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With four offices in central and northern California, our team of professional voice and data specialists is uniquely positioned to respond quickly and effectively.

We are proud to be among the top distributors nationwide for quality telecommunications systems from Toshiba, ShoreTel and American Broadband Services. Our support desk is staffed by very experienced engineers who are able solve problems and assist customers quickly. Technicians and engineers are on-call 24 x 7 for fast and efficient response to customer requests.


Since 1973, TOTLCOM has been at the forefront of the communications industry, winning awards, but more importantly, taking care of our customers. Thousands of business customers have benefited by our commitment to customer satisfaction. Extensive technology and service experience allows our team to develop an understanding of each customer's unique system requirements, and to respond to those requirements quickly and effectively.

TOTLCOM Inc. is an aggressive telecommunication services company and has provided innovated voice and data telecommunication solutions for business for over four decades.

Founded by Sam Bishop and Verle Bogue, the company started in Santa Cruz, California as a Radio Common Carrier – providing car telephones and paging services. The company name in those early days was Santa Cruz Radio Service.

In the early 1980s congressional hearing were underway to deregulate the AT&T and Bell Systems monopoly and allow private ownership of telecommunications equipment. Foreseeing the pending opportunity to introduce advanced technology to businesses, Sam Bishop changed the company name to TOTLCOM Inc. The initial telecommunications systems were installed in 1981 – before the actual breakup of AT&T and the Bell System companies.

Over the years, TOTLCOM has successfully predicted pending changes in telecommunications technology. Equipment offering have migrated from electro-mechanical, to electronic, to digital and now to VoIP and IP based Cloud based services.

By partnering with TOTLCOM businesses reap the benefit of using cutting-edge telecommunication technology to streamline their operations and grow their business.

Today TOTLCOM offers ShoreTel and Toshiba equipment along with other advanced telecommunication and Internet based services.

TOTLCOM maintains four sales and service offices in California – in Watsonville, Modesto, Sacramento, and Fresno and partners with a nationwide network of information technology solution companies. TOTLCOM has grown into one of the largest telecommunication dealers in North America.


TOTLCOM Inc. Mission, Value, and Vision. 100% customer satisfaction is our standard, not our goal.

Mission Statement

TOTLCOM is a dynamic, leading communications company providing networked voice, data and video solutions utilizing IP technologies. Outstanding design, implementation, service and support, give our customers enhanced productivity, worry free solutions and a competitive advantage.

Value Statement

TOTLCOM is committed to very high standards of ethics, integrity and relationships. We have a dedicated responsibility to our customers, their businesses, our employees and their families.

Vision Statement

TOTLCOM's vision is to provide superior communications technology by enthusiastic employees, who provide remarkable service on a such a high level, that 100% of our customers will become passionate advocates, and believe it would be a poor business decision to partner with another communications company.

Management Team

We strive to hire highly motivated and ethical individuals who will grow with us and remain part of the TOTLCOM team. You will see that many of our employees and customers have been with us for 10 years or more!
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TOTLCOM Inc. is a leading distributor of voice and data systems representing companies like ShoreTel and Toshiba. If you have experience in our specific industry, consider TOTLCOM as a possible career opportunity. Applications for Outside Sales Representatives, Field Service Technicians, Customer Service Specialist, and others are always accepted. TOTLCOM is an equal opportunity employer.

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