Pacific Business Centers Deploys ShoreTel for Extensive Cost Savings and Efficiencies

December 20th, 2017 by admin

Northern California real estate organization unleashes the power of ShoreTel to create a powerful on-demand office environment while saving $365,000 annually in labor costs. The Pacific Business Centers group of companies offers a wide range of on-demand offices in a shared infrastructure environment. Clients have access to furnished offices, conference rooms, ShoreTel VoIP telephony, unified messaging, answering services, IT support, admin support, bookkeeping services, HD video conferencing, and online legal library under a pay-per-use hosted model PBC refers to as Workplace-as-a-ServiceTM. The PBC model responds to corporate trends toward a more distributed workforce, increased flexibility, outsourcing of non-core activities, telecommuting, sustainability, and a growing demand from professional firms and start-ups. The Pacific Business Centers Group owns and operates 14 locations in California and is a leading member of the CloudVO network of Virtual offices with other 200 locations across North America. "It's our mission to bring the power of digital communications to the mobile workforce. Our vision is to connect all the offices together in a seamless, cost-efficient manner." โ€”Scott Chambers, Chief Operating Officer at Pacific Business Centers

The Challenge

To orchestrate a higher level of cohesive business communications across the company, Pacific Business Centers wanted to replace legacy PBX systems with a single Voice over IP (VoIP) platform. Pacific Business Centers worked with PacketFusion, a ShoreTel Certified Orange Partner specializing in telephony solutions and services to mid-market and enterprise organizations. The goal was to switch from separate PBX systems to a single VoIP platform that was simple to use and scale, and would help decrease labor costs. "We looked at the ease of use and scalability of ShoreTel, and the ShoreTel TCO Tool that showed the cost of ownership. We focused on our 14 California locations first, prior to recommending a more ambitious roll out to our network of industry partners nationwide. With ShoreTel, we found that we are able to connect everything through one system. One important thing to note is that we are not just supporting our own company in cost savings and efficiency gains, we are also supporting the functionality needs of our user-clients." โ€”Scott Chambers, Chief Operating Officer at Pacific Business Centers Pacific Business Centers implemented a ShoreTel Unified Communications (UC) Solution, including ShoreTel Call Center Adapter, ShoreTel IP Phones, and 1,184 licenses, to manage business communications across the entire enterprise with a single system. Benefits include:
  • Cost Savings of US$365,000 annually
  • Return on Investment in two years
  • Unified, reliable collaboration tools for faster call resolution
"We went from needing 20 receptionists to only needing seven. The cost savings on those salaries equal $365,000 annually," โ€”Scott Chambers, Chief Operating Officer at Pacific Business Centers


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