system supports both the analog and digital devices required in a hospital setting.
  • The robust ShoreTel feature set improves employee productivity and enhances responsiveness to calls; receptionist productivity has improved 50 to 60 percent compared with the previous solution.
"ShoreTel was the only solution that truly worked for us. The distributed architecture of the ShoreTel UC system was a perfect fit for our requirements and its centralized management is a mission-critical feature. With ShoreTel, you just manage the whole network, no matter where the switches are located." – Tyler Jackson, Systems Administrator, Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare. READ THE PDF SUCCESS STORY

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