How Did TOTLCOM Help A Food Bank Feed California's Hungry?

October 26th, 2018 by admin

The Central California Food Bank fights hunger by gathering and distributing food, engaging in partnerships that advance self-sufficiency, and by providing community leadership on issues related to hunger. They serve over 280,000 people each month in Fresno, Madera, Kings, Kern and Tulare Counties. The Food Bank relies on their technology to support their shipments of over 40-million pounds of food each year. When they had problems with their Wi-Fi and needed updated business phone services, they contacted TOTLCOM. What Challenges Do Nonprofits Like The Central California Food Bank Face? Nonprofit organizations deal with unique challenges and different demands than businesses in the for-profit world. They depend on funding and donations and must watch every dollar they spend. With an increasing dependence on technology, it's critical that an IT service provider understand this and help them use cost-effective solutions. TOTLCOM addresses these challenges and ensures charities like the Central California Food Bank get the most out of their technology. Why Did The Central California Food Bank Choose TOTLCOM? The Food Bank's previous tech had worked with TOTLCOM. He knew that we provided great services. So when he decided to leave, he suggested that the Food Bank contact us. They were getting ready to move to another location and needed help transitioning their technology over to their new site. What Did We Discover When We Assessed Their IT? We found that their phone system was out of date. They also lacked a centralized Wi-Fi system for their warehouse that supports the 40 million pounds of food shipments they send out each year. What Solutions Did TOTLCOM Install and Deploy?
  • A New VOIP Solution (Voice Over Internet Protocol ) This phone system utilizes cloud technology. It's much more affordable and scalable because the Food Bank only pays for each user. They don't have to invest in hardware that will eventually be out of date.
  • Remote Support With Remote Management and Monitoring from TOTLCOM, the Food Bank is assured of always having reliable and secure access to their data. If issues arise, we can address and remediate them remotely. If this isn't possible, we send a tech onsite right away.
  • A Help Desk System that they know they can rely on when they have questions or concerns with their technology.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery with enterprise cloud-based and onsite backups so their data is always accessible from wherever they have an internet connection. This protects them from data loss due to natural disasters like floods, fire or earthquakes – or from accidental data deletions or data loss from hacking. We test the recoverability of their data on a regular basis which is very important to ensure business continuity.
  • Office Relocation Planning and Implementation to ensure they were up and running as planned in their new location. We set up a new Wi-Fi and Phone system with voice mail, installed 11 new printers, and completely configured their IT room.
  • PCI Scanning and Reporting Services for ensured compliance with PCI-DSS regulations. This provides a simple reporting that flags any items of concern. Our scans are certified to meet or exceed all the rigorous requirements of the PCI ASV scanning standards.
What Were The Results Of TOTLCOM'S Service? The Food Bank now has the updated and new services they need to provide help to the communities they serve. Robin from The Central California Food Bank tells us more: "TOTLCOM handled the whole process so well that we didn't have any disruptions in our services. They moved everything, got it all set up, and ensured the process was painless for our office and warehouse staff. We had been experiencing issues with our phone carrier which caused significant issues for those we serve. We're responsible for delivering food, and the organizations we assist need to know our delivery times and reach us to place orders. TOTLCOM came on site and spent the entire day working with the phone provider to get our company up and running properly. With our new phone service, we can cost-effectively communicate with our team, vendors, and volunteers. TOTLCOM provides exceptional service. I recommend other nonprofits and businesses contact them for cost-effective technology solutions and service." Conclusion Find out how TOTLCOM can help your nonprofit or business use cost-effective technology solutions. Contact us and one of our technicians will conduct a complimentary IT assessment to see how we can help. In the meantime, it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest news and info in technology. We help you do this by posting relevant articles in our online Education Center. Here are a few examples of what you'll find: Digital Transformation: Is Your Business Ready? “Digital transformation” is a term likely circulating around IT departments everywhere. The vast majority of businesses today, no matter how big or small, will likely need to further digitalize their operations in order to keep up with competitive markets and an ever-growing list of digital trends. Implementing Data Security For Your Small Business Today’s small business owners are tasked with managing operations, employees and a wide range of things pertaining to the modern day business. It’s no surprise, then, that amid the hustle and bustle, some areas of importance are thrown to the wayside. Cybersecurity is often one of them. What Are The Best Business Phone Systems In 2018? Voice and data communications are a critical lifeline for California businesses today. Without a modern business telephone and telephone systems strategy, businesses are at a decided disadvantage. Choosing the right business telephone services means using a proven advisor that will understand your business needs and recommend a solution, one that is made to operate in a modern workplace, delivering to employees and customers the functionality that lets work be done efficiently and accurately.

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